Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil” 

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In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at worldofwarcraft.com
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Glenn Andersen
Glenn Andersen 3 perccel
I have a suggestion. Bring back the evilness and brutality of the orcs. black magic and so forth. I feel it's all too goofy now. but maybe I'm gonna give shadowlands a try. Just to see where you are going with this. Just out of pure curiosity.
Misael Piero
Misael Piero 21 perce
This should be f2p already
Rock girl
Rock girl Órája
Why does this seem to be lacking the impact of other Blizzard Cinematics? It seems slow in parts as well like with Maldraxxus clip. Anyone else get that feeling?
العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان
زورو قناتي لصور الجن و الحن من امم ياجوج و ماجوج ..................9
العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان
زورو قناتي لصو الجن .............................33
Rock girl
Rock girl Órája
Man, it sucks so much that I can't play World of Warcraft right now.
Sean Sereneo
Sean Sereneo 2 órája
I really want to get into playing world of warcraft. But I feel like I'm way behind and that I could be way too addicted to it and waste tons of money and time lmao.
Nerijus Milasauskas
Who agrees we should get WOW series???
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 2 órája
So where's Tyriel? ;)
Nicolas Foschiatti Ferrero
SeventhSwell 2 órája
Very pretty, but are we supposed to be afraid of the Jailer? He looks like Sloth from the Goonies.
M Mehdi
M Mehdi 3 órája
Trailer graphics: 10/10 gameplay graphics: 3/10
Lantos Revial
Lantos Revial 3 órája
The fun fact about WoW is that they still make updates and DLC's and so on, but the game still looks as bad as it ever did, and they still have this same bs economy of "pay for the game, doesn't matter you still dont own it so you'll have to pay again and again if you want to keep playing"
DarkWorld98 4 órája
0:11 Protoss. Can you guys be a bit more creative?
Amira Hammoud
Amira Hammoud 4 órája
Bartosz 4 órája
Sooo...considering we killed literally everyone multiple times, maybe put some sandbox elements in the game? The New World to conquer by players, build housing, castles, claim land for your own or clan and fight over it? Just an idea for content which doesn't grow old that quickly...
SolarDragon1000 5 órája
Sarkhann 6 órája
Beautiful animation for a bullshit story hurts me most.
Steve The Crewmate
Oh shizbiscuits a war hammer reboot. Let’s goooo
AccipiterMagna 7 órája
what has this got to do with world of warcraft? who are these characters?
Armindo Gomes
Armindo Gomes 7 órája
Where do we begin, ........ Blizzard pushes liberal ideology with a Femanist GOD "Abiter" Makes fun of the military with its handicapped npcs in the Arbiters main city. That resembles missing legs. The Bastions inslaved the owls to do there work, while the Bastions are blue wich is a Verizon of black people enslaving a lighter colored race............. Comical there isn't a Transgender npc.. oh wait there is All before level 52
Josip 7 órája
Man, it sucks so much that I can't play World of Warcraft right now.
法官 8 órája
Marceos IV
Marceos IV 9 órája
Is Arthas in there ?
tadeusz7925 10 órája
Shadowlands, where WOW meets Diablo.
Jso's Productions
Jso's Productions 11 órája
DenMCX 11 órája
Is this the official opening cinematic for Shadowlands? If so, this would be the most "boring" of them all... even more boring than the MoP-opening...
Natjimo 11 órája
Jokes on you, Im a ginger.
music4meh 11 órája
What if it is Arthas in chains
AGlan 12 órája
Omg! I might start playing WoW again!!! looks amazing!
David Reis Queiroz
David Reis Queiroz 12 órája
You guys are missing someone, the leader of all the dark side of shadowlands..Mei
DanteEightSix 13 órája
If only my former friends weren't pos's, Activision and Blizzard didn't become so corrupt, and I didn't regret already spending $1,000's on this game over a 14 year time span, I would've tried this expansion as well. My desire for this game has gone to the Shadowlands.
Captain Cosmos
Captain Cosmos 13 órája
wth is even going on here
Saelorion 13 órája
Nice nod to the original WoW cinematic trailer though through transition pattern, etc.
Tomas Prevendar
Tomas Prevendar 13 órája
AT THE END, THAT WAS HIM!!! THE BALD ONE!!! Yeaiiiiiiii Oh...... nope, it's not the Bald one, the legs, look at the MIGHTY LEGS.....Baldy has no legs, this one is just maldy.
CMDR Dreamstate
CMDR Dreamstate 14 órája
Now all they have to do is make the next WoW expansion "The Nexus"... because the Ravenlord held dominion over the Shadowlands, and the heroes must help Orphea defeat him, with the help of Archangel Tyreal...
black lagon
black lagon 14 órája
Could have put a little more effort into this.looks a bit out of place and messy.
Noel De Leon
Noel De Leon 15 órája
so i have no idea who the characters are in the cinematic lol XD
Jean-Paul Faye
Jean-Paul Faye 15 órája
Adan Rodriguez
Adan Rodriguez 15 órája
blm, white supremacy, Jews, Christians, Socialism, Capitalism, “Beyond the Veil”
Isaac Plumbo
Isaac Plumbo 14 órája
R D 15 órája
Hopefully they can jail all the SJW snowflakes and all those who believe in more than 2 genders in this place for eternity.
Vel Tien-Yun Wu
Vel Tien-Yun Wu 15 órája
Warcraft 3, Burning Crusade, Diablo 2 and StarCraft: Brood War player here. What League Of Legends cinematic is this? Are they releasing some new champions?
Your wife's boyfriend
This on mobile?
Kev E
Kev E 17 órája
Steven Kavanagh
Steven Kavanagh 17 órája
This is the first WoW expansion I haven't bought. Even the previous expansions that I didn't like had great cinematics (Draenor, namely). This one is just dreary and uninteresting, like the expansion itself. My lack of excitement for a game I've put unspeakable numbers of hours into, kinda makes me sad.
H 17 órája
Warhammer Total War: World of Warcraft 20K
Victor Pietroboni
Victor Pietroboni 17 órája
I don't gonna lie, this looks like elder scroll online
Giovanni Quintero
Giovanni Quintero 18 órája
World of Warcraft : Diablo Inmortal Reforged
M.C.Martin Official Channel
Pffft A wanna be illidan
Remedy 18 órája
It's getting to the point where I'm recognising less and less characters from Warcraft, the cinematics look impressive though.
Zerk 18 órája
Diablo 4 looking good
James Cota
James Cota 18 órája
Gevito236 19 órája
Can't wait for asmongold to react to this so he can get his cheap views.
Professor Professorson
This use to be a game about humans fighting orcs
Zendir Zorander
Zendir Zorander 19 órája
After 15 years only good thing about wow : Cinematics.
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Abc Efg
Abc Efg 19 órája
Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...
Patridge 20 órája
Come on Blizzard, give Creative Assembly the rights to make a "Total War: Warcraft" already!!
KelpyGP 2 órája
just play Warhammer 2 TW then lol
Billy Yip
Billy Yip 15 órája
You know they removed a quote from Griffon Rider in Warcraft 3 Reforged, “This hammer is worth 40k” right?
Lucifag 20 órája
The pain in the Winter Queen's face....my god, great work!!
Ajatar Dracarys
Ajatar Dracarys 20 órája
Yey! Shadowbads trailer...woohoo...why is this in my recommended?....
David Betancourt
David Betancourt 20 órája
Why isn't this available 4k / 2160p? It looks soft on my screen (3440x1440).
VagrantStory 21 órája
One of the poorest trailer cinematic in the wow universe, no doubt :/.
Milo 21 órája
bruh, can the jailer just not do that slight smile? what even man
Gaming On!
Gaming On! 21 órája
This is like, a literal shameless copy of Age of Sigmar wtf .-.
Alexander G.S
Alexander G.S 20 órája
I didn’t notice it, but you are 100% right. Looks like we are having another shitmar on the horizon.
Vandieg Pierreday
Vandieg Pierreday 22 órája
It should be the first official cinematic
Doggoman 22 órája
World of Warcraft: Wokelands
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 23 órája
For a so-called 'Jailer' that guy sure does look pretty jailed...
Erick Olivares
Amazing cinamtics but i prefer to watch a tyrande watching teldrassil and enter in shadowlands and finding her vengeance or kaelthas or kelthuzad or jaina or lothermar or tyralyon and allera but the cinematic was so good
easy cheese
you really need to start rendering in higher resolution. so much work to make this pretty is wasted. that said i like the floating necropolises
The jokes on you, Shadowlands, my soul got eaten by a puzzle-box. No afterlife for me!
See jew later Sheet deek
I love how the cinematics look amazing but the actual game looks like something you’d play on a PlayStation 2
stiffy616 Napja
What was that Marshal of Northshire Abbey? Kill 8 Kobolds for 10 copper? Brah...
mattrg320 Napja
Who was the guy in chains at the end, were we supposed to know who that was?
Dos Caffeine
The Jailer of the Damned, since the Lich king has been deposed,the scourge are running rampant, and are being resurrected from the Maw, where the unworthy reside.
Henrinator Napja
Just give us a full cinematic move already!
Zox Napja
yeahhhhhh Diablo 4
Máté Jávori
Its not even looks like wow anymore...
Jaime Olmeda
Shadowlands... A place to re-kill everything we already killed before.
Dezire Barros
Dezire Barros 3 órája
No ending story
MrColinwith1L 6 órája
See, grinding in this game is never really done.
Arnold Teras
So this realm's Pantheon of Death is apparently currently divided between those fighting for the Arbiter and the Jailor.
philippe blais
philippe blais 16 órája
Only Denathrius is on the Jailer's side. The archon and the winter queen are both on the arbiter's side while the Primus is seemingly either dead or gone.
I've never played past level 20.
Gillbinious WoW
That was a lame cinematic
Benjamin Ehrentreich
ich ärgere mich so für diese scheiße 75 euro ausgegeben zu haben..... dazu ich habe niemanden persönlich beleidigt und mein account wird stumm geschaltet.sprich diablo 3 konnte ich auch nichtmehr spielen obwohl das nix miteinander zu tun hat . fazit ? give a great f... on blizzard / wow shadowlands !!! dislike and i hope so many follow me
Skraton Napja
feels weird having not a single known character in the cinematic forn an xpac, this could basically be any game out there and it wouldn't make a difference besides the logo at the end
Dos Caffeine
I'm pretty hyped about it. The Shadowlands have always been known in lore, but never looked into.
Skraton Napja
@Gabriel Renkse idk I could just play any other game if I wanted only new stuff.
Gabriel Renkse
yes thank god for that, new stuff
BeTrd Napja
I’m Not Ready
W0rmblood Napja
I cant wait to see how Blizzard will ruin another expansion!
Aleksandr Piletskii
раньше было лучше
Krasimir Gedzhov
Sorry guys, but this is one of the most uninspired cinematics you've made yet. Warcraft 3 ones have more passion and interest.
Luke He
Luke He Napja
Looks like Diablo
Mountain Fox
Another turtle made it to the water!
Those are the ugliest Angel wings I have ever seen. The design team failed on that one.
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