Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil” 

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In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at worldofwarcraft.com
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Antonio AR
Antonio AR 3 napja
Ah yes, the real Shadowlands intro cinematic.
HungaryNiko 8 napja
Shadowlands? More like Godlands
Domingo 11 napja
Lich King was more realistic and epic???
sanjeev dandin
sanjeev dandin 15 napja
never played the game but love the cinematics WOW produces top notch!
elkarion 18 napja
geneeeericccc! The name Blizzard used to mean something.
surfpub2001 20 napja
Haven't played in 10 years .... cant say I've missed anything lol.
Autumn Gray
Autumn Gray 23 napja
The Archon voice is just.. ohh God that's unreal.
James Paguip
James Paguip 23 napja
Blizzard is own by China
Dracio Hónapja
Those angels are Argentines
Artur Kopaczewski
This last guy looks 100% like Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat
مهدی افشاری
Arthas might be here.
Tudorin Bogdan
Tudorin Bogdan Hónapja
Maybe in this very video too. Listen closely to the Jailer. There are two voices speaking the lines. The calmer, more subdued one in the background almost like an echo sounds like Zovaal's. And then there's the more passionate, clearer one that takes priority and sounds an awful lot like Patrick Seitz's Arthas.
Darves Atorian
Darves Atorian 2 hónapja
Looks cool
Impersonal66 2 hónapja
Would've been nice if they released the music from this trailer.
Sam Johnston
Sam Johnston 2 hónapja
1:00 = Bloodborne
CeZoR CMK 2 hónapja
Valkyrie-09 2 hónapja
1:36 Barbarian face from D4 cinematic trailer.
Roya Valentine
Roya Valentine 2 hónapja
Shadowlands the place where the shadow finally lands
Steven Rusch
Steven Rusch 2 hónapja
I love how Denathrius scoffs at the unrepentant.
Yago Coca
Yago Coca 2 hónapja
Man, Blizzard should film animated movies.
-Legasov! 2 hónapja
kung fu panda 1
jackie sarsfield
jackie sarsfield 2 hónapja
0:59 i need! more! cinematic! revendreth!
SuperBlake133 2 hónapja
markets diablo war style visuals, delivers fortnight
effi 2 hónapja
Revendereth music in this video vs Revendereth music in game
slade fowler
slade fowler 2 hónapja
Did anyone catch the broach on the Winter Queen? I think i could mean something
slade fowler
slade fowler 2 hónapja
rotorcraft621 2 hónapja
If only you could take flight with those wings like in Aion...
Zibzir 3 hónapja
I played the trial version, GOD I love this game! I wish there was no monthly payment :^(
Radhey Bhalani
Radhey Bhalani 3 hónapja
Is Cate blanchett the voice actress ?
Nero Thalmor
Nero Thalmor 3 hónapja
I miss this game so much, but it’s been 10 years and I can’t invest that amount of time like I use to. Man this game has come a long way
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
sorry to hear that, the game is in the best state that it has been in years, and it's only getting better.
Darves Atorian
Darves Atorian 3 hónapja
I feel ya, m8:')
Syridyn Rogziel
Syridyn Rogziel 3 hónapja
Make shadowlands alt friendly please!!!!!!!
Syridyn Rogziel
Syridyn Rogziel 2 hónapja
@The Gaming Paladin ya i tried getting my alts to catch up to my main, it was sacking away my life and got to time consuming and repeating so I quit.
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
it is if you dont lose yourself to the grind, i mean the expansion just came out and we got 3 years to look forward to, grinding like a madman is only going to wear you out.
Mark Rosales
Mark Rosales 3 hónapja
This expansion is SOOOOOO bad
Hunter 3 hónapja
Fix your game blizzard me and like thousands of others are about to unsub because of these boring 1button one shot classes that ruin pvp .
mkd1r 3 hónapja
Never seen a WoW Expansion trailer with zero story and zero message in the trailer like this one. This is all just "blah blah", with zero message and literally nothing at the end too.
Greg Recovski
Greg Recovski 3 hónapja
Shadowlands: you underestimate my power Players: don't try it, I have the high ground Shadowlands: wuaaaaaaaaa!! 35 Anima drops Players: youuu wereee the choooooooosen onnneeee!!!!!!
Kash M
Kash M 3 hónapja
I’m having a thought bear with me. What if daily or weekly buffs were a thing? Big world bosses or certain raid bosses gave you a buff for the day/week when you beat them. Requiring them to do content and throw some razzle dazzle of their own choosing into their class.
Malibu 3 hónapja
Welp I hope animators get financial support for their severe back pain.
REXduo 3 hónapja
I prefer cinematic films like this to be shown in theaters
Jayman493 3 hónapja
So... Is it a diablo thing?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
lol nah, but the theme is a bit similar.
Danterik 3 hónapja
I just realized those flying things at 0:50 Look like Halls of the Dead or Black Citadels from Warcraft 3 Undead Race.
NightWolf 3 hónapja
Random stuff happening in random order Just like the old WoW trailers
- Pat -
- Pat - 3 hónapja
So stupid
Coolexiser 3 hónapja
When Revendreth theme kicks in.. the goosebumps
Vholst 3 hónapja
We just need to kill death...sounds easy enough
janny arendzen
janny arendzen 3 hónapja
De slechtste is zak
Murad Magician
Murad Magician 3 hónapja
The worst WoW cinematic...
Wise Guy
Wise Guy 3 hónapja
By new blizzard standards probably Murky will handle situation single handedly with N'Zoth Fish in hand&^^
OG FacelessKing
OG FacelessKing 3 hónapja
This looks cool but I have no idea what'ss supposed to be happening
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo 3 hónapja
I must say, this is actually cool...
BeBoQ 3 hónapja
When new full movie? Warcraft series deserve for movies!
Allen Arutyunov
Allen Arutyunov 3 hónapja
How can I find soundtrack? Help me please
Recon Skillet
Recon Skillet 4 hónapja
This cinematic reminds me of the Classic and BC Cinematics, cause it shows off the different factions and places to explore like those did.
Andres C D
Andres C D 4 hónapja
The real shadowlands cinematic.
MadHatt0r 4 hónapja
Still looking for the Venthyr part (~ 1:00 ) in the OST, but cant find it :( the closest music I can find is Grant Kirkhopes "Ritual" pieces, its the same Leitmotif, but not the epic version of this trailer. I'm afraid this is one whole song and the Venthyr part lasts only those few amazing seconds
Владимир Соловьёв
Wow это кал!
Henry Crowther
Henry Crowther 4 hónapja
The cameraman must have a massive paycheck after fallowing that last soul into the maw.
le tri
le tri 4 hónapja
0:37 omg look at that neck.
Wolfheddin 4 hónapja
Hmm, this cinematic reminded me of a vanilla cinematic.
skilladunge 4 hónapja
HairyOutlaw 4 hónapja
i want guldan back
cythose 4 hónapja
is this AION 2?
Conrad Phạm
Conrad Phạm 4 hónapja
A normal day in Shadowlands is quite lively
У вас великолепно получается!🦢🦢🦢🦢
Angelo Ricardo
Angelo Ricardo 4 hónapja
Princess Bree Minecraft
Ardenweald is so beautiful
Wicca Bleh
Wicca Bleh 4 hónapja
Blizzard - how would you feel or think of these ideas that 1 it needs to expand to "consoles" and to be cross platform of course 2nd would be a pubg type p.o.v as first person back to third person or normal p.o.v 👀💭
Eversoris Gallant
Eversoris Gallant 4 hónapja
Story cinematic, please.
J.C Sanchez
J.C Sanchez 4 hónapja
Fail! 💰!!
The Furious Killers
Can we just stay in one expansion for long?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
lol what? 3 years isnt long enough?
Clev Steamer
Clev Steamer 4 hónapja
Blizzard chat banned me because I refused to conform to their way of thinking. I will post this on all WoW channels to raise awareness that WoW will take away your freedom of speech. How dare we have opinions. Blizzard needs to take the power away from their GMs just because they disagree!!!
ThugMirrex 4 hónapja
Judgement 4 hónapja
This is not wow. This is absolutely noname guys in noname locations, which have nothing to do with wow and warcraft i know
potaterjim 4 hónapja
*Glistening, Golden utopia of Angels* "Ah yes, the shadow lands."
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
Shadowlands refers to the realms of death, the afterlife, Bastion is but one of those realms, meant for those who lived and service in noble servitude and selflessness, where the "Angels" escort souls to where they will be judged accordingly.
zanzibawr 4 hónapja
wait is it just me or is the place where the jailer is in the trailer the same place the runecarver is in-game?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
that's right, because that WAS his prison, now he's loose and it was the perfect place to imprison the Runecarver.
Ember 4 hónapja
Who's the fat kid at the end
the blight
the blight 4 hónapja
imagin going to gods place az a mortal guy XD
prski 4 hónapja
Worst World of Warcraft cinematic lunch ever.
Shankar Pandey
Shankar Pandey 4 hónapja
This is not Cinematic launch lol 😒
Raul M.
Raul M. 4 hónapja
Yitian Liu
Yitian Liu 4 hónapja
I'm a newcomer of wow, so can anybody tell me what kind of quests I should prioritize if I want to see these epic cool storylines? also are the stories of the past versions still in the game, like the wrath of the lich king and warlords of draenor?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
you'll get to enjoy this story starting at lv 48, from there you'll have to play 4 characters to get all of the story, one for each covenant.
82fire28 4 hónapja
In every expansion all original stories remain, the exception I know of was only once during Cataclysm where the base game world changed so the stories of low levels got updated and I imagine Night Elf area got updated yet again in recent expansion. But for the most part the world stays static and the big new stories take place in areas added by the new expansion, you will have no issue finding them because quests will take you to these areas at the proper level. Last I played you level faster than the stories at lower areas so you may out level the zone you are at following a story.
Shankar Pandey
Shankar Pandey 4 hónapja
It continues wrath of lich King lore 😅
JESSROCKED Channel 4 hónapja
Im just here for the cinematics. Please show what happens to Sylvanna and Arthas
Oğuzhan Kof
Oğuzhan Kof 4 hónapja
Okey. Ofc everyone is well aware that Jailer used same words of Archon by simply changing "Shadowlands" with "Darkness". I feel like he is not mentioning his domain by darkness but current state of shadowlands.
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
he plans to ruin everything, and the current state of Shadowlands is going to get better.
Captain VonBeck
Captain VonBeck 4 hónapja
The Jailers out!i!
Menzura 4 hónapja
Единственное , что не разучились делать blizzard это синиматик.
Martin ღ ツ
Martin ღ ツ 4 hónapja
Namaskar Thank you
VolksDK 4 hónapja
Seeing this after going through the campaign hits different
vadiks2003 4 hónapja
i thought the process of entering shadowlands would be main hero dying and taking some quest from death-only NPC, like that one ghost in wow classic. appeared that i had to... do some stuff with crown?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
nah, you dont die, the Helm of Domination was used to open a portal to The Maw, from there you escape and help the good people of the Shadowlands while rescuing Alliance and Horde characters from The Jailer, as well as stomping his forces.
KanaC -
KanaC - 4 hónapja
Worst WoW cinematic so far
Curious963 4 hónapja
0:42 Champion of Nurgle wages war against the armies of Nagash.
James Rideout
James Rideout 4 hónapja
Blizzard Logic must've got thrown into the Maw.
DarthVader 4 hónapja
So the shadowlands is pretty much the afterlife for each and every race
Jamie Potter
Jamie Potter 4 hónapja
This is very reminiscent of the original wow launch cinematic and burning crusade
Feizok 4 hónapja
This awesome cinematic makes much more sense and looks even better after playing Shadowlands
Rustin Agahi
Rustin Agahi 4 hónapja
Wow I just realized that revendreth is literally just dark Eldar warhammer
Jellyfrosh 4 hónapja
This doesn't look like WoW at all.
marcony101 4 hónapja
ffs please make a movie!
Crimea_River 4 hónapja
Is this the same voice actress that did the intro for Supreme Commander?
Scrooloose 4 hónapja
The character at that speaks at the start is Kyrestia, the Firstborne who i think is voiced by Brittney Karbowski.
SGTV 4 hónapja
I used to play that game to which voice actor are u talking about tho?
MrInzombia 4 hónapja
Yoo had no idea Quan Chi is the final boss!
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin 2 hónapja
Quan Chi + Shinnok
The One
The One 4 hónapja
Quanchi with sub zero's abilities and scorpions chains maybe
Fenharell 4 hónapja
I dont feel anything when watching this. Compared to WoD, Cata and Vanilla opening CGI its blank and flat. Showing us bunch of nonamers and little action. Level is too low for real Blizzard.
Paslaru Florin-Alexandru
And watch BC trailer and come here after.
Arceptor 4 hónapja
you do know shadowlands already had the big cgi cinematic a year ago right?
Digi Salamander
Digi Salamander 4 hónapja
So when revendreth cast you into the maw they yeet you off a cliff
Malodyr Animations
Malodyr Animations 4 hónapja
На последних секундах ролика, даже мурашки по телу пробежались, немного но, да-а. Это что значит? Близзы по немного реабилитируются, и пытаются сделать синематики с душой? ясно, что старого величия не вернуть но всё же) Лол так это получается Артас, в конце , хорошо))
Cosma Geo
Cosma Geo 4 hónapja
So... is Arthas there, too?
Novad selir
Novad selir 4 hónapja
He's currently in The Maw
The One
The One 4 hónapja
Answer is why not
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