Why The Correct Wet Tyre Is Key For Victory At The Nurburgring | Tech Talk | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Did you know each wet tyre evacuates 85 litres of water per second at 300km/h? Well if you didn't know you do now, with the help of F1 TV Tech Talk's Sam Collins!
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Kyle Prokup
Kyle Prokup 17 napja
Could we get one of these on engine maps?
Adel 17 napja
With hindsight, no. It didn't rain.
Litetaker 17 napja
10:20 wow this guy is a psychic! Now that they made the video there was indeed no rain at all at the Nurburgring!!
Frazer David
Frazer David 17 napja
4:42 :)
Jim Z
Jim Z 18 napja
Where was the rain?
miller chassis
miller chassis 18 napja
Why make tyres so fragile
Tijl Bluf
Tijl Bluf 18 napja
Aaaaaaaaaand it was a dry race wasn't it?
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre 18 napja
Awesome job! I insist!!! Best segment of the race weekends 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Gregor19536 18 napja
This video hasn’t aged well, now did it?
Plank DudeYT
Plank DudeYT 18 napja
大夫 18 napja
Best useless video...
Anthony Damalerio
It's disturbing for me because the camera angle is a little bit tilted or it's just me?
MovesLike ALagger
This didn't age well....
pranav moudgalya
If the outside dia is 10mm more then the car should be sitting 5mm higher
Jejking 18 napja
Turns out everybody was wrong lol.
Roble urni
Roble urni 19 napja
No rain on Sunday
Mauricio Aular
Mauricio Aular 19 napja
I've always wondered if the tread pattern for the wet weather tires would work well in normal road car tires.
gustav Wiesner
gustav Wiesner 19 napja
that didnt aged well
Mr_McMani 19 napja
Deltic 19 napja
Turns out the correct wet tyre for victory at the Nurburgring was a dry tyre.
Simon Funk
Simon Funk 19 napja
Americans: tyre👁👄👁 u mean TIRE?
Rodrygold 19 napja
Well this was useless
Luke Fitzgerald
Luke Fitzgerald 19 napja
I wanna see pirellis f1 car, who's do they use or do they have their own
Lenovo Tab
Lenovo Tab 19 napja
Well it didn't rain sooo...
Daksh Gandotra
Daksh Gandotra 19 napja
Lol no rain
Sergey Korsikov
Sergey Korsikov 19 napja
F1 :: Why The Correct Wet Tyre Is Key For Victory At The Nurburgring Nurburgring weather :: Yes
Shaun Dewey
Shaun Dewey 19 napja
Safety car tyres.
Thomas Pieke
Thomas Pieke 19 napja
This didn't age well
Dilnaam Singh
Dilnaam Singh 19 napja
Marcelo completely jinxed the rain!
fernadofastf1 19 napja
Pathetic video title..why the correct wet tyres are the key for the victory? LOL because they are the correct tyres
Dauer Christian
Dauer Christian 19 napja
Don't worry about the Rain tyres because f1 isn't able to race during Rain because the helicopters can't fly. What a joke.
diego lopez
diego lopez 19 napja
This video didn't age well
Tuna Yücer
Tuna Yücer 19 napja
Jinxed it.
caos one
caos one 19 napja
Meanwhile: next to no rain and not a single wet tire today. Also: Hulk did it again, this dude needs a contract. Now.
RawFishHeader 19 napja
He's jinxed it, doesn't look like it'll rain
Joss Paine
Joss Paine 19 napja
this guys a legend
Piløt 19 napja
Who actually watches the races? I'm here for Sam Collins!
Sebastian Ochs
Sebastian Ochs 19 napja
All of this talk to get a dry race in the end.
Zinios Box
Zinios Box 19 napja
I like this new guy, better than sky commentators
Abhishek Saha
Abhishek Saha 19 napja
There are huge rumours about Ferrari hiring this man as their chief strategist next season!
Dario Wyss
Dario Wyss 19 napja
Dont worry it will be sunny for sure. 2020 is cursed
Karan Jain
Karan Jain 19 napja
Towards the end was epic 😅
Fernando Cavalli
Sam, i can't stress enough the awesome put in scene that you make, i really enjoy the way you explain all the things in F1. Cheers mate, keep it up!
Bing Yiu
Bing Yiu 19 napja
trying to make tires interesting? LOL
Shikiouji 20 napja
how much is each tire? what if i want to buy one to hang up inside my garage?
Mr DoctorToYou
Mr DoctorToYou 20 napja
Doubt you’ll see wet tyres, nascar runs more in the rain these days so that’s zero races 👍
Matheus Pessoa
Matheus Pessoa 20 napja
That's just great!! Congrats F1, keep this up.
Edgar Hurtado
Edgar Hurtado 20 napja
The correct term for C is Celsius not Centigrade, it was changed to avoid confusion with Farenheit because the later scale was defined from 0-96, while not exactly, an argument can be made that it's also a Centigrade scale due it's etymology.
AtrolinK 20 napja
Absolutely love this, sir
Aldin 20 napja
4:01 artificial sprinklers.... hmm
George Krieger
George Krieger 20 napja
Finally some REAL programming for F1 enthusiasts. . . I am so tired of hearing opinions when there is amazing technology to learn about! Sam Collins comes off as the smartest broadcaster employed to be a Formula One journalist. At least he is more than just a fanboy or ex driver.... He is also educating and sharing knowledge instead of rumors'. MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!
Anthony Muljat
Anthony Muljat 20 napja
Just replace the whole Sky F1 team with this guy
Marius Winther
Marius Winther 20 napja
why do i feel like im back in 2006 when watching it on a set like that
0y0chang0 20 napja
Sam Collins has taught me more about F1 engineering in 1 season than 15 years of watching F1 and racing broadcasts.
C N 20 napja
Been a long time since we've seen IR video of tire temps, what happened to that technology?
GBtha G
GBtha G 20 napja
I learnt something.Thanks.
Lorenzo CB
Lorenzo CB 20 napja
85 litres of water per second at 300km/h?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eduard ionitsa
eduard ionitsa 20 napja
Pirelli: DO NOT expose tyres to the cold F1 mechanics: 6:16
Sam D'Auvin
Sam D'Auvin 20 napja
This guy is my new best friend,
Dreamy 20 napja
Thank you for your insight Sam Collins. I genuinely did not expect to learn anything when I clicked on the video, but when you mentioned “puddle hunting” to keep temperatures down that really was enlightening.
Web crawler
Web crawler 20 napja
very informative great content!
José Pedro Vaz Pinto
Great presentation. Except it's Celsius degrees, not Centgrades...
Matteo Mela
Matteo Mela 20 napja
The key to win the Nurburgring is...being Lewis Hamilton
Esteban Fallas
Esteban Fallas 20 napja
Since when marcelo quit real madrid?
miGGe 20 napja
Ferrari engineers also watching, studying, learning.
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 20 napja
Love these episodes! So much information
Chad Moodley
Chad Moodley 20 napja
Those are some big boy tyres
Subarno Sinha
Subarno Sinha 20 napja
I've a terrible feeling that Sam has well and truly jinxed it. Only 20% chance of rain tomorrow. It'll be the usual Mercedes 1-2.
The Mountain Man
Glad to see Marcelo back in action 👍
Bartosz Grywaczewski
Weather for race jinxed. Thanks
Fauzi Iksan
Fauzi Iksan 20 napja
Bisa naik motor sendiri
This guy would be an amazing teacher
TheRomanRuler 20 napja
They can't be exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees? *laughs in Finnish* We need a winter race. Since rain can happen at any time when its above freezing point of water, wet tyres need improvements. And actually you can have freezing temperatures with no snow, so slicks would have to be made winter proof as well. Especially if parts of the track would be heated or just have some warm pipes running under it (since i guess heating the roads is uncommon in the world, its not actually any warm temperature, it just needs to be above freezing point. I don't know how its commonly done in practice, but in theory ice water would be warm enough as long as its water and not ice).
Lunch Box
Lunch Box 20 napja
Unfortunately computer makes a decision
RADIN SYAH 20 napja
But the fronts are tilted inwards though. Wouldn’t that totally alter the design though?
IYISunshineIYI 20 napja
Sam Collins is doing a great job. Pls keep doing these episodes.
Kay Dach
Kay Dach 20 napja
1:26 I don't owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
ThatTimeOfDay 20 napja
I love this man
Diego Justo
Diego Justo 20 napja
This guy is the GOAT!
ManaWearBlack 20 napja
What’s 300kmh in motorsports?
Dalai LMAO
Dalai LMAO 20 napja
Please give this man an award.
Testoh Toby
Testoh Toby 20 napja
FIA: "We advise you to fit intermediate or wet tires" Ferrari: "Ahahahahah, SF1000 with soft tires goes YEEEET"
Danil En
Danil En 20 napja
awesome technical analysis of the wet tyre!
benoit declercq
benoit declercq 20 napja
THANKS SAM!! as rain will fall tires slide on!
Richard 20 napja
Praetorius 20 napja
The temperature is called Celsius, not centigrade!
rajesh kadupukotla
Such a detailed session! Impressive!!!
fmg182 20 napja
I like the way this guy talks, also it's very interesting to learn more about this. But man if this lasted an hour and a half, with that voice, I would watch it all.
wwe395 20 napja
Why is this guy not working for an actual F1 team? He’s awesome 👏
Is it just me or his voice is slightly relaxing?
Jirka Dolezal
Jirka Dolezal 20 napja
Param M
Param M 20 napja
Not because it's Nurburgring but because it's Nurburgring, Just like the High School test solutions
NPowa99 20 napja
Has to be one of the best new additions to F1, Sam is doing a remarkable job
VehO 20 napja
ugh jeeez
methoD187 20 napja
Didn´t know Madrids Marcelo was a tyre expert, impressive!
Gert van den Berg
I still can't find it on F1TV? A fixed place for all the normal items for a weekend would be nice instead of a messy "weekend highlights" where everything seems to move around every time it is refreshed...
Gert van den Berg
It has since randomly showed up...
Bigfoot DAD
Bigfoot DAD 20 napja
Best tyre presentation I've seen in all my 20 years of following F1.
Robert M
Robert M 20 napja
I have the full subscription of F1TV pro and this program isn't on it.. thanks Liberty.
mark taylor
mark taylor 20 napja
This guy needs to be on the live broadcast, sub him in for Lawrence.
Spiros Argiriou
Spiros Argiriou 20 napja
You are the MAN!!!