When Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel Pranked Nico Rosberg 

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Headphone users, we advise you turn your volume down when Nico Rosberg is about to speak! Classic comedy courtesy of Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher - what a double act!
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2020.okt. 8.






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Nugi Nugroho
Nugi Nugroho 9 napja
Nico belic?
Thabiso Malimela
I miss the Michael
Knox Cameron
Knox Cameron 11 napja
5 Deutsche !!!!
mgi 12321
mgi 12321 11 napja
Twelve world championships won combined in a row of Germans 😍💪
medsci2 11 napja
I thought for a second that Nico actually noticed the earrape and continued to speak just for fun
Average Hooman
Average Hooman 11 napja
Two Germans trolling another German in Germany while two other Germans and an Aussie laughs
Nick Kray
Nick Kray 11 napja
Spoilt little silver spooner getting picked on
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung 12 napja
Teacher: Listening test will be easy The listening test:
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt 12 napja
The last time that many Germans were at a conference, Europe didn't like it too much.
Phan ファン
Phan ファン 12 napja
Xbox Live Type Beat
Mateus Hokari
Mateus Hokari 12 napja
That's a lot of germans
Paladin1908 12 napja
When Ayrton died I stopped watching F1 for some years. Because of Michael, I started watching again. When Michael quit, I stopped watching, and started again when he came back and joined Mercedes. I haven't watched any races ever since he had the ski injury. Michael is F1, he is a legend. I can't really watch without him being there. Maybe his son will soon change that for me though.
I ride around and stuff
Imagine being Vettel who grew up idolizing Schumacher as a child and now being there having fun with him.
Gina Dewenter
Gina Dewenter 10 napja
Michaels son grew up idolizing vettel. Hiw the tables have turned
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 12 napja
Uhhh....that was a radio check was it? Loved it when Michael, and Sebastian pranked Nico. 🏁❤🇩🇪👍 😂😂😂
DaniMacYo 12 napja
Schumacher was the man change my mind.
timothywesauer 12 napja
Its more like mark got him tho
Adhd Andy
Adhd Andy 12 napja
Moxy mic lol
Magicsenna 12 napja
Nico is not amused... He was never a Fan of both.
Ak Abd Haziq Shah Pgs
Nico hasnt got any clue
Jose Urville Maliper
Back when there were 5 german drivers on track
Michael & Lana Pleym
In what way does this clip make F1 more popular? Besides for morons ofc. To see NR do his stuff is just a disgrace. Shame on you!
Robson Rover Repair
Ah the German sense of humour. Its no laughing matter!
Holger Mensch
Holger Mensch 13 napja
:D :D :D
Dhruva K
Dhruva K 13 napja
Can't believe a record set by this GOAT is almost set to be broken by a cry baby... This man laid the foundation of a tree called Mercedes, and the fruit is being enjoyed by a buffoon, who needs James to win races...
Sharan K Shetty
Sharan K Shetty 13 napja
It's FRIDAY then Saturday Sunday (WHAT!)
Oke 13 napja
"Germans don't have sense of humour!" Vettel and Schumacher: "Hold our beers."
Rando Rando
Rando Rando 13 napja
Vettel and Schumacher. Proof that Germans have a sense of humour.
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie 13 napja
**Earrape** **Cameras all start blinking very quickly**
Jon Kozlowski
Jon Kozlowski 13 napja
3 fantastic legends of F1 in the same row!
Abbess Bouzidi
Abbess Bouzidi 13 napja
2012 " you never knows who going to win the next race i like to see In 2020 My friend " you know who going to win the race 😃😁 Me" yep Hamilton 🤷‍♂️ My friend " again 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😡 I miss the love of the race of f1 now because now you knows who going to win 🙄
Samuel Mok
Samuel Mok 13 napja
Just think, at that time: - 2 of those drivers had been in the sport for at least 10 years. - 2 of them drove cars that had Minardi roots. - 2 of them would win 1 WDC each after 2012. - 2 of them drive for teams that 'no longer exist', but one of them still doesn't have a podium in his career. - Honda only left the sport once.
Pannuminator 13 napja
Nobody: Mark Webber: ''DID YOU CHECK THE RADIO VOLUME?''
LiamTalksF1 13 napja
Who’s the imposter......
Martian G&T
Martian G&T 13 napja
5 German drivers, of course. There were 5 podium finishers (4 of them GP winners), also.
Krakka Jakk711
Krakka Jakk711 13 napja
Discord VCs in a nutshell
Ivan Bartimeus
Ivan Bartimeus 13 napja
Maybe that why Nico can become world champions 4 years later?😂
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 13 napja
Julian 13 napja
Nico einfach kein Humor der Mann
RISHAB NAIR 13 napja
so many germans
Edgar Terán
Edgar Terán 14 napja
Schumi, i miss you 😭
Edgar Terán
Edgar Terán 14 napja
German Power: Michael ,Seb , Nico 🏁🏎🍾🇩🇪🏆👍🏻☝🏻💪🏻
MK GAMES YT 14 napja
Stonks 14 napja
0:29 Inner scheibe
Md Rony
Md Rony 14 napja
0:48 I don't owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
John Martin Cantorne
The Germans 🤣
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk 14 napja
F1 World really Missed 7~Time F1 World Champion >>> Michael Schumacher ... The Red Baron of F1 Forever! ... ♥️🌷🕯
whoami Pro
whoami Pro 14 napja
Wie Timo, Seb und Michael sich darüber kaputtlachen wie „Doofi“ Rosberg zu Dumm ist um zu schnallen das er verarscht wird!!! 😂😂😂Mark Webber verleiht dem ganzen noch die nötige Würze...
Zaki Rahman
Zaki Rahman 14 napja
Brskywalker14 14 napja
_did u check the radio volume_
eXc1us1ve FTW
eXc1us1ve FTW 14 napja
5 germans at once ))
szewei85 14 napja
Hahahahaha vettel is like son to michael lolz
utubedano 14 napja
Talk about mind games... Schumi what a master... 👏
Attila Szundi
Attila Szundi 14 napja
Hey @formula1 would be nice to see the whole press conference. Is it possible to upload that?
Juraj Prostran
Juraj Prostran 14 napja
What a crazy prank!
Hiei2k7 14 napja
*Seb inspects Nico's mike* Seb: :D Michael: :>
red eagle
red eagle 14 napja
show pp pls
show pp pls 14 napja
They created earrape.
ZX R-CADE 14 napja
This has to be the funniest press conference of all times I really miss Michael man he will always be the best of the best and he will always be my hero
Thorsten S.
Thorsten S. 14 napja
Nico fand's irgendwie nicht so lustig...😉
Falcon Powerful
Falcon Powerful 14 napja
That Schuey smile.
henk m
henk m 14 napja
The G.O.A.T. ( to me ! ).
Gimmelfani 40
Gimmelfani 40 14 napja
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: The one guy at discord:
Frens88 14 napja
Is that Glock?
F. Joyeux
F. Joyeux 14 napja
Vettel is not as happy now: Most overratted champion in the history of Formula 1
KHASAN 14 napja
Nico: bahabshhnauisbahha
tomeddie14 14 napja
Schumachers funniest moment for sure 😇 Miss you Michael! ❤
Did Rosberg not realise that his voice was being very distorted and that's why everyone laughed?
Digger Davies
Digger Davies 14 napja
Never been able to take banter
A IX 14 napja
Michel, was the man... 🤣
MisterSergi 14 napja
Schumi one love 😊
Sabaton 14 napja
Since when was formula 1 a prank channel.
Ηλίας Γρηγοριάδης
Nico barely noticed the earrape
Jesus _Unit
Jesus _Unit 14 napja
4 German Drivers, 3 of them World Champions and one without a podium. Nowadays only Seb is left.......sad times. Edit: Wait is that Glock in the back?
Gina Dewenter
Gina Dewenter 10 napja
Next year we'll have mini schumi and possibly hulkenberg
Karam Gidda
Karam Gidda 14 napja
kind of feel sorry for nico at 0:45
LabGorilla 14 napja
Daniel Taboada
Daniel Taboada 14 napja
Those little Michael's mind games Nico once refered to in an interview. That's why ge got the mic after Nico
Santa tralala
Santa tralala 14 napja
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger 14 napja
This guy has no idea what a unusual season is............... okay, hello.
Ivan Macias
Ivan Macias 14 napja
Next time somebody tells me Germans have no sense of humour, I'm showing them this vid.
Major Trinix
Major Trinix 14 napja
Kinda miss that smile.. yeah..
Alessandro Smedile
Poor Nico
Scouttrooper 1
Scouttrooper 1 14 napja
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia 14 napja
German drivers at the German grand prix in press conference: There is one Imposter among us
Michal Šik
Michal Šik 14 napja
All German drivers except Webber :D
Viktor Munk Knudsen
Get well soon Schumi
Kev Palacios
Kev Palacios 14 napja
Press Start
Press Start 14 napja
Nico somedays acts like an Android with no feelings xD
DAVID HDZ Official
Respect to Hamilton, but it doesn't matter if he doubles Schumis' tittles because of the way he is winning them, SCHUMI WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST F1 DRIVER!!!
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 14 napja
The Germans...
Luchon20082010 14 napja
Schumacher would have thought: this dude is not that clever😂.
Andi S
Andi S 14 napja
Wish Michael can watch and comment as well.
Matthew Jimenez
Matthew Jimenez 14 napja
German humor x3
zijo 14 napja
Gentleman, a short view back to the past...
YoshiPeach Mario
Haha legends
Barn Star
Barn Star 14 napja
Rosberg didn't look impressed.
LMXT 14 napja
Gotta love that Rosberg sense of humour
TheSchmittable 14 napja
...and sey say us Germans don't have a sense of humor!
gamer388 14 napja
MohCars 14 napja
This is absolutely GOLDEN
Mediora 458
Mediora 458 14 napja
Exactly 20 years ago today! Suzuka 2000!