Verstappen's Nurburgring Lap Record: Fastest Lap | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix | DHL 

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It all came down to the last lap of the Eifel Grand Prix for Max Verstappen to strike for that extra point! Leader Lewis Hamilton was holding the DHL Fastest Lap Award until the flying Dutchman produced *this* on his way to P2
The DHL Fastest Lap standings: f1.com/DHL-FastestLap
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BoneYard 21 órája
Thanks for talking over the whole lap
Lewis Whitehead
Or maybe redbull down play their car so much make max look special ever thought about that.
carlos wood
carlos wood 9 napja
O cara fica falando...
Airbus Dumbledore
Der beste Fahrer im Feld
mjo 10 napja
Fatest lap/Lap record/Last race lap => how amazing it is!
Jonne Meijer
Jonne Meijer 11 napja
Sébastien Vittel
This is the 3 time that my Porsche manthey broke down !!! I am 😡
Chris Mannix
Chris Mannix 12 napja
hamilton is an idiot to be sad because he didn't have a FL
Thiago Brito de Lima
Never talk during a lap.
Maceyee 13 napja
So you're getting fastest lap without a tow and you can't get any closer to Mercedes !? Must be your strategy that's wrong
jekoo Isok
jekoo Isok 13 napja
sound horrible how you say his surname not the correct way
Waste Disposal Unit
That archer like laugh at the end
Sports Annual
Sports Annual 14 napja
Too much talking
julian Tangney
julian Tangney 14 napja
Max beating hamilton in a Red Bull is impressive but is no one going to talk about riccardo's 3rd fastest in the RENAULT???
Gabriel Sesco
Gabriel Sesco 14 napja
shut up man
Yusuf Furkan Türkeli
Please shut up
Vinicius Alexandre
Mauricio Macedo
Mauricio Macedo 15 napja
This guy talking all the time was terrible
тιмѕυ -
тιмѕυ - 15 napja
Verstappening:YESS BOOOYS COME ON FASTEST LAPP Sounds like a kid getting a win in fortnite
elvistec_666 15 napja
gabox01 15 napja
I want verstappen russell at mercedes. then we will find out who is the best.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X 15 napja
Well obviously Russel isn't niwhere near the best
Sonathan 1893
Sonathan 1893 15 napja
33%: "Why is he talking during the lap?" 33%: "MaX iS sO gOoD!!!1!1!1!1! 25%: "AlBoN iS sO bAd!!!1!!11!1!!11!! 9%: The rest (haven't found it but it's probably somewhere down there)
Better then Lewis by a long shot
Hemrage 15 napja
DataC0llect0r 15 napja
So much talking...pleasr let us hear that V6. Its not even that bad anymore, ive grown to like it
Dan Allway
Dan Allway 15 napja
I just wanted to hear the engine
Alessandro Bijnsdorp
Most mispronounced names in F1: Verschtappen Kiveeyat
thejoeyg 15 napja
max jus makes the other redbull drivers look useless
Dudeman 15 napja
Jesus christ shut up with this narration we want to watch the lap
Karina Ion
Karina Ion 15 napja
360 dislikes already? Verstappen haters are so dedicated
Anderson Silva Leite
the tire made a lot of difference, because he missed many apexes in many corners
Lulu 16 napja
shut uppppppppp
J P 16 napja
No voice please
Metasebia Tadesse
Every one talking max max max got the fastest lap he is getting closer to the mercedes...listen to me while redbull is nagging with the 2020 car merc stopped developing the 2020 car because they know they will be constructors champions so just they are are developing the next years regulation tweaks for more 1-2 and already started designing their 2022 cars ..that what makes merc always ahead
Marcio Cruz
Marcio Cruz 16 napja
Had to watch this on mute to focus on the racing without the dude talking nonstop
Caelan TSAG
Caelan TSAG 16 napja
“Vershtappen soon had warm tires, clean air and little traffic...” “Vershtappen and Red Bull were looking super quick...” “Some sensational laps by Vershtappen and Hamilton...” “And that new Nurburgring race lap record puts Vershtappen into joint second place on the DHL Fastest Lap Leaderboard.”
Markus Hünteler
Ah the children round on the nürnburg ring dop👌
Plasma-GT 16 napja
Would have preferred no commentary and just heard engine and throttle control
Karim Maassen
Karim Maassen 16 napja
It's not "Verschjtappen", it's just "Verstappen".
A Rohr
A Rohr 16 napja
Please shut up
Tobi_ABCT4 16 napja
If Max would drive a Mercedes, Lewis would lose every race against him. Change my mind...🙌
Jamin 16 napja
Lewis is a coward
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 16 napja
Bryan Carey
Bryan Carey 16 napja
You know what people like about watching an onboard lap record? Unrelated commentary. What was that!?
Malik Delic
Malik Delic 16 napja
put max in a mercedes and he will destroy lewis
Jamin 16 napja
Of course
Vilo_le_Loup 16 napja
If he hadn't turned right at the finish line to wave, it might even have been under 1:28. ;-)
M&M 123
M&M 123 16 napja
MinnesoTom 16 napja
Please stop talking during the lap, I’m here to hear the car, not the voiceover, very annoying
ian tsang
ian tsang 16 napja
really got the max outta that car, didn't he?
G Power34
G Power34 16 napja
no version without commentary sound ?
skycrap 16 napja
Verstappen and Hamilton should be happy that my DHL delivery guy was not driving his van at the ring that weekend. Boy, is he quick
Ikreisrond 16 napja
It’s not Vewshteppen. It’s Verstappen.
Lucas vdH
Lucas vdH 16 napja
Suspicious Pixel
next time remove the commentary yeah and let me hear the car
Hadzic Rae
Hadzic Rae 16 napja
F1 would be so boring without Mercedes. It would just be Max with a 1 minute lead over the rest of the field....
Chaika Stein
Chaika Stein 15 napja
F1 would be so boring without Max, both Merc drivers would lap everyone
Daniel Gjörwell
Shut up already! We know what happened in the race!
Xavier lee
Xavier lee 16 napja
I like it when he says vershhtappen
Doğukan Köse
Doğukan Köse 16 napja
Flying Dutchman and his wing sponsor Red Bull 😁
Timi Verbesselt
Timi Verbesselt 16 napja
Imagine if he was driving Lewis his merc..
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd 16 napja
Yeeeeesss Boys!!
John Cash
John Cash 16 napja
Stop talking
Loki Beckons
Loki Beckons 17 napja
man, I feel for albon, but I really think he should try and figure out how max is so much faster, surely there's room for albon to learn from max - not that I have a horse in this race, but that's what I would do if I were in albon's position
Luciano S. Gonçalves
Let the engine speak louder next time. It doesn't need narration.
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia 17 napja
Cállate y deja escuchar el auto!!
Reza MM
Reza MM 17 napja
I wonder why bottom teams don't just try pitting for softs and getting the fastest lap on there last laps. Hard to get into point positions? Then get the fastest lap point.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X 15 napja
There is rule for that. You've to be in top10 to get that point. Considering midfield teams in top10 are very close to each other, if you pit for a new sets you'll be out of the points and fastest lap won't get you anything if you aren't in top 10
R3Vlog 17 napja
What would’ve happened if max was in bottas’ spot? Would he have beaten Lewis?
Géza Molnár
Géza Molnár 17 napja
Why don't shut up dear commentator?
Scotp 17 napja
Would be nice to watch and listen to fastest lap without someone talking over the whole thing 🙄
Jesse Jonathan
Jesse Jonathan 17 napja
The rest of the pack being 1,4 seconds off the pace of Hamilton & Verstappen, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
S A 17 napja
just shut up your mouse
Arda Çakın
Arda Çakın 17 napja
He could be at podium with Williams 😂
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr 17 napja
So much needless talking in this video. Couldn't hear the vacuum cleaner engine sounds.
Chr Pie
Chr Pie 17 napja
Was soll dieses gelaber ?
Default 17 napja
Still can't sync the audio.
Vujos Bulatovic
Vujos Bulatovic 17 napja
This kid would be unstoppable in Merc.
martini668 17 napja
Why does he say Verssssstappen??
Gonzo Gonzalez
Gonzo Gonzalez 17 napja
Umut Akten
Umut Akten 17 napja
I wish commentator would shut up and we would hear the engine sound.
Daryl Julius
Daryl Julius 17 napja
Meanwhile at Codemasters...SF1000 is still the second fastest car on the grid
Peet Luckhoff
Peet Luckhoff 17 napja
What's with the commentary. Go do your race summary on another video. Shut up and let us hear the car.
Thanos Killa
Thanos Killa 17 napja
Nice to see lando and Carlos not too far behind
Stop the narration and let us listen to the Engine!!!!!!
Decent Angle
Decent Angle 17 napja
Why is this guy talking through the whole lap? Come on mate
Filipe Maciel da Silva
Where i can mute this guy talking?
David Van Hamme
David Van Hamme 17 napja
He's not German, why do you pronounce it as "Verschtappen". It's a normal 's', like verse-tappen. Or just shut up altogether...
Alex Xandra
Alex Xandra 17 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Juan Willis
Juan Willis 17 napja
1:18 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Relaxing and Fun videos
it's possible to be silence and let the people enjoy the ride ? You are saying NOTHING.
Kevin OBrien
Kevin OBrien 17 napja
Why does he say "Vershhhtappen"
Lasha Machavariani
Can you shut up and let us enjoy the ride please??
grkhunter 17 napja
Other people : Nice lap Car people :SHUUTTT UPPPP! We can't hear the honda sound
Tom B.
Tom B. 17 napja
Aron Kim
Aron Kim 17 napja
Appreciate the effort, but we just wanna hear the sound of the cars, not a narrator.
John Paul Dorado
Wow! Norris and Sainz tho..
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini 17 napja
I think he'll remain very competitive with Renault powered RB, maybe even join Mercedes someday.
Ronald 17 napja
I am pretty sure it will never happen, but having Verstappen and Hamilton in the same team would be the best for F1.
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers 17 napja
LOL!! .006 seconds.. thats not alot You guys act like he beat it by alot. I am sure if they had the same amount of fuel, new tires and fresh batteries the fastest lap would go to Hamilton
Pregação Cura Interior 2019
Go verestapen🇧🇷🇧🇷
Alex Xandra
Alex Xandra 18 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Saad.48 18 napja
With all due respect, but no one wants to hear your commentary on a hotlap. We want the engine noise and the dashboard, that's it.
Allan Piacente
Allan Piacente 18 napja
Too much talking ruined the video