What Upgrades Have The Teams Brought to the Nurburgring? | Tech Talk | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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F1 returns to the Nürburgring for the first time in 7 years - but what upgrades have teams brought to this famous track? Sam Collins takes us through everything you need to know.
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formulafan 6 napja
asdwegfwes.... anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Bruce Long
Bruce Long 7 napja
F1. Keep this guy and the format l, more the better. Its giving us insight into the sport like never before
Amarildo Gojdeshi
ronaldo rodrigues de assis
Ajeita carro do Vettel caramba
Martin Hopland Nilsen
"If you get that wrong, you will lose performance." I know, i'm a Williams fan😕
leo mazzella
leo mazzella 8 napja
it is legit moss from IT crowd
Marcelo got benched so this is what he does
fahad aghai
fahad aghai 9 napja
A bit of a simulation maybe as to how the air flow was around the two Merc front wings would've awesome...!!!
please split this into to another channel, so I don't have to put up with all the pulp you upload so I give you clickthrought and watchtime, and drowns my subscription page, keep uploading it here so you can still do your engagement racket for all I care, thanks
Simon Wardle
Simon Wardle 9 napja
Would love to understand why this is available as part of my F1 TV Access subscription? Literally, can't even watch this video as part of my access. Where else could I view the full episode, if not on F1 TV?
lee sze yong
lee sze yong 9 napja
question: how is the "average time gained" derived from?
Lyle Sargent
Lyle Sargent 10 napja
I think Haas might want some dash cams for Grosjean
Jaap 10 napja
Why is the intro so loud?
Тошка Попов
Inspecting mirrors
The LPN05Fan
The LPN05Fan 10 napja
9 didn't expect Sam. He is already great commentating Super GT, so this is Epic
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre 10 napja
Again! Best segment Ever!!!!!
Snotty Scotty
Snotty Scotty 10 napja
What track was the Toscana Grand Prix?
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 10 napja
This is very interesting about F1 Tech.
Jorge Baña
Jorge Baña 10 napja
And this is why F1 races are so boring nowadays,,,
Chico visionario y futurista
i want version spanish guy please !!!!
Lewis Formby
Lewis Formby 10 napja
Guy reminds me of Moss from the IT crowd, am i wrong?
Dionysusnu 10 napja
9:13 this is not exactly true. Ferrari's car has become faster. However, Mercedes has improved *more* than Ferrari, that's what the graph shows. So compared to the fastest car, Mercedes, Ferrari has seemed to slow down, even if they have improved in raw pace.
GTAguidesIta 10 napja
Ehm of course Ferrari lost more performance to the others , they didn't bring anything new . Only for the last two races the brought new packages.
Andrew Myhra
Andrew Myhra 10 napja
You made sure there was no rain after you talked about the wets
richard douglas
richard douglas 10 napja
Need this every week
Chris B
Chris B 10 napja
*Brought not bought. Please learn the difference
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
Seems strange that Alfa Romeo and Haas have made significant upgrades and improvements yet Ferrari are losing time, despite having the same engines.
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
な~~んも、解ってないなぁ~。この馬鹿のトレッドヘアーは。( ̄m ̄〃)ぷぷっ!
Vincenzo Gemma
Vincenzo Gemma 10 napja
Ferrari has new Bardgeboards why you dont it show it?
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
「どこの誰かも分らんトレッド頭の輩に、evry oneとか,ムカつく」!(`・ω・´)キリッ
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
chan doka
chan doka 10 napja
Frasetya Vady Aditya
I don't know that Marcelo has so much knowledge about F1! Did he retire from Real Madrid?
Aaryan Prakash 1
Me: Watches the Race, Then This and Finally Highlights to find the differences
Steve Cook
Steve Cook 10 napja
This guy doesn't know the difference between bought and brought. It doesn't bode well when he used the word fink at the start. I got 38 seconds into the video before hitting pause. Maybe use a presenter that completed his education next time F1.
Ben H
Ben H 10 napja
Wouldn’t that graphic actually be demonstrating the teams’ development relative to Mercedes development? Since presumably the delta is measured to Mercedes at each given race, not Austria 1.
Eduardo Prata
Eduardo Prata 10 napja
Tem que colocar pelo menos uma tradução em português né.....!!!!!
SlapMeister Records
I thought it means black drivers seat lol
Kyle Lazelle
Kyle Lazelle 11 napja
I don't know whose idea it was to start this, but this is an amazing series with an excellent presenter.
ku 11 napja
More tech
ku 11 napja
More tech
Jim 11 napja
It's mind blowing how tiny adjustments in the structure makes a huge difference in aero dynamics.
David David
David David 11 napja
Ferrari continue to embarrass themselves. Utterly appalling
David David
David David 11 napja
Brilliant analysis!
dany villon
dany villon 11 napja
I very much enjoy this content
umang godhani
umang godhani 11 napja
show the bigger actual picure. We do not need to see the anchor guy. We are here to see the footages of the cars.
Daniel Bach Jokumsen
How can Hass gain time when they haven’t had any upgrades? Is it just because of setups and simply knowing their car characteristics better?
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 11 napja
Yeah the car could suit the conditions/track, but also there maybe updates that cannot be seen externally.
grob011 11 napja
Sam Collins and the team make for a really enjoyable watch. So much better than some talking head nonsense.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 11 napja
We need more Sam these techtalks are great
gokul m
gokul m 11 napja
What happens on 2026 . ? New rules new regulations.. so is the Ferrari stepping down from the throne. Bcos when u say Ferrari so many things comes to our mind. Cars ,engine , red ness .. is it all gone.. in formula one.
James 11 napja
Does this fella commentate for The Race Super GT races as well?
Stephen Crouch
Stephen Crouch 11 napja
Nobody: Sam Collins: 2:33 "Superheroes aren't the only ones that wear capes, F1 cars do too" Batman & Superman: **left the chat**
CiA 11 napja
I loved this dude in Futurama.
vN 11 napja
This guy's tech talk is as interesting as the race itself
C Han
C Han 11 napja
8:15 Ferrari is a joke
Rafail Tsolakidis
Leclerc getting P4 in quali!!! Sadly in the race... He might suffer
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 11 napja
So Ferrari brought a very important update to bargeboards and you talk about a slightly different front wing? DUDE
yellow_X 11 napja
This just shows why Leclerc is a much better driver than Vettel
Calebfoust3443 11 napja
Ever since paddock pass was moved to Spotify this took the no.1 spot for most awaited f1 video.
Shay Axelrod
Shay Axelrod 11 napja
Leclerc is a legend getting that Ferrari go-cart up to fourth in quali. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
NomadBale 11 napja
For the last part, the graph doesn't mean that the ferrari car is slower than Barcelona, it says it has not improved, and since the Mercedes has improved, the ferrari gap to the leaders has widened in terms of seconds, big mistake there
I C 11 napja
Very informative format and competent guy!
padam19 11 napja
8:17 when something is as perfectly designed as the SF1000, it is just very difficult to improve on.
Bladezy_Wadezy 11 napja
Upon examining Ferrari's new front wing... I honestly see no difference...
Bladezy_Wadezy 11 napja
F1 teams: Put minor upgrades into their cars This guy: *Observed*
Peter Griffiths
Peter Griffiths 11 napja
Sam do you offer online coarses?
Allard Stevenson
great info and pictures, great explanation of technic tnx!.....i have a question: can somebody explain why the t-wing is allowed?...after all there are limits to the backwing, why is it allowed to put on an extra wing?...mercedes have the biggset .
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 11 napja
Covered this earlier in the season
Anurag Bhattacharya
That last chart was something i wanted to be discussed as soon as i saw it displayed during fp1 , glad it got some attention here. Ferrari's development stats are truly sad.
Mr X
Mr X 11 napja
Other teams: Puts parts named monkey seat on car for development.... Ferrari: Puts monkey seat in strategy team for monkeys.... Great!!!
Mahdi BERKIA 11 napja
Great video as always, keep it up!
ST Bob
ST Bob 11 napja
Whoever did the carbon wrap on that Ferrari did a great job.
FrontSideBus 11 napja
Highlights the slightly different shape of the Ferrari front wing aerofoils while ignoring the massively different end plates...
Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan 11 napja
Welcome to this week’s edition of “What’s gone wrong with Ferrari this time?”
Frederik Nagel
Frederik Nagel 11 napja
I don't know why, but I think I really want to be his friend. Like he'll be the kind of guy who would sit with you at a bar, everybody else quietly wishing that their friends could also look this cool, while you are actually having a sincere and depthy chat without becoming overly sentimental or emotional. Oh, yeah - F1 and stuff. That's what I came here for.
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 11 napja
In bars I mostly talk about NASCAR
8:26 look what ferrari did wkwkkwkwskoasnsksknsksksnwkwwkskskskamamsksksoaakks
Marcus 11 napja
This video is great! Keep it up
Max Mac
Max Mac 11 napja
I'm seeing " video unavailable", anyone else?
Alexander Berg
Alexander Berg 11 napja
DASH-CAM was orginally planned for KVYAT tho🤣🤣
Merijn van de Ree
My favorite Super GT presenter now at F1 :D
Janko Benger
Janko Benger 11 napja
Ferrari is not getting slower according to this graph, they've just progressed less than Mercedes.
⳽ᖾiz 11 napja
Ah, it's Richard Ayoade again! XD
Varun N
Varun N 11 napja
Sam : Ferrari going the wrong way Leclerc : Hold my P4 in Saturday quali... Seems like a shady performance cos the scenario might be different if they had practice sessions. Quali became a lottery yesterday
Bharadhwaj Narasimhan
This guy is a yoke... 😂😂😂
Alz Shaz
Alz Shaz 11 napja
I wonder how much aerodynamic research went in the Barber's shop when he was cutting those sideburns
Ray FM
Ray FM 11 napja
I went straight to de comments after the video to see how much love our guy gets. Wasn't disappointed
Alz Shaz
Alz Shaz 11 napja
I swear they should investigate the Mercedes car lol. They have been far too dominating. Best of luck to Valterri, never underestimate Hamilton.
HOW REAL 11 napja
Noted...: Monkey seat wings..😁❤️
Chris Mansour
Chris Mansour 11 napja
Dear f1, Keep this man
Atharva Zodpe
Atharva Zodpe 11 napja
That time when the tv graphic called Sam "The Australian Will Buxton"
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins 11 napja
Thats the other Sam
Tamás Székely
Tamás Székely 11 napja
This is a joke
ali yalımz
ali yalımz 11 napja
Please Türkish subtitles,please
Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel 11 napja
massive thanks to Sam Collins .. Awesome job mate !
Did ferrari changed their nose design?
Jay bob
Jay bob 11 napja
This is what we've been missing, an in depth race to race review of new parts on the car. Amazing footage completes it
IIHAIAHII 11 napja
Anyone elso got desyncronized audio?
Brock Dunn
Brock Dunn 11 napja
Sam is such a nerd and I love it
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