Weekend Warm-Up! | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Join us as we return to the historic Imola Circuit for the first time since 2006! Tune in as Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto get you up to speed on everything ahead of this weekend's race.
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Hoten Hitonokoe
Alain Ramnauth
Alain Ramnauth 19 napja
Is Lawrence rich?
Kobus Carstens
Kobus Carstens 21 napja
10:30 till 11:00 yeah sure blame the pizza's, i looked at hte pizza aswell.. and forgot to listen.. Just saying
Brett Morley
Brett Morley 22 napja
Alex is too " nice " Almost to the point of being feminine... " why do the always race me so hard? "
Matthew Clifford
Can't wait for the notebook
Rupert van Dongen
Why is this race the Emilia Romagna GP when the normal event at Imola is the San Marino GP?
Adenovirus 22 napja
Idiots wearing masks
Corliss Emery
Corliss Emery 23 napja
Sure Will, I bet you were only looking at the pizzas
Deepak Devaraj
Deepak Devaraj 23 napja
Can some one help me on the title song for this video..
Jeff Rider
Jeff Rider 23 napja
Loving the real talk guys!
Kalo 23 napja
2:35 When he said final form why did Freeza from Dragonball Z come to thought
Richards González
zwipify 23 napja
🎶 "when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, your name's will buxtoooooonnnnnn...." 🎶 10:42
spurlynx 23 napja
The boys are back we missed you guys
The Psychologist
So the old Variente Bassa is gone, but they have a new one which is used for the bikes. Why don't they use it for F1 as well. What's the reason for this?
toasty bear
toasty bear 23 napja
just wanted to say how it seems Lawrence has really become comfortable and natural in front of the camera!! nice to see :)
DickNixon19 23 napja
What about the shoes tho??? 😂😂😂
Frederik Boven
Frederik Boven 23 napja
I like the duo, they compliment each other in the commentary
Navid Shahdi
Navid Shahdi 23 napja
Is that snow behind you?!
Gautaman S
Gautaman S 23 napja
Any one had to scroll back to have a look at the pizza box stack?
jeffin joseph
jeffin joseph 23 napja
Any one would notice 10 pizzas if it was walking like that😏
Mishal Bahl
Mishal Bahl 23 napja
Checo Perez to red bull pls
Ross Leftovers
Ross Leftovers 23 napja
After reading the comments Pizza 🍕- and - snow ❄️
Gerhard McDonald
@will The Pizza Girl distracted me too... Hahaha
Pineapple 24 napja
Clickbait. Fake snow in the thumbnail 🙄
Alex Llg
Alex Llg 24 napja
Question why the name
Bo J.
Bo J. 24 napja
"Not suiting Seb's driver style" let's just acknowledge the fact the Seb is not performing and looks washed up. A race car driver makes do with the car they get and drives it to its potential
schumi246 24 napja
Interesting fact: the last race at imola is closer to the day senna died than it is to today.
Hank Hildebrant
Hank Hildebrant 24 napja
Rest In Peace Ayrton Senna
DANLi 24 napja
Nice to see Ferrari testing their next year car in the background!
Crazyj996 24 napja
From the title picture. I thought the white on the ground was snow. Was thinking this could be an interesting race
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 napja
also cld someone tell that stroll dude to shave his eyebrows like pronto!!!!!!!!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 napja
his name is stroll for a reason! STRooool
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 napja
stroll has crashed the car 4 times in the last 3 races
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 napja
red bull sign perez not gasly he must stay at the b team
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 napja
WELL alpha tauri going to beat ferrarri because they have vettle driving for them, last race charles 4th Vettle 10TH hello anyone home!! 10Th?????? Vettle BAD amateur driver
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
Get another presenter
John Sheble
John Sheble 24 napja
You guys are amazing keep up the great work
Tim Eisenhauer
Tim Eisenhauer 24 napja
Yea, “pizzas”.... ;)
Joetheking Richards
I thought that was snow 😂 Happy Halloween 🎃👻
Dino Bortolas
Dino Bortolas 24 napja
Love the Track Name :)
Thomas Schroeder
This was an awesome Warm-Up! Thanks. Was great to listen to you two guys. Greetings from Munich, Tom.
c4rlos 24 napja
Ricciardo’s fun nature can distract from his quality. He played a large part in Renault’s present form and I believe he’ll be a great fit at McLaren.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 24 napja
Have a great race there, F1!
Jackie Wilde
Jackie Wilde 24 napja
10:45 yea right Will. Your attention was diverted because of pizzas...😉😏🤣
dekx räikkönen
I thought aladdin was a temporary thing; I miss just Will B.
Frosty Apples
Frosty Apples 24 napja
djhoffmann 24 napja
Why is there no fp1 today??
meursault42 24 napja
Will wasn't just distracted by the pizzas
George Theodoroulis
I have not met an American formula 1 fan who is a Haas fan. All of us run towards RB and McLaren
Dan Partridge
Dan Partridge 24 napja
maaaaaaan going back to turkey such a bad track ewwww
Bilal 24 napja
Here you have it guys ! Hating on Grosjean and Magnussen for making mistakes when they have an inconsistent rear suspension wasn't very fair..
Saleh 1
Saleh 1 24 napja
So sad there isn’t F1 today, at least put the drivers in equal cars whatever they are and let them race for charity or something. We need some sort of racing by any means!
Hunter Green
Hunter Green 24 napja
3 races in Italy. What a calendar.
Tsunami Gecko
Tsunami Gecko 24 napja
Not Trusting this track to the day i stop existing.
Dubble Step Records
These guys have great chemistry
manmonkee 24 napja
In the last 4 races Lance's car has scored points!!!, Hulkenburg was driving it but it did score points :).
Brett Sirrell
Brett Sirrell 24 napja
Are my maths correct. If Lewis wins and bottas doesn’t finish will he be champion?
Slowstar 24 napja
Love how Larry started off as the ‘talk us through it’ guy and is now a brilliant presenter.
Stupidity 24 napja
i think seb should go to red bull to replace albon
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 24 napja
Imagine George just jumps everyone and gets merc power 500 podiums.. :)
505darkg 24 napja
GREAT WIG LAWRENCE!!!! Very convincing!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 24 napja
2 less practice sessions, no relevant data for like evurrrr, oooooh should be a really interesting and fresh race weekend !!!. Mercedes 1-2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
123 456
123 456 24 napja
RAI have signed for Sauber motorsport/Alfa Romeo 2021! One more year.
ShadowSlayer 043
Daddy’s cash
FreeOnGoal 24 napja
3:03 or *Williams*
JoeH20Games 24 napja
KHASAN 24 napja
Dynamic duo
ErikTheAndroid 24 napja
Lando should not apologize for having an opinion, there was nothing wrong with his comments about Hamilton.
Nakul Bhachawat
Nakul Bhachawat 24 napja
1:56 Yeah Lawrence... f1 is for penalizing drivers for their mistakes and not for brilliant racing...coz thats what happened with Sergio the past weekend
pbfamous07 24 napja
bravo lando for showing some personality.....again. too much political correctness wishwash 2020. very refreshing to hear honesty and frankly what everyone has been thinking. just sayin. much love F1 for all the work you've done this year, really enjoyed.
Scott Frijns
Scott Frijns 24 napja
Love these 2 man
Emily -
Emily - 24 napja
George Russel needs consistency??? What about him consistently out qualifying all his teammates in every single F1 race he’s taken part in so far
Andy Timmons
Andy Timmons 24 napja
Ten pizzas took Will's attention. Nothing to do with the delivery person at all!
Alberto Tommasi
Alberto Tommasi 24 napja
Proper pronunciation Will 👌👨🏻‍🍳🇮🇹
Jayden Gough
Jayden Gough 24 napja
3:07, or one of the Williams, don’t count them out... lol
Alex Zuccaro
Alex Zuccaro 24 napja
102 nascar fans ....
Arsh K
Arsh K 24 napja
It’s Halloween tomorrow!
David Fernandez
David Fernandez 24 napja
Sergio Perez to red bull. Calling it now
VGrin 24 napja
Wait, Will was 6 when they were last in Imola in 2006?? He's only 20??
Pur Gatio
Pur Gatio 24 napja
Just a second ago I watched the 1994 replays. In with of this race 1:47 is such a morbid claim....
Anders jensen
Anders jensen 24 napja
Kmag is going to redbull
SufferingAddict 24 napja
10:15 Can anyone tell me what they are talking about who said what? They act like we all know but I really must have missed a news-story here.
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson 24 napja
10:50 He clearly just wants some pizza. Everybody imprinting their own thoughts on Will.
SufferingAddict 24 napja
9:45 buhu, someone called someone a bad word... so what? I'm really getting old, I feels so disconnected from current-day standards of human interaction.
Lewis Webster
Lewis Webster 24 napja
So happy imola is back literally one of the best circuits
Hazwan Hohpin
Hazwan Hohpin 24 napja
Russell will fit into Red Bull seat
chungmun ho
chungmun ho 24 napja
A snooze fest, by and large. Mercedes and HAM are doing great but Sundays are usually a total bore fest.
Sat Nav
Sat Nav 24 napja
He said , final form ----
Clash with Simon
I like the format for Imola but what's gonna be my entertainment for today :(
Goesjem 24 napja
The pizza lady and Will's reaction as she walked passed hahahaha. His eyes went down and his mind went totally off F1 for 5 seconds. Very human and really funny to see lol
Drew Lett
Drew Lett 24 napja
Will, Was it the pizzas that took your attention....?!?!?😉
Takumi VS
Takumi VS 24 napja
lawrence looks like south park character
Ulan 24 napja
As I saw the thumbnail I thought it was snow in the background 😂
Jaden Pais
Jaden Pais 24 napja
2020: The year of new and returning tracks! and i gotta say, its a great thing in this sucky year
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris 24 napja
just to let u know i haven't watched this for ages and didn't watch this one because of that waste of space next to Will Buxton. before people cry racism Karun Chandhoc is great.
soupe2000 24 napja
I thought there was snow I gor clickbaited
ABC Learning
ABC Learning 24 napja
Again the boring race 2 horses versus 18 donkeys
scott branch
scott branch 24 napja
The drivers will need snow tires
TheFilipinoEmerald Channel
I know Alex won't see this but, Alex, we believe in you. We believe you can put in a great performance for this weekend. We want to see you in the RedBull seat and succeed. Remember when you bounced back from your 2012 season in Formula Renault 2.0, we believe you can do it again now. You have people in South East Asia supporting and hoping you will stay in RedBull. We believe in you Alex.
mcmcnair97 24 napja
Can't wait for one of Giovinazzi/Stroll/Latifi/Grosjean/Kvyat to bin it during practice and miss quali ❤
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