Various Artists - A Christmas Gift for you from... - Full Album 

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Darlene Love - White Christmas - 00:00,0
The Ronettes - Frosty the snowman - 02:52,0
Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans - The bells of St. Mary - 05:06,1
The Crystals - Santa Claus is coming to town - 07:58,0
The Ronettes - Sleigh ride - 11:19,2
Darlene Love - Marshmellow world - 14:18,1
The Ronettes - I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus - 16:41,0
The Crystals - Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer - 19:17,1
Darlene Love - Winter wonderland - 21:45,0
The Crystals - Parade of the wooden soldiers - 24:07,1
Darlene Love - Christmas (baby please come home) - 26:59,2
Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans - Here come Santa Claus - 29:39,2
Phil Spector & Artists - Silent night - 31:43,2




2016.dec. 2.






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Keiho HATTORI 5 napja
Back to mono Rest in peace
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck 23 napja
December 30th 2020 and still listening
Urban SpaceXMan
Urban SpaceXMan 28 napja
Absolute classic album
hiroki2tano 29 napja
"Christmas" means, to me, the time I listen to this album. 1963 was a great year, indeed, this album, "Be My Baby", ... I also was born in this year.
Gorff Z
Gorff Z Hónapja
Boo way too many advertisements a big thumbs down for me 👎
Jim Gray
Jim Gray 2 hónapja
darlene love is my girl
It's not Christmas till you hear Hal Blaine smashing the fuck out of those drums. Merry Christmas everyone!
Koko Loko
Koko Loko Évvel
Edgar Wrights instagram brought me here and I'm glad it did.
Jak King
Jak King Évvel
This was the first album I ever bought with my own money (money I had been given for Christmas 1963) because no-one would give it to me as a present.
Haha, good for you!
TheAthena007 Évvel
The sound of Christmas 🎄
Mowestjohn quin
The Best.
Howard Nicholson
Darlene Love - What a voice!!!!!!!
paul miles
paul miles Évvel
my all time faveourite xmas album
Chris Gorski
Chris Gorski Évvel
This album is a bloody good time!
Toni McGarvey
i have been wrapping my Christmas pressies to this soundtrack for 15 years now. 1963 was a good year. ( the year i was born ) im sad, i know but hey ho. i love christmas.
Swinboy 69
Swinboy 69 Évvel
The only Xmas album anyone needs......🎄
tennysonford Blackbird
Great singers and producer .
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher Évvel
I liked it
Jacob McElvogue
I got this album on vinyl about 3 years ago as a Christmas present and it is without a doubt one of the greatest albums I have ever listened to and proud to own it. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the GREATEST christmas album ever recorded, nothing will compare to it
Jacob McElvogue
You too paul, merry Christmas 👍👍
paul miles
paul miles Évvel
cheers jacob i love it so much have a lovely xmas
Jacob McElvogue
Paul, I couldn't agree more. In one word, it is simply... ICONIC
paul miles
paul miles Évvel
jacob superb comments you are right all the way there it brings a warm feeling to my heart when i hear this my all time fave here
h2ofield Évvel
Hal Blaine on the drums!
WillemRM Évvel
The Bells of Saint Mary and Christmas( Baby Please Come Home) are the highlights for me, the others are great too. I can do without Spector's closing christmas speech on Silent Night. A (slightly) swinging version of that song would have been more interesting.
DCT2009 2 évvel
Starman on Channel 2
Lee Harvey Oswald changed the World forever...22/11/1963.
A/ iso7
A/ iso7 Évvel
I think november 1966 or 1967 better date,because the beatles had little fall.. and yes, in 1962 good too
萩原順子 Évvel
Oops! I made a slip. I mean in the next year or one year before.
萩原順子 Évvel
Also Changed Phil's life. Had this album been released in the next year or one year after, we could listen to them every Christmas time all over the world.
roy hepper
roy hepper 2 évvel
d.nelit 3 évvel
The best christmas album.
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