Verstappen Crashes Out of Podium Position After Right Rear Failure | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Not the day Max Verstappen wanted as he dramatically exits the #ImolaGP when his car snaps under braking into Turn 2.
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2020.nov. 1.






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Keven Abhimanggala Yo
Max verstappen inside: *raging intensifies*
Felipe Souza
Felipe Souza 19 napja
Se a pista fosse nos moldes antigos antes de 95 ele iria bater na Tamburello como os assidentes que ocorreram com o Piquet, Berger e o fatal acidente do Senna
Mohamad Ryan fitrie
Monza,tuscany,and imola.maybe someone cursed the car??😂
Muhammad Fadhillah
Verstappen DNF of Monza,Mugello, And Imola Because the most difficult there are many problems
Justin Timbersaw
*Max pass Bottas* Max: "SEND ITTTTTTTT" Rear Right Tyre: "PARK ITTTTTTT"
Raja Syahmi
Raja Syahmi 21 napja
Crashtappen is back
Marc Piccini
Marc Piccini 21 napja
Ayrton‘s curse in Tamburello is very powerful.
Roswald Cabral
Roswald Cabral 23 napja
After Christians comments about daniels tyres he must feel like a right mug..
Asim Zaidi
Asim Zaidi 24 napja
I think Max don’t like Italy races because he just crashes
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 24 napja
He was at p2 Man
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 24 napja
This puncture reminds me of Piquet"s crash from 1987. He also had a puncutre on the rear. But he was running in the old Tamburello and arrived facing rearwards into the concrete barrier. A chain of scary crashes (Berger, 1989, Alboreto 1993) wasn't enough to do something about Tamburello safety. Only after the Senna crash it was changed. It's a shame.
Brett R
Brett R 24 napja
Crashstappen strikes again
Алекс Ников
crashstappen.... another crash ..... well deserved
Harley 24 napja
This Guy's talent is being wasted. He is the class of the field but keeps having break downs and down right bad luck.
Arthur Knight
Arthur Knight 24 napja
hüseyin alışkan
Verstappen out of F1. He is the most unlucky driver i have ever seen
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte er auch noch nie wieder zu sehen
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist die Zeit des Landes und nicht so
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte es nicht nur die Stadt und nicht
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist das war nicht mehr als die756 zu
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte er nicht nur mit den ersten beiden
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist die Stadt in Deutschland in den
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte es sich nicht nur die Stadt gegeben
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte er auch nicht mehr so gut als
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist die Zeit des Königs in
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
DE hhis ist das die Kinder der Stadt
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte es nicht mehr als die756
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist das war das Leben
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte er nicht mehr
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist die Stadt in
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis hatte es sich um
Dennis Hettling
Dennis Hettling 25 napja
Dennis ist das die Stadt
John White
John White 25 napja
Crushtappen ferstopped in Imoilia Romagna
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 25 napja
The warranty on the tire ran out!
Leon Peitz
Leon Peitz 25 napja
What a unlucky guy verstappen is....
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze 25 napja
That was awfully sad... Max was great, as always and he definitely deserves to take vice-championship. Not Bottas.
Bengbang Totzkie
Redbull i suggest to quit f1
01sapphireGTS 25 napja
I feel bad for you Max. Another podium slipped away.
dear gone
dear gone 25 napja
driving only for fast is nothing wo strategy
Keith Scanlan
Keith Scanlan 25 napja
That's called karma for getting on the radio gloating about passing bottas when his car was damaged hahaha delighted
Yeolde GamerSteve
"crashes out"? Crash definition "collide violently with an obstacle or another vehicle", he did neither. He spun due to a failure but didn't hit anything thus no crash. C'mon F1 get someone who's at least passed CSE English to do these.
Garry 25 napja
Why does this sort of thing happen to every other driver except Hamilton ??
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 25 napja
Danny355 25 napja
Red Bulls entire points haul from 3 Italian GPs: Alex Albons Podium in Mugello, 15 points. Mercedes score from those 3 races: 106. Red Bull and Honda need to do a better job. At the moment its not even close.
Róbert Tüske
Róbert Tüske 25 napja
Almost there, where Senna die...
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 25 napja
SAND IT!!!!😂
Pera Detlic
Pera Detlic 25 napja
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis 25 napja
The Racist Red Bull Driver should have been forced to Apologized .. Karma 101 .....Christian ..
Himanshu Eklare
Himanshu Eklare 25 napja
what an cross by max verstappen over VB , clean and fair win . But what happened there was that a curse ? Be more cautious for MV next onwards . A single point loss cant be affordable . I think next was G russell to spin his car . You all small kids be cautious every time .
Kory Palmer
Kory Palmer 25 napja
Multi million dollar sport and you can’t even show an angle of the actual tire failing?
William Logan
William Logan 25 napja
grigorio allegri
It is a Payback for ignoring Albon.
Ricardo Joaquin Domingo
Had passed Valteriiiiii -Christian Horner
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 25 napja
Pity there isn´t other angles to understand better what happened.
may nardi
may nardi 25 napja
I hate Imola
Abdul Nafay
Abdul Nafay 25 napja
Well riccardo got a podium thanks to max
工兵 25 napja
Senna458 25 napja
Maybe someone from Mongolia made his tyres.
Adam Advocaat
Adam Advocaat 25 napja
- Max Verstappen - DNF at every Italian race. Name another iconic duo.
the hoang
the hoang 25 napja
Ha ha ha ha....lewis Hamilton number 1
Eathos 26 napja
Max should try complaining about his tires on radio. Maybe that would restore his tires and give him purple laps.
Marc 26 napja
Heartbreaking :(
diablos iba a terminar segundo
xof49 26 napja
Meh, just put a can of fix-a-flat. It should be fine, probably.
Xavier Alexander
Revenge for Silverstone. Valteria's tire blew in Silverstone and Max got second..this time Max tire blew and he lost his second place.
Fedel ledef
Fedel ledef 26 napja
Is that the tamburello corner?
Luigi 06
Luigi 06 26 napja
Italy: out Mugello : out Imola : out Italy is not for max
Rick Bloemers
Rick Bloemers 26 napja
Honestly this was scripted
Namib Oosterhuizen
It was a right FRONT failure on the wheel that punctured his rear tyre! You can see something in the brakes lets go and the resulting shrapnel takes out the right rear tyre.
m e h
m e h 26 napja
It wasn't
Harsha Surapaneni
I'm always with max
Harsha Surapaneni
Don't worry max it is just blew on its own but you send it that bottas overtake awsome
Harsha Surapaneni
@Flying Spagetti very funny
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 25 napja
Sand it.
Imran Darr
Imran Darr 26 napja
Max is cursed in Italy. He retired in all 3 races. Monza: retired because of engine problems. Mugello: Lost power at the start and became the victim of a first lap crash. Imola: Running P2 and suffers a puncture. I bet Max won’t want to go it Italy again anytime soon.
Farhan Maleq
Farhan Maleq 26 napja
Tifosi: This puncture is for hitting Sebastian Vettel a lot of times since 2018! (shoots Max Verstappen's rear right tyre)
Lightening McQueen
Huge shame for Max. He did a splendid move on Valtteri earlier on.
Gardoni Walter
Gardoni Walter 26 napja
Perfect!!!! S.......d out!
Martin Day
Martin Day 26 napja
Christian Horner "A guaranteed second", well obviously not.
Gabriel Jacoby
Gabriel Jacoby 26 napja
Uma pena que o melhor piloto da atualidade, o que traz mais emoção às corridas, já abandonou umas 3 ou 4 vezes esse ano. As corridas só tem graça por causa do Max.
M M 26 napja
Verstappen should go more aggressive on hamilton
Neags 26 napja
who else was watching this live and they put on commercials the very moment this happened?
Neags 26 napja
@m e h depends on the country / channel. They do in Canada and did in the UK when it was on ITV & C4
m e h
m e h 26 napja
U know the f1 race doesn't have commercials right?
R4c1nG_FtW 26 napja
Karma send iiiit
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 25 napja
SAND it...
abitoutofsorts 26 napja
A shame RB couldn’t get it together to really make Mercedes work for the title
Fortunato Grasso
Tutti questi errori ti capitano per la tua presunzione. Anche quest'anno vincerai il prossimo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Sei scarso
The difference between Max and Lewis is that one of them can win a race with a tyre failure
@GlovesAndSteeringwheel ja.... Soooo.... Hamilton can win a race with 3 wheels aaaaaaand verstappen can't. And Hamilton is a champion..... Like Sebs...... Like kimi.... Verstappen is just fun to watch, who knows, maybe someday he'll even come second... Or even be a champ huh
@GreatnessAwaits🎮 because it was a puncture at the front...
@GlovesAndSteeringwheel losing a rear tyre... The results are unpredictable..... Even so, Hamilton won at Silverstone on 3 wheels.... Sooo
If Hamilton's rear tyres blew he wouldve crashed...
H 26 napja
Firelli should just stop, if they can't provide decent tires....
sphere 528
sphere 528 26 napja
put Max in a Merc huh? he can't even safely bring the car back or finish the race.......smh........
Mud Tennis
Mud Tennis 26 napja
I really feel for verstappen😔
Никита Пчеляков
What happen with tyre?
crxdelsolsir 26 napja
Mercedes sabateur at work = Monza DNF, Mugello DNF and Imola DNF. Safe to say no more DNF for Max from now till end of the season.
Jacob Wadsworth
Jacob Wadsworth 26 napja
Yeah 100% that tyre delaminated and blew on flat tarmac.
Mazda Hydrogen
Mazda Hydrogen 26 napja
Вот же непруха
Henk&Nel eastwood
and another very very very boring race was brought to you by Mercedes!!!
Kritarth Tripathi
I was really disappointed. Max definitely was going amazing there. He was 100% gonna finish 2nd. What a luck man😔😔...... I am feeling bad for red bull.
Constantine Giotopoulos
Really don't like this guy but what a shame he did not finish a race so well driven.
Fabio Marques
Fabio Marques 26 napja
Ugnius Zavadskis
I was so happy when he overtook Bottas
Midnight Storm
Midnight Storm 26 napja
I was hoping for a safety car so that the gap between the pack will be closed and maybe verstappen could finally attack hamilton I wasn't expecting verstappen TO BE THE CAUSE of the safety car. Careful what you wish for. Truly heartbreaking
Percy Gnaniah
Percy Gnaniah 26 napja
Where is the rear camera view? Why dont we have even the live cameras recording this on circuit?
Googol 26 napja
Red Bull is killing Max's potential Red Bull gives you STRINGS
TIEBLOE Paalupaikka
This race reminds me of uni, everyone I like kept dropping out
Shunaam Majumder
Everyone Liked that
Amnon Hoppe
Amnon Hoppe 26 napja
Sick and tired of the FIA manipulation race proceedings with either their VSC, SC or only Yellow Flags. Mostly in favor of Mercedes and specifically Lewis. Blatantly clear this race.
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