Weekend Warm-Up! 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Get the inside track from inside the F1 paddock ahead of race weekend, as F1 returns to the Nurburgring for the first time in seven years!
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Armando Sturzenegger
Lawrence and Laura is best. Buxton out
Armando Sturzenegger
She is a great addition
Mithras Tauroctonos
They didn't even notice Ferrari testing their upgrades at 7:55 !!!
Max 11 napja
Cant wait for will b to not be dead..
MatoComissions 11 napja
Boots are quite excessive 😄😄no, big fan still 👍🏾
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers 11 napja
I like how knowledgeable and comfortable the commentators are on this channel. I think every family reunion should have a summary like this. ;-)
Karlos ANDERSON 11 napja
Love Laura Winter
Will Buxton looks very feminine today...
141 mph 328Xi
141 mph 328Xi 12 napja
re: Ver and Red Bull F1 contracts worthless really. Either party can break them because of all of the clauses.
HiFi Tommy
HiFi Tommy 12 napja
Feels like at summer day in Finland
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix 12 napja
So this is the woman that gives her voice to FP2 recaps every weekends
Jesse TT
Jesse TT 12 napja
thumbs up if she has some nice legs there
bent andre
bent andre 12 napja
talking about diversity in F1, this is a really great duo...
I can see why Will hasn't shown up if he needs to stand by this guy..
MikeCMC 12 napja
I can't listen to a word he says till he takes those things off
henrique costa
henrique costa 12 napja
hair as elvis presley, boots from antartic expedition scarf from old king and a coat from his granpa... Come on!!!! where this guy take his ideas from?!!!! some one needs to give him a real course on how he needs to dress to appear on tv... thats total out of context... pls f1 bring will and let laura present... This is more like a joke sorry cant take serious this lawrence...
slim jim87
slim jim87 12 napja
love the female presenter she should be added to will buxton and the other guy
Obiwan Kanoli
Obiwan Kanoli 12 napja
Lawrence had a little sugar in the gas tank huh....
Peter Hümmer
Peter Hümmer 12 napja
Stereotypical German weather: cold, wet, windy lol. Most be awful for foreign guests...
Shocker99 12 napja
"Video unavailable" "This video is not available" What's happening?
Slizk 12 napja
Those shoes Lawrence is wearing is the same height of some curbs around here
Mike Pierson
Mike Pierson 12 napja
Bottas doesn't care about your cold weather.
Web crawler
Web crawler 12 napja
When you have a pink coat and the guy next to you still steals all the looks because of his boots...
Manne Di
Manne Di 12 napja
Nice Lawrence. Now it's confirmed
Alex 12 napja
Lawrence has the softs on
temi toluwani
temi toluwani 12 napja
This kind of presentation is doing motor sports a disservice.
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris 12 napja
I carnt watch this guy. Take note f1 get rid
Adistianto Yuwono
Weekend "Warm-up" with Laura "Winter"
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 12 napja
Shocking pair of shoes, Baretto!
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 12 napja
Winter. ❤️
Egemen Mert Önol
Where is will buxton ?
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 12 napja
Rather thin on information, mostly gossip and the hosts' private opinions :( Laura doesn't seem to be contributing to the show's quality, sadly :(
zabaleta 12 napja
"That" was four George Russell's in one at the end!
Freddie video
Freddie video 12 napja
Who's going to win tomorrow in the Eiffel grand Prix
zabaleta 12 napja
He's more prissy then her.
ratti80 12 napja
I haven’t seen Moon Boots since I was a child ☺️
vitadelicatus 12 napja
Excellent analysis from lawrence again. Next time i expect Lawrence to be dressed completely as a drag queen not only the boots.
Saurabh Marotkar
Laura Winter feeling the cold. The Irony!!!
Patry Muñoz
Patry Muñoz 13 napja
let them do this indoors, they’re freezing 😂
Rahul Rao
Rahul Rao 13 napja
hi laura winter .. so cold to c u
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 13 napja
So, Lawrence's companion today is literally LADY WINTER (and likewise beautiful and seductive)!! He'd better watch out! :-P
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards 13 napja
Will, please come back... Quickly!
B007 13 napja
Lucas 13 napja
It's Max fault
James Bond
James Bond 13 napja
She should give him her pink jacket !!!
Arup Deb
Arup Deb 13 napja
Why's no winter in here still 😭 I love winter ❄️
Ricardo Pina
Ricardo Pina 13 napja
Nice job, Laura! I wish Will a speedy recovery
Donger 13 napja
Those boots are disgusting
UnseenLive1 13 napja
What are thooooossseeee??!!??!?
Noel Kavanagh
Noel Kavanagh 13 napja
I couldn't hear them talking over those boots.
Laurens Kistenkas
Lawrence strolls around in his fancy boots
glimm3r 13 napja
Will, if you miss out on the Portuguese GP you're gonna have to be taken by the Honeybadger for some donuts as a punishment. You can't just get us used to you and then just leave us hanging like this! And I bet Ricciardo approves this message. P.S.: Get well soon Will.
Anco 13 napja
Laura Winter is a keeper!
joe neuwerth
joe neuwerth 13 napja
Please include Lawrence's footwear in the animated recap at the end of the season🙏
Flavius Musat
Flavius Musat 13 napja
nice boots
pjaddr 13 napja
The boots are a sure shocker, but I'm impressed with Lawrence's try to balance it out with his scarf. 🧐🤔👌
Rithea Phichith
Rithea Phichith 13 napja
Lots of impressions and attentions on Lawrence's footwear, great choice he made. 😄
H DHIL 13 napja
Seb and hamilton are the 2 best wet weather drivers on the grid currently
Saint SS
Saint SS 13 napja
Only Lawrence can pull off such boots! :)
Mirror rorriM
Mirror rorriM 13 napja
18:42 Williams door in the background is still faster than their car
Aura Guard
Aura Guard 12 napja
Which is faster than the sf1000
HolyGuacamole 13 napja
Hahahaha Lawrence's shoes strike again!
NimTDNL 13 napja
Lawrence "I think" Barretto
ericchang44 13 napja
What are those boot ??? They're very questionable
salim shafie
salim shafie 13 napja
18:43 of course Williams doors close that slowly
Mads Duus
Mads Duus 13 napja
Those shoes is making me A bit warm Not gonna lie
Galaxylivez 13 napja
Not really a warm up when it's cold is it? Eh
SlapMeister Records
Is buxton dead yet?
onetripwonders 13 napja
Fabulous boots Lawrence, just fabulous.
Haidi HD
Haidi HD 13 napja
Gopal and a lady friend. That's lovely
KK B 13 napja
Unfortunately, those red boots had more running than the F1 cars on the circuit.
J. D. R. V.
J. D. R. V. 13 napja
Da da da da Daniel! Da Daniel! ALSO: CHECO TO RED BULL!
Myung Eun Park
Myung Eun Park 13 napja
i wanna see the tech guy
Aravind sharma
Aravind sharma 13 napja
This is not a weekend warm-up.
Nathan Ngai
Nathan Ngai 13 napja
Moon boots aint gonna make it out of Q1
Tailan Morrison
Tailan Morrison 13 napja
0:01 If you listen closely the song is cussing
rafaeln21 13 napja
Snap into a slim Jim
R.D Nutz
R.D Nutz 13 napja
Canadian weather atm 😋 Also, Lawrence probably gets paid well,... And of all the shoes you could buy from Lawrence' paycheck, he buys those mental shoes . Lol.....
Antony Bradford
Antony Bradford 13 napja
All racing offensives this weekend will attract the same penalty - conduct the remainder of the race in THOSE boots 🌝👢👢
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson 13 napja
poor taste for both
SuperSixSeven 13 napja
Laura Winter should be added to the weekend warm up every race
Soham Belge
Soham Belge 13 napja
Tomorrow we see our presenters in pirelli type blankets
Paul and Sue Roberts
Can’t take this fella seriously.....time to unsubscribe.
Wynton Harrell
Wynton Harrell 13 napja
Lawrence and those shoes...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Max Mac
Max Mac 13 napja
Those boots...camp as Christmas.
whatever idone
whatever idone 13 napja
I can’t stop looking at Lawrence’s red boots 😂
PrimeNumber19 13 napja
I think someone murdered Santa Claus and took the boots off his corpse as a trophy...
oladipo samuel
oladipo samuel 13 napja
Lawrence's shoes is part of the great Ferrari master s 🅱️lan
Αλέξανδρος Γκαμανής
Can we please have Laura in front of the cameras with Will and Lawrence behind the cameras talking about F1??? PLEEEAAASE???
👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 A round of applause for Liberty Media for hitting almost all of their minority quotas, all you need now is an asian and a representative of the lgbtq in there to complete the collection 👍
khanman v.1
khanman v.1 13 napja
Hope bill wuxton gets better
@f1 can we keep Laura?
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 13 napja
I wonder if Pirelli have an equivalent 'moon' tyre compound??? If so, they should colour it pink!!!
TrezlySnipes 13 napja
Imagine Danny Rick doing a shoey out of Lawrence’s boot
AG_BOSS The Original
Weekend warm up was pretty cooled down 😅
balletbabe1 13 napja
Miss Will and have really enjoyed Lawrence this year BUT so nice to see a Women in this sport reporting.
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 13 napja
A British driver breaking a German drivers record using a German car in Germany
Pavel Tikhonov
Pavel Tikhonov 13 napja
Lawrence has astronaut boots, Laura has a pink coat, it only makes sense for Will to wear something extra on his head when he returns
Pinguino 13 napja
7:55 Ferrari's 2021 new car
finnish_boy7 13 napja
Faster than SF1000
Karkoulas 13 napja
I can't wait to upload FP1 Highlights
noel elifuraha
noel elifuraha 13 napja
Its official pirreli has a new choice of tyre for this weekend and it is barreto boots
Nnemi Eime
Nnemi Eime 13 napja
Lawrence is so fly he needs magnetic boots to keep him grounded
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