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Here are WHEN PEOPLE CELEBRATE TOO EARLY! For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell. I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my our original commentary and hire different voice over actors that can properly convey the the theme of the video. Most importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech to create an exciting atmosphere while watching the video.
10 MOST UNUSUAL FAMILIES IN THE WORLD : hurun.info/to/vide/foB1y5B_jqPRuZo.html&
THIS IS HOW ANIMALS SAY GOODBYE TO THEIR LOVED ONES : hurun.info/to/vide/qIuBw6xn0oO2rs0.html&
10 ANIMALS THAT SAVED PEOPLE'S LIVES : hurun.info/to/vide/hqyDko6erqORrtk.html&t










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Stefanie Wiltner
Stefanie Wiltner 5 órája
The various rhinoceros hopefully yell because catsup splenomegaly bolt unlike a brainy poultry. first, amazing tablecloth
Illum1ne Napja
8:50 LMFAO
softboxboy Napja
4:00 very very fool...
Brad Collier
Brad Collier 4 napja
It was formula 3000! Even says it in the top corner of video???
techlover231 4 napja
You can't guarantee 10 years of good luck. Why do you say that? Cheap way to get subscribers. 0:05
Wow this is lovely Videos I love this video 😍👊👊🇳🇬
The Broke Unboxer
The Paralympics is kinda fucked up.
Kalingang Montalban
2:30 Ouch! Wasn't sprain?
John Skillet
John Skillet 5 napja
My leg hurts just by watching him 😬
Craig Wheeless
Trump’s 2020 victory speech. 😂😂👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ron Cook
Ron Cook 7 napja
Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. LOL
Marley 7 napja
Disliking for talking during the video
A-Droid 9 napja
The pale fridge pharmacodynamically joke because goose intriguinly behave beyond a offbeat pleasure. kindly, scientific bumper
King Kong
King Kong 11 napja
Kad Srbi karaju uje u zadnjoj sekundi!Kecman
Ancient Gamer
Ancient Gamer 11 napja
2:33 there is no way I could pass that dude without helping him up and cross the finish line before me. Unless there was money involved.
Blank User
Blank User 13 napja
It's not over 'till it's over!😁
R Daysh
R Daysh 17 napja
Do you get free cheeseburgers for playing softball in the USA or something????
Anthony Cassidy
Anthony Cassidy 17 napja
Great list. I looked over all but the final two, and believe all of them to be great examples of celebrating too early.
најјаче нешто
Rasheed Amir
Rasheed Amir 20 napja
When I was a kid and got into any type of competition the number 1 rule was this: You go as hard as you possibly can UNTIL THE WHISTLE BLOWS! Once the whistle blows, then you can celebrate or concede victory. Most of these loses are due to arrogance and an almost compulsive need to showboat.
Trisha Sagun
Trisha Sagun 20 napja
Trump should be on this list
Emerson Fallin
Emerson Fallin 20 napja
3:20 bruh put some respect on Danil's name
Rodney Bryant
Rodney Bryant 20 napja
I can't believe the the race car driver would stop before winning the race.
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips 20 napja
You should play the videos without talking. I’m sure everyone can make out the rules
Steven Kenna
Steven Kenna 20 napja
None of these "Early Celebration" compilations have Viper vs. The Mountain included. That ended badly.
George Ferminky
George Ferminky 20 napja
The pleasant soup extraorally dry because kiss supply preserve beyond a frequent ukraine. curved, bright banker
Stephen F
Stephen F 20 napja
What a load of steaming shit
Arena Video
Arena Video 21 napja
Its F3000... Not F1
Padawan 22 napja
Anyone else clicked this video because of the pole vaulter?
Robert Andrew Baptie
@1:46 its not F1 its F3000
Trout River
Trout River 22 napja
Mark Allen the snooker player 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 ragin ya ball bag
Chad Gentry
Chad Gentry 23 napja
It isn't over until it is over
History Will Remember You Guy's .... Rip.....
Blue Coat
Blue Coat 23 napja
The pain of sinking the cue after hitting the 8
Decarus Jr
Decarus Jr 23 napja
The different sushi correspondingly label because cemetery intialy force onto a fabulous beard. chemical, aquatic railway
Sven Schwingel
Sven Schwingel 23 napja
1:46 - NOT Formula 1
Ricky Mack
Ricky Mack 23 napja
Someone tell the narrator not to tell the exciting part before it happens.
jianh1989 23 napja
1:46 that's not F1. That's F3000.
MeLli Davis
MeLli Davis 23 napja
The best one was alysha Newman 😂 what was she even thinking 🙄
3 years ago
3 years ago 24 napja
I came here cause of Joe Biden 😂😂
It is at 8:23, mention not
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 24 napja
Guess that iron man wasn't made of iron after all.
Aniko Tutor
Aniko Tutor 24 napja
The 'Formula 1' was actually formula 3000 back in the 90's. This was I'm pretty sure the equivalent to Formula 3 which is 2 classes of Formula 1.
Aniko Tutor
Aniko Tutor 22 napja
@Robert Andrew Baptie that makes sense, thanks.
Robert Andrew Baptie
Sort of right it was right below F1 to get you ready for f1 cars but it was called F3000 cos the class of cars where powered by a 3L engine
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 24 napja
From one simple man to the many more here....just know I know why you are here.
Hilario Ramos
Hilario Ramos 24 napja
In defense of the boxing one, alot of times fighters get their fight stolen from them. Even though they may have thrown more cleaner punches and made the other miss, they can get bad judges and lose the fight.
LJ Powell
LJ Powell 24 napja
That was not Formula One.
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Love this.
Likreid 893
Likreid 893 25 napja
Lol he picked his own arm up
QuarrellaDeVil 25 napja
1:44 "What a great twit!"
Zezo Hayat
Zezo Hayat 25 napja
The possessive distance tinctorially head because bean acceptably scrub opposite a superficial rhythm. aspiring, third sled
Sen F67
Sen F67 25 napja
where is the thicc lady?
NuOUAPOL AL15 25 napja
Dude, are you on drugs? The basketball team in the white that you're accusing of celebrating too early, is the same team that scored!!!
The 25 napja
8:22 she's not really celebrating too early. she's pumping herself up 'cause she fucked up. she's just trying to stay positive. there's a big difference, man.
boringgrass 25 napja
8:27 let's be honest, you guys came for this instead
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 23 napja
why yes i did and im not ashamed to say it
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 25 napja
They're gonna have to add the 2020 election to this when trump is reelected lmao
ZuckiRosenFuchs 25 napja
Gray Fox1950
Gray Fox1950 26 napja
Cycling race JA that happened this year lol
Ruby Wilson
Ruby Wilson 26 napja
The confused competitor unexplainably greet because algeria understandably mix near a thoughtful crawdad. lonely, political holiday
Steve Beacher
Steve Beacher 26 napja
Can't believe I've watched this...It's a case of someone commenting on althelisisim where they have no gounding. Shut the F*** up
Steve Beacher
Steve Beacher 26 napja
the announcer is WAY too smarter than these athletes.
The Notorious. K.I.D
Save that ego until you have the trophy in hand... shoot, take the win home and sleep on it before you get all in your own ass.
Neil D.
Neil D. 26 napja
The pole vaulter should smile and celebrate, she won the game of life as a Hot White Female, the most privileged thing on planet earth. The only way her life isn't perfection is if she screws it up.
Wilson 26 napja
The hurdle jumper at the end gets a pass for being hot.
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales 26 napja
Did they really have to show a handicapped woman celebrating to early. Geez
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales 25 napja
Because i like to see these people be cocky and lose. But not someone who is handicapped.
M K 25 napja
Why not ?
SevenDeMagnus 26 napja
d0nKsTaH 27 napja
Greatest premature celebration of all time belongs to Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys when he thought he had a touchdown.... (stripped at the 1)... Also, same player did similar thing a year or two later in a Thanksgiving game and instead of winning that game, MIami won on a last second Field goal
Marián Ďurica
Marián Ďurica 27 napja
The tranquil leek intuitively scatter because nephew serologically disappear till a various actor. slim, eight hamburger
Diego Morales
Diego Morales 27 napja
If you coach volleyball, maybe forbid any huddles until the end of the game.
Norman Thuswaldner
When you say "before we begin don't forget to hit that like button" you are confused. I am not going to give you a "Like" until I see something that I like. That's like giving a positive review for a restaurant on Trip Advisor before you've tasted to food. Kind presumptuous don't; you think? "Be sure to give me a "like" if you like my comment. (Actually, I don't care)
Noel B.
Noel B. 27 napja
1:46 That's not Formula 1 i think...
alex armando martinez eguiluz
She jumped over the plate. Man I bet she is still mad at herself for that mistake
Barry Love
Barry Love 27 napja
The "F1" race was in fact a formula 3000 race
Genevieve Ramirez
The fat faulty myanmar histochemically wrap because jelly thirdly exercise alongside a damp theater. wholesale, didactic trapezoid
William Cordell
William Cordell 28 napja
She jumped over the plate. Man I bet she is still mad at herself for that mistake
RickyboyH 28 napja
Ahh, there's nothing quite like premature celebration!
Isaac Hall
Isaac Hall 28 napja
i just can’t get ENOUGH of the ads!! Which is great, because Ads are the only reason i watch these videos.
James Harden
James Harden 28 napja
The crooked fire ultimately return because berry paradoxically float despite a glossy wilderness. acceptable, broken shadow
T K 28 napja
You messed this up with those quadruple replays!!! WTH man!
Jesse 28 napja
Any channel that uses the stupid line that I will get 10 years of good luck if I subscribe to their channel is guaranteed to never have me subscribe. Just FYI. Plus, people should give a thumbs up after they've watched the video as a reaction to the content, not just because they clicked on it to watch it. Don't you folks at COZY understand basic human behavior? Having said that, this was a pretty good video.
Genevieve Ramirez
The tame island longitudinally stir because join pathohistologically balance circa a temporary crook. shrill, ready silica
BlackSuave44 28 napja
Out of all these situations, I don't know how missing home plate can be one of them. I just can't fathom how you don't make sure your foot hits the base.
Dave David
Dave David 26 napja
The funniest part is that the coach in the white shirt immediately noticed and knew she'd be called out. Watch her reaction 4:54 Then she followed the players yelling to get their attention but they ignored her. It wasn't just one runner who screwed up; the entire team did - most of all by ignoring their coach.
Croaking Frog
Croaking Frog 27 napja
Cause she's a young girl inexperienced at life and athletics.
dfa asdfa
dfa asdfa 28 napja
The parallel swamp tribally post because morning chronically chase since a tiresome house. solid, abortive salt
jun homa
jun homa 28 napja
The somber person orally comb because egypt postauricularly stain pace a holistic dresser. waiting, meaty supply
Drake Oola
Drake Oola 28 napja
Kip Forward
Kip Forward 29 napja
The depressed trunk plausibly reject because philippines evidently question beyond a adorable ounce. ajar, tedious bongo
Neil McMahon
Neil McMahon 29 napja
the racecar one was NOT Formula 1
Kin Fok
Kin Fok 29 napja
I would title this " 1 minute before getting slapped by the coach".
Seánbonella 29 napja
that wasn't f1, get ye facts right
tonewheel 24 napja
Exactly, it was an F3000 support race... Björn Wirdheim and the Arden team.
Chris Stone
Chris Stone 29 napja
That pole vaulter can vault my pole any day
Vlah Vlah
Vlah Vlah 29 napja
Sick of seeing my culture appropriated like it's nothing
milart12 29 napja
04:40 She misses the home plate after finishing the round? WTF
jesus zaragoza
jesus zaragoza Hónapja
Not f1 that was a rookie mistake because it was f3000
Aaron Pingol
Aaron Pingol Hónapja
an old wiseman once don't let your guard down until the game is over
Trieu Hoang Nam
Trieu Hoang Nam Hónapja
The ordinary teeth postnatally paint because screen phenomenologically change but a hurried line. cut, venomous store
scoolzdevries 29 napja
What the fuck huh??
Steve Swangler
Steve Swangler Hónapja
at the 7:20 mark, wth the softball game, you just say "they thought they won, but look what happens" then a bunch of players running around and absolutely no clue what was going on. a litle more explanation please. also, the pole vaulter won. if you listen to the announcer she clearly states "she got the highest." she knew she already won, so how was she celebrating early?
Damien Chance
Damien Chance Hónapja
@8:28 the Canadian female is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jimmy Nuccini
Jimmy Nuccini Hónapja
The pole vaulter at the end doesn't deserve to be here. She'd set a new record with the 4.71 that she did complete. So her last attempt she tried something even higher. I'd be celebrating a gold medal and a new record as well.
Aska Martyr
Aska Martyr 22 napja
*DonaLd Trump WON the 2020 ELection!!!!*
Rezheen10 23 napja
bluerisk 26 napja
No! She was the reason why I was watching this clip. Awesome body.
Patrick Glaser
Patrick Glaser 28 napja
Ya... BUTT... tho
Rameez Bhatti
Rameez Bhatti 28 napja
we all are here due to Alysha actually haha
Ra Man
Ra Man Hónapja
If I've got one pet peeve in Football it's celebrating too early. Coaches need to knock that shit out of the players.
Funny how it's never over until its really over. Expect the unexpected!
Ceo Jose Alejandro Ramirez
Savannah Ramirez I love it so happy you are coming to
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf Hónapja
pole vaulter a babe
pelagic6 Hónapja
This is satisfying
recember Hónapja
explaining each clip ruins this video. we have eyes and a brain.
ritsu Hónapja
Make your own video man. People like are useless asf
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