Verstappen's Fastest Lap In FP1 | 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Jump onboard with Max Verstappen as he snatches P1 very late during first practice in Istanbul...
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Hoten Hitonokoe
Marco Sciortino
Everyone: Turn 8 is gonna be flat-out Istanbul Park's asphalt: Not Today.
DuGong 7 napja
I love the sound of this engine.
Ahmet Bekir Ekici
Derrick Derrick
Holy mother of downshift Farts even more than an m5
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Ah Mas se a pista Fosse Seca Verstappen a situaçao seria outra Tenho certeza se a Pista fosse seca Verstappen venceria com Facilidade No Domingo
Sami Sert
Sami Sert 8 napja
Formula1-İki saniyede teker değişimi ve Formula 1 İstanbul : samisert
Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan 8 napja
Download Hen's Revenge mobile game 😁😁😁👍🙏 Get it on Google Play Store...👍👍🙏
Vtecing 8 napja
other v6 hybrid engines sound s honda engine sound hold my oil shake.
Gerry 9 napja
The Growl Of The Engine Is Satisfying To Hear
BMC 9 napja
Fact: there are currently only 3 drivers who have raced on that track in the past
musique R
musique R 9 napja
J'ai fait une musique sur garage band se serai cool de votre part d'aller voir merci d'avance☺
Scott Mcnicholas
GO MAX!!!!!
TR 9 napja
Ich würde den Alpha Romeo auf der XBox schrotten, wenn der mir absichtlich so im Weg stehen würde.
Eray Algan
Eray Algan 9 napja
Pist 2 hafta önceden hazırlanmışmı o zaman neden araba ile sürmemişler?.
You can really hear, when Vtec kicks in.
John Kuhles
John Kuhles 9 napja
⚠️ To all international journalists & sport presenters: 🌐 it is NOT Lewish ... it is NOT Bottash ... and it is certainly NOT Max Vershtappen!
123Tubie 9 napja
my multiple farting sounds even better after a boost buildup lol
Анатолий Чепига
Best track in the world
Stellio Yoody
Stellio Yoody 9 napja
If Alfa Romeu had move in time maybe Verstapen would broke new time record!
Marc 9 napja
Fastest driver on the grid.
Filozof saray
Filozof saray 9 napja
Very hard circuit absolutely
Matteo Giovanni Lando
What an incredible sound had got this car!
Mert Eren
Mert Eren 9 napja
Alucard 9 napja
Fastest but look like slow
Sounds pathetic
NotsoSalty 9 napja
1:18 MOVE B**** get out tha way
M Razef Ramli I
Honda sound different than other
CarlitoSA 9 napja
Pure driving, like driving on wet
Idiot Sandwich
This engine sounds is just mental
Krystian się wykańcza
The sound is brillant 🥰🥰
Ahhhh the sound of the RB16 is just ahhhhh~ 😍
Raghu Prasad
Raghu Prasad 9 napja
Farting bull :-). May be the other cars are afraid of its smell. This is why other cars are no where close to Farting bull.
Karl Brown
Karl Brown 9 napja
Alex Herli
Alex Herli 9 napja
love that farting honda engine sounds ❤
Giovinazzi is a gentleman
Jaap 9 napja
Can we just have slippy tracks like this everywhere?
MFoR 9 napja
1:19 Codemasters: Invalid. Just invalid YOU CAN’T GO OFF THE WHITE LINE ON A STRAIGHT. Codies fix your game and have this engine sound as well.
Music & Edits
Music & Edits 9 napja
This is gonna be an interesting race
PjXu98 9 napja
Can you take the 4 apex flat out?
Omar Talal
Omar Talal 9 napja
Redbull goes: brrrrrr
Albert F.
Albert F. 9 napja
It sounds like blowing mapping
that sound is just yea oh yea best sounding engin in F1 my view only
syamim sanusi
syamim sanusi 9 napja
Dat sweet engine acceleration
Dom gervacio
Dom gervacio 9 napja
Finally they removed the annoying commentary, you can finally hear the Honda engine in action, guess they must have noticed the fans hating on the commentary for fastest laps.
Merijn 9 napja
Unbelievable, he didnt think of lifting when he passed Giovinazzi. Real class
Finn Koopman
Finn Koopman 9 napja
Red bulll have so nice sound
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
This is how many ppl want this engine in their car | | | | | V
Jacobo Orlando
Yusuf Tekdemir
iyi asfalt yapmışız
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
0:19 listen that straight cut gearbox whining along as the engine sings EDIT:I WOULD LIKE TO SWAP A RA620H ON MY CAR IF I COULD BUY A CAR
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
LOL all of these guys are 10 seconds slower than Jimmer Broadbent
jose guite
jose guite 9 napja
these FP1, FP2 etc etc never really doesnt count in the real race....be it F1 or Moto GP or any other racing for that matter
Ali Ahsan
Ali Ahsan 9 napja
Down shifters are sounds like hammering the engine to slow down :D
Leonardo L.M.
Leonardo L.M. 9 napja
He lost a lot of time in the last 3 corners
sravan Kurra
sravan Kurra 9 napja
At high revs why is it sounding like Ferrari's engine?
Ихтиёр Ахтамов
Jack Jim Jones
The car sounds like a sick donkey.
iya zeyengg
iya zeyengg 9 napja
Sound 😍
Da_Potential _Name_15
is it just me or his car sounds like it's popping
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
it's the Anti lag
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 10 napja
If Turkey is ever in the position of hosting two races in one season, the second race should be called (Not Constantinople).
Rooibos 7 napja
He still lives in the history pages.
Ahmet Şahin
Ahmet Şahin 8 napja
constantınople ?
Reza Bachtiar99
Reza Bachtiar99 10 napja
Vtec kicks in with rough engine sound
Honda sound engine wauwww
John Cash
John Cash 10 napja
676 767
676 767 10 napja
Is it just me, or did his downshifts into t1 sound like the beginning of the morris code door knock thing
Saki Galaxidis
Saki Galaxidis 10 napja
This will be an interesting race. Looks like it's going to rain on Sunday, and the track is slippery enough in the dry. I predict chaos.
james Last
james Last 10 napja
Am I wrong in thinking the crackle is a ‘legal’ version of anti lag?
El Alonsoniko
El Alonsoniko 10 napja
Imagina a Juan Pablo Montoya hacer 1:24,7 ,👆
inflatable2 10 napja
To bad Honda quits F1 after 2021.. Because they have the best sounding engine imho.. Loud and raw..
Brandon Durham
Brandon Durham 10 napja
I don’t care what the haters say, these things sound awesome 👏
Mitchell M
Mitchell M 10 napja
The Honda PU sounds so sick, it will definitely be missed. Best sounding engine on the grid
Y4 -
Y4 - 10 napja
On ice
Leonardo Castro
Leonardo Castro 10 napja
What a awful sound!!!
car life
car life 10 napja
Does anyone know why the 2020 f1 cars are 6 sec slower than the 2005 f1 cars
Rafael Salviano
Rafael Salviano 10 napja
Kailas Atram
Kailas Atram 10 napja
What a horrible sound of an engine 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Blue 9 napja
Say someone who can't properly write a sentence...🤦
Mike Rayco
Mike Rayco 10 napja
I like the sound of that Honda!
Raj Sinha
Raj Sinha 10 napja
Red Bull's crackling and popping sound at corners 😍😍
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 10 napja
No grip whatsoever.
Filippo Fanin
Filippo Fanin 10 napja
What's going on with the exhaust of the Redbull? Sounds a bit like those 2011 blown exhaust cars when off throttle
Kimi Laüda Rintaroü
Mad Max 👏🏻👏🏻🐅
Donald Hausenfluck
Nice track great feeling looking forward to qualifying looks 2 me it's gonna b d closest race this year
Usha Elangalloor
Finally a v6 roar in turkey
James G
James G 10 napja
I love the slip and slide. Drivers are earning their paycheck. It's like the 60s and 70s with the cars sliding all over the place.
Morrigan 10 napja
Gotta love Honda engine noises ❤️
geekdiggy 10 napja
i'm not an engine expert. can someone please explain why the honda motor always sounds so sputtery, especially when revving down?
Corral Juan Elías
Heavy rain grip, awesome driving.
L S 10 napja
F1 would be dead without Verstappen.
Travis 10 napja
you dont want to see what happens in mode 6
Brent Branker
Brent Branker 10 napja
That Honda engines is getting nasty and sounds amazing
Gabe Zarate
Gabe Zarate 10 napja
I hope Red Bull can get a deal with Mugen for 2022. Would they be called Red Bull-Mugen or Red Bull-Mugen Honda like back in the 1990s?
nathania adara
nathania adara 10 napja
At this condition, everyone could probably try a triple axel tho.
Ryel Banfield
Ryel Banfield 10 napja
so throaty
Cenen Enriquez
Cenen Enriquez 10 napja
Another Red Bull 1,2.
Big G Tom
Big G Tom 10 napja
That engine sounds like its about to explode.. He will run well in the race.. but that engine is giving up & dying before lap 20 for sure..
Cardboard Boy
Cardboard Boy 10 napja
Put these tracks to the f1 mobile game too..... mugello,imola,turkey,portugal
Blown diffuser 2020 version? Or just Honda engine
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc 10 napja
Love the rip."..
BrianBell4073 10 napja
track limits anyone?
Khaled vs schoolboy review
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