Why You Should Never Ignore Daniel Ricciardo | F1 Nation Podcast 

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After a historic weekend at Imola, Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques discuss another stellar drive from Daniel Ricciardo, Mercedes seventh straight title and much more.
0:00 Intro
5:32 The secret of Mercedes' success
13:22 Ricciardo's resurgence and
20:23 AlphaTauri tech director on 2022 rule changes

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2020.nov. 3.






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dragon fly
dragon fly 12 napja
the team budget will never be equal but what if top drivers to drive with mid field teams (like next year)..all it need is just a little bit drama at the front teams or even just the wet weather.. then we'll have a very enjoyable race to watch then the sport will be very beautiful.
james pisano
james pisano 13 napja
I knew it! People do live in there!
Katherine Yang
Katherine Yang 17 napja
As an inspiring leader in the team as lewis is , team 's title def is more rewarding than individual one
Kane Johnsey
Kane Johnsey 18 napja
We’re all the question askers still on the call to hear Daniel say it???
All I’m going to say is that if Perez goes to Red Bull next year and struggles it’s the car not the driver and danny ric would be seen as someone truly special because he kept up with max in a car that was meant for him in 2018
Jay Malavia
Jay Malavia 19 napja
Heartbreak for perez
Eddie Adams
Eddie Adams 19 napja
We love you Danny, wish you a thriving and successful era with McLaren, get in there brother!
Tomislav Nedanovski
What an absolute nonsense that Mercedes wouldn't have won 7 in a row with Nico Rosberg. Hamilton wouldn't have won 6 in a row with Rosberg as a teammate. And Mercedes would have won 7 in a row even with Pastor Maldonado to be frank.
joshserro7 20 napja
Portimao to stay leave imola behind
Richard M
Richard M 20 napja
Grosjean support because who else knows so much about bizarre meetings with walls and barriers?
DocProdusser 21 napja
The whole weekend is about Ricc and Lando in front of mics !!!!
Robert Haegeman
Robert Haegeman 21 napja
Dommage que Daniel quitte Renault
Elaina P. Shepherd
0:47 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ndaru Arrow
Ndaru Arrow 21 napja
Can you Make beyond the grid with keke rosberg
marshallmarthes 21 napja
Daniel beat the overhyped cry baby Max fair and square
JFomo 21 napja
In Dannies first year at Renault, they were making all the wrong calls and strategies, it's a shame they are now working a lot better with him.
vale46 21 napja
Grojean could relate since he was also hit by Ericson.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 21 napja
One of my favorite podcasts, thank you guys ...
dev ravi
dev ravi 21 napja
lol ferrari can never be spoken about in a bad manner can they.
dev ravi
dev ravi 21 napja
i agree with the title so much. he's a championship winning quality driver. he just doesn't have a car. hopefully he will next year.
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 21 napja
More so than Max imho
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi 21 napja
The ironic thing about the title is that the press ignored Danny Ric completely during post-race driver conference in Imola.
comeatme Bro
comeatme Bro 21 napja
"Why You Should Never Ignore Daniel Ricciardo" unless its the podium press conference then just don't even ask him a single question
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen
But he got ignored in the post race interview
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 21 napja
What if Lewis likes to become team principal and merc gets Hulk?
A A 21 napja
Luck, luck , luck.. that's all mercedes needs to dominate the sport
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 21 napja
No hard work hard work and Lewis 😁
patorikku san
patorikku san 21 napja
i didnt ignore him. and DEFO DIDNT slept on him. hes gon do great at mclaren
AshCash147 21 napja
Bottas drove like a champ with that Ferrari wing stuck on his car
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 21 napja
He tried.
y1521t21b5 21 napja
_Alex Jacques_ should take over as Lead Commentator on _Sky...._
Jacob Fimognari
Jacob Fimognari 21 napja
Love the series keep it up
Kenny Hoogstijns
I’d rather see Portimao than Imola in F1 Portimao is wider and more overtaking opportunities
Melissa 21 napja
This is cool
Quickrant 21 napja
Grosjean got a lot of stick for a very similar error to George's and to this day it's a running meme, so he knows how difficult dealing with such a situation can be. Lots of respect to him for supporting a young driver who could face similar criticism and doubts as he did.
Nabi 20 napja
Grosjean has had a lot of "mishap", this was just icing on the cake.. Remenber the doughnut inside the pack at turn 2 or 3..
C Mosca
C Mosca 21 napja
I couldn’t listen to that first minute of fast cut race commentary. I need to listen to something about 5x calmer.
Aethoriago 21 napja
I reckon you should release that video of Ricciardo running over for the mic, even if you censor it that's just comedy gold.
2020 F1
2020 F1 21 napja
Thank you
Kondje Des
Kondje Des 21 napja
Mongolian government coming after Ricciardo now!
Helena 21 napja
I feel like Daniel's sometimes really underrated.
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Helena 20 napja
@Kondje Des Daniel beat the petulant brat in 2016, 2017 and probably would've beaten him in 2018 as well. He's proven that he's on the same level as Max, or even better.
leo stn
leo stn 21 napja
@Benjaminno doubt Ricciardo is a very talented driver but Max was still in his learning stage and in 2018 Max was clearly better than him
Jake33 21 napja
he did the fastest lap on top gear by like 2 seconds against f1 drivers
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 21 napja
@Benjamin - Agree
Anh Tiessn
Anh Tiessn 21 napja
He’s a Legend!!!
Worlds Worst Musician
Talk about Ricciardo starts at 12.18.
Worlds Worst Musician
What a load of old drivel this is...where is the video? People posting boring podcasts on HUrun should be kicked off the platform.
James Jones
James Jones 21 napja
Come to F1 for the interview. Get a 5 minute ad for ball shavers. Man 2020 just doesn't give up.
Chris Pods
Chris Pods 21 napja
Is that Joey Essex on the right?
PEDROLUCAS a rua das vertentes
Gostei belezas👍🏻✌️🤟🤘😎🎤
DaniMacYo 21 napja
Danny Ric is amazing and I find at times he was really underrated. I think he's getting more recognition now. I truly believe he's the best Aussie F1 driver we've ever had since Jack in his day. Mark was brilliant and a great driver overall but I think Danny is something more special. With a decent car I believe he can take the fight to the best of them.
leo stn
leo stn 19 napja
@Worlds Worst Musician Max lacked* consistency but not any more he always finished third or higher this season(if we ignore the dnfs which were all not his fault)
DaniMacYo 20 napja
@Peter Williams Sorry I know I didn’t include him. I just don’t rate him as high.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 20 napja
Alan Jones says "Hi"
Worlds Worst Musician
Tibor Sol exactly!
Tibor Sol
Tibor Sol 21 napja
@020Tom020 No he really didn’t, the only time Max looked superior was when Daniel indicated he was leaving and the team failed him. Have a look at Chinese GP a couple of years ago for a clear picture of how he compares to Max.
Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah 21 napja
Lando With Uncle Ric Next Year!
the Sun
the Sun 21 napja
F 1
Zé Froes
Zé Froes 21 napja
Daniel Ricardo é igual Zé Froes só não anda na frente se nao tiver carro competitivo.
Rob Brown
Rob Brown 21 napja
I'm really looking forward to the combination of Ricciardo and McLaren next year.
Harsh Sonawane
Harsh Sonawane 20 napja
With the mercedes engine mind you
Racing Line Australia
A bit of a shame Ricciardo is moving to McLaren when he seems to be finding his groove at Renault.
Worlds Worst Musician
Lol, the Renault is only fast because Danny is driving it. Next year, the McLaren will be fast for the same reason.
Abhijay Tiwari
Abhijay Tiwari 21 napja
Imo Mclaten a better bet because of the cost cap and dont forget these updates are meant for next year car also
BrannDailor 21 napja
Hes finding a groove now, but macca's is gonna have that Merc engine. Might take him a few races to get back to where he is now in terms of performance but him leaving the rb program was the same thing. He was doing fantastic and then is finding success again. Hes a great driver with the best attitude in the grid, he will do just fine. Colors may change but richavocado won't.
MrRhubarbs 21 napja
Renault progress is purely because of him. McLaren as an organisation is in much better position even if the car is a little worse. (Which it's not, or barely). Don't forget they're all on the same points atm
GRRN04 21 napja
Yeah mixed emotions! Excited to see how they go though
Ryan Karis
Ryan Karis 21 napja
How are people able to comment when the video is 36 minutes long but it has just been released 10 minutes ago
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia 21 napja
Because you can comment even if you havent watched the entire video
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 21 napja
Daniels greed is infinite if you'd put a million dollars in cash at the finish he'd win all the time 🤣
Gr.8B Tooba Irfan
guess im a bit early
Richard Wimmer
Richard Wimmer 21 napja
I didnt understand the first 5 seconds
Zephariteツ 21 napja
Claim Your ''Here before a million views'' Ticket here..
あい 21 napja
F1 is over
Dominikus Kurnia
Indonesian people
Vivek Raj Dewangan
5 min penalty to all comments here. FIA made Me 1st comment
R y
R y 21 napja
Am I suppose to see a frozen screen?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 18 napja
It depends if your phone is cold
Danindra Lazuardi
This is called "podcast"
silverback gorilla
I wonder if Riccardo will ever win a championship? May be Hamilton having shoey an indication that he is gonna retire and hand his seat to Riccardo?
Josh Jess
Josh Jess 21 napja
Daniel at Merc would be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
silverback gorilla
@Axelass rosberg leaving mercedes was also considered a conspiracy back then
Benjamin 21 napja
He could have probably if he was in the Red Bull, sadly they gave the reigns to a man who he whooped in equal cars and expect to challenge.
AIF Ant Farm
AIF Ant Farm 21 napja
I like it...
Axelass 21 napja
lol thats the worst conspiracy theory i've seen this year and boy, there was a ton of it.
K1234 21 napja
I’ll never ignore danny ric. Never.
Brendan P
Brendan P 21 napja
Well it's hard to ignore someone drinking champagne out of a shoe...
fraztrooper 21 napja
Now we know vettel is not the only strategiest, danny ric seems decent
Jay Spice
Jay Spice 21 napja
@Mr Excellent vidoes True, but the Renault car currently is the 4rth fastest car and on some tracks it is close to 3rd.
Worlds Worst Musician
Mr Excellent vidoes and next year, he will get them in a McLaren.
Mr Excellent vidoes
Danny ric is one of the best f1 racers in moment! He is getting podiums with a Renault car!!
FBI 21 napja
When you're that early that there's no funny comments yet
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 21 napja
This is by far the funniest one.
Agastya Palangala
I am early!!
urbanC0DER 21 napja
And I’m also subscribed
yindyamarra 21 napja
Next year , Danny and Mclaren what a team
Jay Spice
Jay Spice 20 napja
@Luca Dolciotti Nah, man he has jumped from and to 4 different racing series. Dakar,Indy,LMP1 and ofcourse F1. He has done amazingly well in each of them. If anything he has probably improved in driving in the wet and overtaking and he will become fast in qualy as well. This isn't anyone we are talking about this is Alonso.
Luca Dolciotti
Luca Dolciotti 21 napja
@Jay Spice either that or he won't be able to perform because he lost feeling with F1 cars and will need too much to get used that for the time he will get fast then the season will end and the cars will change
Jay Spice
Jay Spice 21 napja
Yeah but next year, my deity, Alonso is coming with Renault to pose a deadly challenge.
Worlds Worst Musician
SqualidSeal everyone has! But of course, McLaren has had to start early because they need to fit a new engine in the car! That's not something you wait until the last minute to do!
SqualidSeal 21 napja
@Worlds Worst Musician they have been since Spa 🙄
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 21 napja
supasonicdx 1998
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
You are not even in the Top 20
car- enthusiast
car- enthusiast 21 napja
*Next video : why should never ignore Delta*
Buddha 21 napja
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 21 napja
"calm down man."
Lachlan W
Lachlan W 21 napja
Sami Mayhall
Sami Mayhall 21 napja
Being Aussie i can say nobody is allowed to disrespect Daniel
Guillermo Hoffmann
I agree with that. Cheers from QLD
Danilo Silva
Danilo Silva 20 napja
You don't need to be an Aussie to recognize that Daniel is one of the top 3 drivers in the grid and a fierce competitor. I really hope he gets a fair shot at the title with the new regs. I also like him because he is very genuine, he's not a corporate drone nor is he manufacturing a funny persona, like other drivers in the grid. He's just enjoying himself but with eyes on the big prize. Favourite driver on the grid since he started with RB with Seb.
Louis fernando
Louis fernando 21 napja
@silverback gorilla shoey is Australian
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham 21 napja
I'm a Welshman with English, Scottish and Irish blood. Sooo I can speak for Britain...Daniel is the best yet. Even Ross Brawn thinks so.
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham 21 napja
@Sami Mayhall Being a Welsh man, I wholeheartedly agree.
urbanC0DER 21 napja
I commented first :D
urbanC0DER 21 napja
Yeah Ik this is rigged
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
Not even close
Campbell Logan
Campbell Logan 21 napja
Like if Daniel is the best driver of 2020
Richard Schoonhoven
Hamilton, Max, Leclerc and maybe Gasly are up there with him for me. Max an Hamilton probably above Ric.
Marco Imanuel
Marco Imanuel 21 napja
@Dev Vadchhedia ok fair enough
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia 21 napja
Pierre Gasly with a win: Am I a joke to you?
Marco Imanuel
Marco Imanuel 21 napja
Well there are max, hamilton, bottas, kimi raikkonen that are better than him
Kanishk Singh
Kanishk Singh 21 napja
Ryan Gibbs
Ryan Gibbs 21 napja
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
Adish Rathod
Adish Rathod 21 napja
Will F1 reply
Adish Rathod
Adish Rathod 15 napja
@Shun Okamoto its all right buddy , peace
Shun Okamoto
Shun Okamoto 15 napja
@Adish Rathod sorry about that tho
Adish Rathod
Adish Rathod 15 napja
@Shun Okamoto i understand
Shun Okamoto
Shun Okamoto 21 napja
@Adish Rathod no but there are so much of these comments and it kinda annoys me
Adish Rathod
Adish Rathod 21 napja
@Shun Okamoto did i ask u
ZAID PRIME3000 21 napja
Im first or ricciardo is first?
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
None of you
Shantanu Gupta
Shantanu Gupta 21 napja
My comment is first...❤️
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 21 napja
Shantanu Gupta
Shantanu Gupta 21 napja
@Worlds Worst Musician you cared enough to reply..
Worlds Worst Musician
No one cares.
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
Not really
Siddhanth Kuber
Siddhanth Kuber 21 napja
First comment
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
No you are not first.
Rebel faze
Rebel faze 21 napja
First comment
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
17 seconds too late
GSA Deadshot
GSA Deadshot 21 napja
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
15 seconds too late
eyal sin
eyal sin 21 napja
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
sandy izaz
sandy izaz 21 napja
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
Not really
McBeamer 21 napja
yess sirr
小芝風花 21 napja
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 18 napja
L0rp Gaming
L0rp Gaming 21 napja
Akila Fikri
Akila Fikri 21 napja
Benjamin Dare
Benjamin Dare 21 napja
Wow actually first
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