Vettel And Webber's Dramatic Collision - All The Angles | 2010 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Two team mates tied for the lead in the standings - one jaw-dropping collision! Rewind to Turkey in 2010, as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber come together in one of the most dramatic F1 moments in recent memory...
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Peter Huber
Peter Huber 21 órája
it was vettels falt, he push the car car right
Karim diallo-puga
IMO its Webbers fault, from his other races you can see he is irresponsible giving space when battling around corners. Imo Vettel had the position and Webber should have given space as all other drivers do. Also from the steering wheel cam you can see Webber also steering slightly left although Vettel was the one who steered furthest to the side. Is the blame shared? Yes. Was it more due to Mark being a sore looser as usual, yes.
Kevin Prior
Kevin Prior 7 napja
I couldnt stop laughing up till Hamilton and Button nearly had something similar. Luckily they both carried on to be a British 1 2
Onur Tömek
Onur Tömek 7 napja
Sebestian vettel auuuuuu (okay karaca)
dagreds 7 napja
look at the lines hamilton and button are taking and then look at the line webber is taking. he's certainly not completely innocent on that crash because you dont go into a left-hander from the middle of the track. Vettel moving to the right was a natural thing to do, Webber just staying in the middle wasn't.
Emmanuel Goussot
200% Vettel's fault you can tell he was looking at his apex not looking at what was right to him. Very bad coordination. Very recurent with this guy
Kip McMahan
Kip McMahan 8 napja
Watch Webber's steering wheel....he was holding his line and Vettel drove into him.
Billal Hossain Francis
Yizhou (Jerry) Hao
who'd thought ten years later that aggressive seb is gone, and a beard man in a ferrari uniform would come through spinning cars on the field and stand on the podium?
Yizhou (Jerry) Hao
the first ever in 2020, a year where he's ditched by his team and beaten by a younger teammate. Yet he came through. the first to congrats lewis's 7th wc, not just a hug or fist bump, but a long talk---Where is that vettel at canada replacing the number board? Respect man. Respect
RYAN FORDE 9 napja
How's reading this after the 2020 grand prix?
gimmigota1 9 napja
I hated Vettel when he was at Red Bull but I now almost have a sympathy for him while he's at Ferrari.😏🙄
AliSham 9 napja
i mean he did say he didnt want to push the blame on someone - if i was one of the Finn's they would have left Seb enough space.
kardeş kardeşe bunu yapar mı be :)
Pc Grova
Pc Grova 10 napja
Seb Vettel has always been overrated and a poison chalice 'teammate'. And who does he think was cuckoo? You're supposed to pass before you move right ...
goal 1
goal 1 10 napja
vettel is a crashbaby!
Cristopher Henríquez
Vettel being Vettel since 2010
Harun Aktaş
Harun Aktaş 10 napja
Okay karacan ne güzel anlatmıştın be
Luca Brandolini
Luca Brandolini 10 napja
Sebastian Vettel has never been a great driver, had too often luck... But he managed to get 4 titles...
Luiz Eduardo Kemerich
Hamilton watching the Red Bulls hit: *look how cool!*
Jay Dobson
Jay Dobson 10 napja
It was never Vettels fault. Always blaming everyone else.
Michael Grierson
Helmut! So biased!!
mzamroni 11 napja
Singapore 2017 seems not strange anymore. It's same dude peering his car into other's
jamdc2000 11 napja
so the only way for Vettel to stop crashing into his teamates is to make his car faster or slower than the teamate; Ferrari got it perfectly
Sarge Siddiqui
Sarge Siddiqui 11 napja
Vettel fault
Leo nard
Leo nard 11 napja
Vettel again ?
Leon 11 napja
Worrying about tyres since 2010 KEKW
AdLamb 11 napja
It was clearly Sebs fault, anybody with eyes can see that but Dr Marko blames Webber, nice to see his bias towards 1 driver over the other hasn’t changed at all.
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley 11 napja
Helmut Marko be his usual self. It's never his favourite drivers fault even when it's obvious.
Simone Bolognani
As always Vettel's mistake
Ismael Fernandez Martinez
Supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars song xdddd (The game before Rocket League)
FreshCoolBeer 11 napja
Lagend says: Hamilton still has debris in his tires.
endapian jiyl
endapian jiyl 11 napja
100% Vettel fault!
Nemesis12345 11 napja
Vettel engaging the rage mode Webber: *ANYWAY*
Weigner Leigner
Weigner Leigner 11 napja
Helmet Marco : which opinion isn’t the one everyone agrees with?
bartonez123 11 napja
Don't worry, Seb won't hit his team mate again. Especially when LeClerc will be half a lap ahead of him.
Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
Vetel: litle crazy! Weber, australian correct in the track.
khimaros 11 napja
I think Ericsson hit them from behind...
RS14 11 napja
Seb's fault.
Mick30willa 11 napja
Helmut the helmet was always in vettels corner, Webber was always the better driver, shame redbull favoured cry baby vettel
Rotor Air Group
Rotor Air Group 11 napja
Funny how Vettel was beating Webber since 2008 in the STR and this is still news. Webber was so bad that was not able to beat Alonso in any season. Verstappen crashing on Ricciardo in Hungary, Baku etc it's quite normal. Hamilton crashing on Rosberg and claiming to beat Bottas with team orders it's ok. Ricciardo crying for team orders against Hulkenberg & Ocon its actually seen as great. This is a media strategy to turn the fans against Vettel because it's the only one with wins over Hamilton in 5 seasons (2009-2013) 57 poles (with Red Bull & Ferrari and while Hamilton was in McLaren & Mercedes) and with 53 wins. All other drivers of the grid that had won over Hamilton added cannot match Vettel's results over him. Max has won over Hamilton 9 times, Leclerc 2 times,Ricciardo 7 times,Bottas 7 times, Kimi 11 times for a total of 36 times. Vettel is the real threat for Hamilton by results.
Kai Yang Jude
Kai Yang Jude 11 napja
Same move since 2010..... 2017, 2019.... Taking teammates and himself out with his rear wheels since 2010 dayumm
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred 11 napja
Red Bull already playing No’1 driver games, this is their problem, why they won’t be champions again.🙁
Paul Sven
Paul Sven 11 napja
That's where Vettel's hit and spin carreer started
Krystian Lato
Krystian Lato 12 napja
And because of Helmut behaviour for Marc after this accident everybody started disliking Sebastian
Paolo Antonio
Paolo Antonio 12 napja
Hhahahah dood this comment section is LIT!
Patrick Aephus Dy
Ricciardo and Verstappen, Baku
S0N of G0D
S0N of G0D 12 napja
Look at that S🅱️inalla!
Ma Hu
Ma Hu 12 napja
Vettel’s cry baby attitude is why I never liked him. “ I’m going home” waw!
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Rafiki 12 napja
So Seb has a history of turning into his teammates. Also, did he say "I'm going home"? 🤣
Stanley Burrell
Stanley Burrell 12 napja
1:57 If you can listen carefully, you can hear Seb saying his team radio
Snotty Scotty
Snotty Scotty 12 napja
Vettle: Ich Muss Mal
MSport93 12 napja
Wish Bottas and Hamilton would do this on sunday
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 12 napja
They are much smarter than Vettel. How many times Vettel did it to his teammate? Weber, Kimi, Leclerc.
Marco Verma
Marco Verma 12 napja
Mark Looks like Michael Jackson 😂
TheJokerit19 12 napja
3:51 - A recovery vehicle or crane on a runoff area without neutralization apart from yellow flags.
Yavuz 12 napja
It's obvious vettel overtakes mark but he didn't gave him enough room
Jp 12 napja
Why is this the sarp soundtrack?
Serdarix 12 napja
3:38 TRT @okaykaracan and @erbaturergenekon
Press Play, Mike!
it was donald trumps fault .
Emirhan Akçay
Emirhan Akçay 12 napja
David Cunetta
David Cunetta 12 napja
Vettel fault! As usual! Such a brat. Overrated
Burger Man
Burger Man 11 napja
Vettel: **laughs in 4 titles**
Luis 12 napja
I find it very interesting to see how the team reacts to Seb (surely) apologising. He gets lots of love from everyone, no way he was having that at Ferrari. Is emotion really such strong factor to Seb's performance? We'll see that in the next chapter at Aston Martin. Honestly...I can't wait.
Wishwader 12 napja
See everyone. Vettel’s lack of spatial awareness, lack of talent and disrespectful attitude to others is not just a recent thing.
mjo 12 napja
same movement Vettel did on Leclerc in Brazil in 2019...
Cléristo Leal Lacerda
sBinala since 2010😂
wind2dk 12 napja
Gesturing "what an idiot" several times, but he's really not the type of person that puts blame on anyone xD
GozieZilla 12 napja
For all the German speaking veiwers I will translate Vettel for you: "MEIN GOTT MUSS DAS SEIN, I'm going home"
Scott Gamer
Scott Gamer 12 napja
Webber:not bad for number 2 driver Vettel:multi 1-2 multi 1-2!!!
MrJhonvick 12 napja
Multi 21 Seb
Lambda 12 napja
That shows you how much Vettel changed. In the early 2010s he was an egocentric world champion with serious attitude problems, but great driving skill and since he joined Ferrari he became one of the most beloved drivers on the grid. That is a wholesome story.
Lambda 12 napja
@Flying Spagetti At least he is highly respected now as a person. I remember times when he was booed at the podium.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 12 napja
Did Ferrari fans love Vettel? 😂
HK J 12 napja
Who will become redbull driver replace the albon in 2021?
Yash Nerkar
Yash Nerkar 12 napja
Vettel is a foul person before being a bad driver. He doesn't deserve a seat at Aston. There's so much new talent for the next season. Vettel if you are watching this, retire if you have any self respect!
whisper0555 12 napja
In what universe does a car that only has its nose in front suddenly veer right into a left hand turn and then not be at fault? Fact of the matter is, if they were not team mates, Vettel would have been sanctioned for unsafe driving.
TheNick34752 12 napja
100% Vettel's fault, but still keeps screaming on the radio just like it was not his fault...
Tim 12 napja
This incredible bias of the commentators. Even back then.
laughingwater 12 napja
4:05 looks like somones mind is not working
Alex Tapisevic
Alex Tapisevic 12 napja
The bigening of Vettel's shitfuckering.
Ciência e Filosofia
Vettel has garbage spatial awareness, and this has not changed.
: 12 napja
my first and favourite f1 season, it had it all... some of the most beautiful cars & liveries, stacked driver lineup, 5 different leaders, 4 possible champions in the final race, drama on and of the track
Alex Lamas
Alex Lamas 12 napja
Webber held steady and straight, 100% Vettel's fault. We've since seen him do this to Leclerc.
Adrian Ang
Adrian Ang 12 napja
retty similar to the 2016 spain crash between the 2 merc and it show the kind of management the team has compared to red bull, lauda was able to talk to his drivers about their incident and find blame in both of them thus negating it between the two of them while marko publicly shows favoritism by seeing it from vettel's side, what about webber, he had teh ead why should he concede it, and vettel could have gone on the outside as well, and yeah copy paste of brazil 2019 though lol 9yrs apart
#SHANK 12 napja
Aah it feels so pleasant to hear seb's curses
Gerry 12 napja
cicatriz 12 napja
Mark must've loved Danny Ric beating Seb at RB
Phu Phan
Phu Phan 12 napja
No matter how much you love Se🅱️, you have to admit thats completely Se🅱️’s fault
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 12 napja
Can this happen to the silver arrows this weekend?
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 12 napja
No. They are much smarter than Vettel.
Dennis Laurence Camacho
2010 Turkey, 2019 Brazil, same Vettel fault
Emre Sevim
Emre Sevim 12 napja
Vettel's voice has changed
kevin n
kevin n 12 napja
Oh look, 2 competitive drivers in the same leading team. Please take note Mercedes and Lewis. Stop being girly men.
kevin n
kevin n 12 napja
@Flying Spagetti ha. I remember. I love that stuff.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 12 napja
Multi 2-1.
weakpass 12 napja
Helmut Marko really is an idiot.
azschmy 12 napja
1:48 Hahahaha why cut? We're working for the championship for **** sake!
Vishnu Venu Gopal
1:59 After vettels outbreak it is funny to see a yeah from webber .
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 12 napja
Vettel's race craft has always been poor. The likes of Alonso, Hamilton, Verstappen and LeClerc have all made him look second rate over the years and nothing has changed till today.
Vettel's such a better person since being humbled by Hamilton for the last 8 years.
i, Lewis Giovanna
8 years ?????????????????????
Pat176 12 napja
Vettel: I'm goin' home HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
Spore Hux
Spore Hux 12 napja
I really miss evil Vettel.
One driver favouritism...
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa 12 napja
1:49 uh oh...
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa 12 napja
*S🅱innatimus Prime*
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