Why Sergio Perez Must Stay, Mercedes' Pit Stop Chaos And More | F1 Nation Podcast 

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On the newly renamed 'Perez Nation' Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques relive an incredible F1 week. They debate if Mercedes might consider George Russell replacing Valtteri Bottas for 2021 (3:53) and hear why victory slipped away with Andrew Shovlin (12:12). Then there's a review of Sergio Perez's stunning last to first win, plus whether it will keep him on the grid for 2021 (20:57), finally hall of fame F1 journalist David Tremayne reflects on the strangest of F1 seasons (31:45).
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2020.dec. 8.






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Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin Hónapja
HAPPY X MASS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎄🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎭🎭🕶🕶👓👓👓✨✨✨✨💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💚💚💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡❤❤💔💕💕❣💞💓💗💗💗💗
UnimatrixOne Hónapja
It's as simple as this: Drop Bottas, drop Albon - get Perez, get Hulk! Periot!
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV Hónapja
Need to be Fan Sponsored Seats.
Eleazar Mercado
Eleazar Mercado Hónapja
There is one thing worth mention Perez would boost RB presence in México. A 130 million people Country is something to consider... for the F1 team that's massive merch sales, for the RB that means a lot of energy drinks being sold...
Vanz Hónapja
consider this, bottas and russell vs max and lewis as teammates? What pressure on lewis negotiations are you talking about!!
Mr Dandelion
Mr Dandelion Hónapja
Disagree what AJ said about replacing Bottas. There is only ONE first place and if both drivers are going for it, there will be pain for the team. Bottas is fast enough for the second place and will be with the team.
Ivonne G
Ivonne G Hónapja
You had me at that intro, this Sunday race was poetic justice, so sublime, is almost divine intervention. Christian´s reason for not signing Checo must be he has his hands tied for some reason.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Hónapja
Perez MUST stay
Christopher Chamberlain
Sergio Perez Was last on the first lap. He then pitted to go even further back. He fought through the field, managing his tires, as he usually does, and took an astonishing victory. He missed two races and was denied 3 podiums. He sits 4th in the championship. This is far bigger than the Russell story. This is a story of yet another victim of the Stroll saga.
griffisjm Hónapja
Or red bull brings in checo and he absolutely bins it, and we realize how disfunction the team is and they struggle to every sign a superstar over ferrari and or Mercedes. I believe that is the problem, not Riccardo, gasly, albon, kyvat, etc..
King Kong
King Kong Hónapja
I love Murray Walker as much as anyone, but that does *not* mean i want every commentator to shout at me
Jason Jorgensen
Jason Jorgensen Hónapja
Alex has to be the the main F1 television presenter. No disrespect to Crofty but Alex is top tier.
Mauricio Correa Meza
The ideal thing for all the fans would be Checo in Red Bull and Russell in Mercedes both next year. The Russell thing is obviously not going to happen as they are safe the way they are, with one driver dominating and the other one contributing with points, which means a safe bet on the constructors championship. The Russell and Hamilton pair would lead into another Silver War (a continuation of Ham vs Rosberg), exciting for all of us, but stressing and somehow dangerous for the Scuderia in constructors championship terms as it could risk Hamilton's chances of surpassing Schumacher's championship record. My thoughts on why the Checo thing might not happen: -If they keep Albon is because Red Bull shareholders (who are Thai) have the last word on this. -If they fire Albon but hire Hülkenberg is because they need someone who can be behind Max every race (to be specific, right behind him P4 instead of battling the midfield like Alex and Pierre) instead of another Ricciardo, who most likely would fight Max when given the opportunity, which would lead to another Baku 2018 incident. Fingers crossed on whatever happens next. As usual, love to hear Alex Jacques.
MrCapi55 Hónapja
Painfully "The thread gives up at it's weakest point" in MB; Valteri Bottas.
Eliseo Juárez
Eliseo Juárez Hónapja
Dug Hónapja
I pay for F1TV in big part for Alex Jacques' commentary/narration. Superb and a million times better than Crofty.
dekx räikkönen
F1 Nation (Perez Nation) is By Far, my favourite f1 podcast right now, they just get it right.
Rocky Slay
Rocky Slay Hónapja
Jesus, still Vershhhhtappen?? It's just a normal "st" and you pronounce the "a" like an English "u". The "e" is like the English "ai" like in "air" so *VairSTUppen* .
Enoch Lam
Enoch Lam Hónapja
He can go to Alpha Romeo or take over kyvat.
David Alamillo
David Alamillo Hónapja
Verstappen/Perez Hamilton/Rusell Leclerc/Sainz. Vettel/Stroll. Ricardo/Norris ¡¡¡Que parrilla!!!
JFomo Hónapja
If Albon was in that Mercedes seat, would he have performed the same?
William Paternoster
Unbelievable commentary 😂😂
Zed Zone
Zed Zone Hónapja
Bottas is still the perfect no.2 for Merc, he still getting the points to secure constructors. They will stick with him for another year whilst Hamilton mops up the championship then Russell comes in 2022.
Yogurt Hónapja
Please checo Pérez to red bull he deserves it
David R.F.
David R.F. Hónapja
Let's face it. Lance has to go, but papa Epst....Stroll I mean.
lorenzo bordignon
The intro is fantastic
Geert Hesselberg
Russel maybe fast , but could he avoid a collision when driving in traffic, during the race, it appeared that Bottas gave way to Russel with the intend to avoid a collision with his team mate, which could cause both cars out of the race . Also Russel kept driving the white line to pass where he picked up trash that cause his tire puncture, and caused his last pit stop.
twinkharrylwt Hónapja
I was impressed by his driving in traffic.. he has basically been in the back with his teammate so he hadn’t has a ton of F1 traffic expierence compared to for example albon or norris.. so that was where I was impressed by the most
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio Hónapja
Mercedes put the same tyres on Bottas in pitstop, so he races all race with the same tyres. How could he fight with others?
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio Hónapja
@Hector Vega Mereces put him the old tyres (+40 laps) - 1 pitstop
Hector Vega
Hector Vega Hónapja
He did not race with the same tires the whole race, his tires were actually 4 laps fresher than perez' both of them on hards
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio Hónapja
Yeah, they think F1 is a british sport kkk
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio Hónapja
@Zed Zone Yeah from 8s to 4s in 4 laps. They just want Bottas out the Mercedes and another Briton there
Zed Zone
Zed Zone Hónapja
Exactly funny how many of these commentators are forgetting / ignoring that and also before the double stop Bottas was catching Russell.
Ddhfacetyy Hónapja
People keep acting like George is so much faster than bottas, he was 1 second ahead when they pitted and it was 25 seconds to 3rd, they were basically exactly the same
twinkharrylwt Hónapja
True but bottas his car is made around him.. george is using lewis’ stear which also have a different place for the gear switch (i think that is the name) but also used a seat from 3 years ago, he didn’t even know where DAS was.. so it was very impressing.. as he is only getting better when he has a proper practise time and set up his own car with his own steering preferences and just by experience.. like latifi was way beter than jack aitken bc he knows the car already
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Hónapja
Everyone is high after this race, but Russell to Merc now, don’t know everyone who has gone against Lewis has not faired well. IMO
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia Hónapja
Jenson faired well against Lewis I would say. Even Alonso faired well, they equaled each other in points. Tbh Valterri is the only one who hasn't put up a fight, so George definitely has a shot
Shwetha Ramanathan
If Redbull still don't take Checo after this .... Then....
Marl Kalone
Marl Kalone Hónapja
Maybe, just maybe, him taking a year off will be a blessing in disguise. Maybe an amazing F1 opportunity for 2022 will open up that would have otherwise not been there in 2021.
Blaise Hónapja
You wish
Mash709 Hónapja
George is wise well beyond his years. That kid has an excellent head on his shoulders, and he's going to go very very far in F1, guaranteed.
Keiran George
Keiran George Hónapja
Looking forward to Alex commentating for Channel 4 next year.
bekas Hónapja
I got literal chills on that intro
eugen qwertz
eugen qwertz Hónapja
Pray for Perez
Gryph Lane
Gryph Lane Hónapja
Just imagine Hamilton and Russell in the Mercedes with Verstappen and Perez in the Red Bull. Come on Toto and Christian, make it happen.
D Gomes
D Gomes Hónapja
Hamilton and Russell will never be teammates. Russell will end up at Redbull or Mclaren in 2022 if Lewis does not retire.
just imagine :) would be beautiful
Alexis de Wouters
Absolutely. Don't you guys remember the Prost-Senna period at McLaren back in the time? Add Alonso and Vettel back with a motivation, 2021 could be amazing!
Blaise Hónapja
Thank goodness business men don't think like you.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Hónapja
That would be some great racing
Jon Hónapja
David Tremayne was pretty boring and slow compared to the rest of the podcast. Had to put him on 2x to make it bearable
Jon Hónapja
@Charlie Nolan doesnt have to be on the podcast :)
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan Hónapja
Ok? I mean he’s old enough it’s not his fault
Nik Ritz
Nik Ritz Hónapja
Im glad Ocon is making a come up he was a great driver at force India and lost his seat to perez.
Armando Serna
Armando Serna Hónapja
You mean to Lance
David Baker
David Baker Hónapja
If Red Bull don't sign Checo after that they must be crazy.
Peter Moore
Peter Moore Hónapja
One race does not a champion make. Didn't George crash behind the safety car recently, he is an excellent driver but so is Bottas. I think the thing that makes Lewis, Max and Sergio stand out is their tire management.
Michael X
Michael X Hónapja
Agree. It was a dream weekend in most respects for Russell. But it’s one weekend.
la Putin
la Putin Hónapja
pereez is going to merc in 2022 dont worry guys
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith Hónapja
You guys overlook that Toto like VB because he DOESN'T truly challenge Lewis but helps get the most out of Lewis. I think Russell will replace Lewis when he retires as their new superstar, I don't think they will replace VB with Russell yet.
goldi k
goldi k Hónapja
Checo should not only stay but also get a fast car. Its high time but we know its all politics and top teams only want wingmen for their driver.
gusmacrofago Hónapja
I can't get how Checo wasn't elected as driver of the day even tough I know Rusell did it amazing.
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan Hónapja
Most people vote off the fact they feel bad for Russel
Jasnesh Bhullar
Jasnesh Bhullar Hónapja
that intro with alex jacques commentating perez win is amazing, much better than the sky coverage of it.
Riste Dambov
Riste Dambov Hónapja
Songgg nameee ??
Sgt. Pepper
Sgt. Pepper Hónapja
Perez is definitely a late bloomer. It took some time but know he is ready to drive at the very top. His determination this season has been tremendous. Deserves to drive next season but you never know what happens in F1. And talking about Mercedes after last weekend I believe that Hamiltons car is faster than Bottases. Not a fair competition. In 2016 Nico finally had car that was as fast as Hamilons
Cloxxki Hónapja
And Kvyat had Gasly's measure again. Bench him for Tsunoda, far from a dominant F2 driver?
amit shet
amit shet Hónapja
Yes another topic for discussion but I think it's slightly late for Kvyat
kimi88cz Hónapja
Morecedes doesn’t need Russell next year, Hamilton and Bottas had no trouble winning 4 championships together, I don’t see anything different happen next year. Red Bull needs Perez tho, he would help a lot with fighting for some wins
Shaun Van de velde
Albon out. Perez in. It's that simple. Red bull make it happen.
Perez needs to stay in Racing Point. He's pushing really hard and he's winning.
Major League Bassboost
It would make a lot of sense for Red Bull to sign Perez, and that's why I'm certain it won't happen.
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Hónapja
Protecting Max
Will Hapgood
Will Hapgood Hónapja
Such a shame AM decided to take on Vettel, he's done nothing in the last 2 years to show he's one to lead the team and he's been battered by his teammate.
Thawk 67
Thawk 67 Hónapja
Really, last season he had 1 win and 9 podium finishes, ,thats Sergio's career totals in 1 season, Aston Martin need his marketability, Perez has none outside Mexico, not a Aston Martin customer base in Mexico or Latin and South America
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui Hónapja
There's been everything against Vettel this year at Ferrari. He'll be rejuvenated at AM. Moronic of you to blame Vettel but not Stroll who Perez has used as a cleaning mop for the last two years and is only there cause of his dad.
Mayra Castillo
Mayra Castillo Hónapja
I support Pérez Nation 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Jorge Ramirez
Jorge Ramirez Hónapja
I agree the last 2 months my parents started watching formula one for the first time because of Sergio and we live in USA.
RottieShep CALIBRE
But what is George like in the WET! people have short memories.. Lewis has done masterclass after masterclass in the wet..
Tina Kutubu
Tina Kutubu Hónapja
Please 🗣🗣🗣 for the people at the back to hear! Fickle F1 fans
2020 F1
2020 F1 Hónapja
Lewis Hamilton come back
Ytry_Mike Hónapja
Always nice to wake up to this😊
Denzel Clarkson
Denzel Clarkson Hónapja
Will Russell stand in for Hamilton at Abu Dhabi?
JrdN Hónapja
It doesn’t even matter anyway because he’ll be in Mercedes in a few years time
JrdN Hónapja
Probably not
poco9964 Hónapja
Where is the outcry regarding the nepotism which is undoubtedly the highest form of racism?
RottieShep CALIBRE
The dude got it just right by saying "it's one of those races you wake up monday feeling sad it's all over" 😂😂 that's exactly how I felt.. Monday blues.. BRING ON ABU DHABI
Arnav Mummineni
Arnav Mummineni Hónapja
Literally the first time anyone has been so excited for Abu Dhabi. And the worst part is: I’m right there with you! I literally can’t wait. It is kinda sad that this incredible season is coming to a close though.
Toby Green
Toby Green Hónapja
Alex Jacques for President 2024. or lead F1 commentator... either way.
Gryph Lane
Gryph Lane Hónapja
Tune in to Channel 4 (UK) next season :)
hazeluzzell Hónapja
Even Valtteri can’t do well on duff tyres. I thought that message problem had been sorted years ago? The driver’s name is on the side of the tyre. Marvellous finish from DT. Could have listened for hours.
sphere 528
sphere 528 Hónapja
one race & these guys already have Russell driving for Merc next year. Checo wins & now he should get the RB seat which means once again Russell in a Merc, trying way too hard
John Valean Baily
Let us hope that Perez does find another seat and that Racing Point deserve to lose a high flyer on the alter of nepotism.
M. Ameer
M. Ameer Hónapja
both of these guys are better than brundle
Daniel S.
Daniel S. Hónapja
...and Brundle is way better than that Croft guy
wei sheng cheng
wei sheng cheng Hónapja
Saad Haque
Saad Haque Hónapja
The fact that everyone just wants perez to stay and go to red bull, disregarding albon is there and exists as a driver, and that he's not retiring. The way y'all talk about it is that oh that seat is empty and that he should get it. Do y'all forget it was RP who ended his contract and he was hurt by RP. Will Vettel even do better than checho?
gusmacrofago Hónapja
I like Alex but definately I'd like to see Checo un that seat in 2021
bf1 gamer
bf1 gamer Hónapja
Why has one of the best Driver on the grid no seat for 2021????????😕
Duang Mitchell
Duang Mitchell Hónapja
Some ppl think the driver isn't that important
Soudipan Maity
Soudipan Maity Hónapja
It would be total madness if Red Bull signs Perez, and he and Max regularly line up in front two rows along with the Mercs. Imagine, the battle of strategies and hard overtakes that we might see all over again.
Sanat Kapur
Sanat Kapur Hónapja
And i see you everywhere
Akai Nishin
Akai Nishin Hónapja
I know Shovlin is minimising the risk of the extra pitstop. But remember a couple of races ago (can't remember exactly, sorry) when Lewis refused to take a safety pitstop for that very reason? Plenty of time, no real risk, but no real need. No thank you. I'm pretty convinced that if it was Hamilton instead of Russell, he would've overruled that decision.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hónapja
What a beautiful career end
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan Hónapja
Don’t count it as over ;)
Martin Hónapja
I'm really tired with this hype around Russel.. he couldnt get a single point in Williams.. why are you so sure Max, Leclerc or even Fitipaldi would not win in the Merc car that is so superior and even has illegal next year DAS system. Find some more interesting topic guys.. you can do better than this.
satyrony Hónapja
Nobody's arguing that those drivers could not. But Russell is a Mercedes/Wolff protégé and therefore has more leverage.
onesoloving1 Hónapja
Will F1 ever be as exciting as F2? F1 is BORING!!! Proven by Sakhir and Russell. Since Nico left, Hamilton has had no competition. Lewis must be bored stiff. The '17, '18, '19, '20 seasons must seem hollow victories. F1 is a real snoozer.
Juan Ignacio Chalco
Hamilton needs competition, Russell is that name
Toms onfire
Toms onfire Hónapja
2 months a go it was Hulkenberg who deserved a seat in F1, Hulk who? now Checo is flavor of the week 🤣🤷‍♂️
Tina Kutubu
Tina Kutubu Hónapja
@Betty Kamara tell me about it! Everyone has now forgotten about how Hamilton had driven prior to Mercedes! Even less than a month ago in Turkey! All this comparing a one race drive to a x7 champion!!
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara Hónapja
Yep fickle sport
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui Hónapja
Perez is much better than Hulk, that was never in doubt.
marcus yeam
marcus yeam Hónapja
Fun Fact: Hulk now inherit the record of driver with most points without a win from Perez now.
Storm_CW Hónapja
Anyone want AJ to take over Formula 1 commentary?
Matthew Salisbury
He'll be commentating for Channel 4 F1 next year
Manavmeet Singh
Manavmeet Singh Hónapja
imagine if lance was not in that seat, Perez and vettel what a pairing
JrdN Hónapja
@Asare Isaac Turkey wasn’t his fault
Asare Isaac
Asare Isaac Hónapja
@Thomas Baldwin Yes but now that he has a fast car, he has failed to take advantage of winning positions. Monza, Turkey and even The Sakhir gp.
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Hónapja
@Asare Isaac yes but that's not what I was saying and you disagree with me... Lets also not forget Lance a has not been in a top 3 team car before this year.
j dogg
j dogg Hónapja
Without lances dad they would be history or owned by mazapin
Asare Isaac
Asare Isaac Hónapja
@Thomas Baldwin I know. My point is Verstappen won a race and Stroll didn't
jayjay3013 Hónapja
Bottas just isn’t up to the standard, Russell should get that seat. Give Hamilton actual competition
Remi Rault
Remi Rault Hónapja
I don’t know if being in the Red Bull num 2 is a gift...
Sunflowers of inferno
Valtteri is an amazing racer, one of the best drivers on the grid but most importantly a great human being ...Anyway, Russell to Merc 2021
John Valean Baily
@Monkey Man Agreed :)
Monkey Man
Monkey Man Hónapja
I’d honestly prefer to see Russel vs Hamilton, just my preference. Feel free to disagree 😄
John Valean Baily
Pity about his driving.
onesoloving1 Hónapja
Will F1 ever be as exciting as F2?
GyurMa Gyuri
GyurMa Gyuri Hónapja
I like this drawing 😍
Queenlover1975 Hónapja
Russell is the future!
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Hónapja
Albon's Redbull career is Al-gone
KAJWIS Hónapja
Who was commenting the podium at the beginning?
Vinay Malhari
Vinay Malhari Hónapja
Love it
Giorgia Caroli
Giorgia Caroli Hónapja
All races without Lewis are fun. Because anything can happen. It’s unpredictable. With him, we already know who wins.
Don Ferguson
Don Ferguson 28 napja
@Giorgia Caroli yeah its ablast when its all wide open all of a sudden. The midfield is practically a everybody! ✌🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Mikey Yakson
Mikey Yakson Hónapja
@Hriday Thakkar that was an outlier.
Legends Den
Legends Den Hónapja
@Tomislav Ivanić after next season
Tomislav Ivanić
Hamilton should retire to make F1 exciting again. Get in there Lewis 🤓😉
Giorgia Caroli
Giorgia Caroli Hónapja
@Alastair Watchman at Monza, the result was predictable until he got the penalty. At that point, anything could have happened and so it started being more fun
A random person
A random person Hónapja
Repeat after me: PEREZ TO RED BULL
dretaban Hónapja
Holden Brink
Holden Brink Hónapja
Guy’s he’s at red Bull
Ghaith 321
Ghaith 321 Hónapja
bmx687 Hónapja
Perez to the Bull!
Sanat Kapur
Sanat Kapur Hónapja
@ジャックス。 Are you even following formula 1? Checo's contract for next year got cancelled and he has no seat for next year. The only seat he can get is that Red bull seat in place of Albon.
theracingsquad Hónapja
Red Bull, give Sergio Perez a seat for 2021 🤩
Shafin Ibrahim Hossain
Bring Alex Jacques in f1. He reminds me of James Allen. ❤️
Sanat Kapur
Sanat Kapur Hónapja
He does Commentary for F1
Study Power
Study Power Hónapja
@Steve Miller oh yes I forgot about that.
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Hónapja
He’s going to be commentating on Channel 4 doing F1 next season
Study Power
Study Power Hónapja
Yeah. I think he does the Pit Lane Channel which I can't get in the UK. His commentary is great on the F2/F3 races.
Giorgia Caroli
Giorgia Caroli Hónapja
It would be a total madness if the Red Bull seat goes to Hulkenberg or Albon and not to Perez. He has done everything to show his potential.
Pedro Catalão
Pedro Catalão Hónapja
Checo is not a number 2 driver, Hulkenberg can be the Mark Weber that red bull need RN
Jean Gagnier
Jean Gagnier Hónapja
I like Hulkenberg as much as the next guy, and he's a decent F1-level driver. However, he'll be 34 next season, and even hat his peak physical peak he was a midfield talent. Now, I still think he would've been better than Albon this year, because the latter's been just awful, but if you can get Perez or Hulkenberg, you take Perez.
Kristian Brannan
As much as I would love to see Hulk with a seat again, you’re absolutely right. Actually, just get rid of Max and let’s have Hulk and Checo at Red Bull. Lol. I don’t care if they don’t win as much as they would if Max was there.
Juan Carlos Acosta
@Ari Pea Hulk deserves a seat in F1 for sure, just not the redbull one
lorenzo bordignon
@Francesco Francescato after 3 years of bad 2nd driver, RB will have Checo on this seat
Daniel Skuse
Daniel Skuse Hónapja
Chasedi9 Hónapja
The intro with the piano and the f2 commenaters commentating Perez’s first win is just amazing!
Riste Dambov
Riste Dambov Hónapja
Songgg namee ??
Emilio Fernandez
Croft has been around forever maybe they can try switching it up for a race or two
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Hónapja
@István Urbán. He will be commentating on Channel 4’s F1 coverage in the UK next year
Mash709 Hónapja
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Hónapja
@István Urbán. You can catch Alex commentating over F1 on the F1TV Pitlane channel during a race. I wantto add too that Alex brundle, his F2 co commentator and Martin's son is also a brilliant commentator
Nick Gregory
Nick Gregory Hónapja
If Russell doesn’t drive for Mercedes in 2021 I’ll be shocked
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres Hónapja
If Perez doesn’t drive for RedBull in 2021 I’ll be shocked
Andrew Gurney
Andrew Gurney Hónapja
So Will Bottas!
Vivek Raj Dewangan
You don't read news then. Bottas has signed already and Lewis will continue
Toms onfire
Toms onfire Hónapja
@Soudipan Maity he bought Bottas out of an already confirmed williams line-up
onesoloving1 Hónapja
If Russell doesn't drive for Mercedes, it'll be another hollow victory for Hamilton.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Hónapja
Shriyans Ganpate
Respect to Sergio Perez
Alejandro Flores
Even FIA wants that Checo stays
jaguaron007 Hónapja
@Xavier. You mean American continent ?Cuz he has fans from Canada to brasil. But that’s not the reason he should stay, he should stay,by the only one reason....Talent.
Xavier Pitter
Xavier Pitter Hónapja
@lorenzo bordignon I'm English and I'm a checo supporter. But my point still stands. Most of checo's fans are Mexican.
lorenzo bordignon
@Xavier Pitter im Italian and I'm a Checo supporter, not Ferraris one, yeah I like Ferrari but Checo is the best for me
Siddhartha Nath
Siddhartha Nath Hónapja
@Sambit Ranjan exactly.... I started supporting Checo from the day he joined Forces India.... Before that, I wasn't a big fan of him
Simpy McBean
Simpy McBean Hónapja
@Xavier Pitter Without Perez, No one would want to attend the Mexican Gp
Giorgia Caroli
Giorgia Caroli Hónapja
I’m sorry for Bottas, but there are other drivers that deserve that seat more than him
sphere 528
sphere 528 Hónapja
say's you & every other hater, man has had the worst luck
furyofbongos Hónapja
Checo, love him, but if he has no seat in 2021 it was his choosing.
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan Hónapja
Do you understand f1 at all
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Hónapja
Oh please stop that bs🤦🏻‍♂️ Nobody with half a brain would want to go to HAAS after you’ve WORKED your way up. It’s a huge downgrade and it was disrespectful to him. I don’t blame him he wants to WIN. Not fight for 1 point.
Beerus Sama
Beerus Sama Hónapja
Wowww guy with 900 iq spotted
Ironhardt_8 Hónapja
Literally how, they punted him in favor of Vettel
Mr Obe
Mr Obe Hónapja
just_Vinnie _
just_Vinnie _ Hónapja
ReXzo Hónapja
Never been so early Epic
YKRealest Hónapja
@onesoloving1 it's better than "fIrSt"
onesoloving1 Hónapja
The girls say you're always early, and you still have nothing interesting to say...
UFC 257: Weigh-in
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Funny Moments In Football 2021