Wild Celebrations With Mercedes Mechanics | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Amazing scenes from Imola courtesy of Mercedes as they celebrate winning a record seventh consecutive constructor title!
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2020.nov. 3.






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IGet Wicked
IGet Wicked 14 napja
it's party every weekend must be tiresome :P
Seth Martin
Seth Martin 17 napja
this is "wild'??
jason bell
jason bell 17 napja
That whole team is a well run machine, every one does there job well, they are Great!
THE RACE 18 napja
Top Job
NookyseN 19 napja
Where in this video is the german national anthem for Mercedes?
Lian Summer
Lian Summer 20 napja
Felicidades mercedes. Saludos Desde Panamá.
alexander clayton
i want more trackside cameras during the race like in the opening shot
José Dias
José Dias 20 napja
They're Germans or British?
Rinus Joosen
Rinus Joosen 20 napja
Zdoroviy Antony
Zdoroviy Antony 20 napja
And seventh drivers title as well.
יואב בינדר
Weel u keep the black color for naxt year?
Sri Venkat
Sri Venkat 20 napja
well done mate , top job
I think everyone did a top job.
John Paul Dorado
The car is like sprinkled hehehe... Congratulations to Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Kaveen Withanaarachchi
Roscoe was like: im backin up
Warlord Psycho
Warlord Psycho 21 napja
Адильжан Сейтахмет
Почаще бы так снимали от первого лица. Очень круто 👍
Bá Tài Channel
Jerome Lim
Jerome Lim 21 napja
Mercedes confetti livery for the next race!
Andi S
Andi S 21 napja
Hamilton's dog is the only dog in the world who celebrated 7 world tittles !
Dan 21 napja
Toto wearing the red cap... RIP NIKI
Roscoe looks like the old lady who broke into my house 12 years ago.
Invincible Vettel 5
This was wild? Really?
Tam Tam
Tam Tam 21 napja
Of course they are, got the constructors championship.... big bonuses all round...
David Saragandla
I wonder if people have gotten bored of listening to the British national anthem
Daniel Araya
Daniel Araya 21 napja
I Love seeing Toto, Angela, and Especially Roscoe 🐶😍🏁🖤🏁
Chris Bushnall NE Painter
Call that a celebration, yer need Eddie Jordan
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar 21 napja
These close up shots make the cars look and sound like fighter jets taking off! Wish we could get such shots live as well.
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar 21 napja
Use this as your "what up mate top job" like and comment section.
JAYBOY 10thousand
"Top job"
-NN- 21 napja
Keerthi Sagar
Keerthi Sagar 21 napja
What a privilege it must be to work with a team like this.
Durmus Kurtulus
Durmus Kurtulus 21 napja
Well.. they deserve this.
Critical Error
Critical Error 21 napja
Congrats on 8th title
Maxi F
Maxi F 21 napja
Great party to the Record win in the F1 history book 7 title in a row from 2014 to today Mega the era will not stop if Max win races the 3 way fight is Mega but on lap 31 the tyre fail & Max lost the car Albon spin after lost Position to Charles what an race
Daniel Skuse
Daniel Skuse 21 napja
Top job
Ben Cove
Ben Cove 21 napja
Top job
walter hank
walter hank 21 napja
“wild” celebrations
Liju R
Liju R 21 napja
2:11 Cigar?
Harrison Ochieng
After so many wins you'd think they would be like, "Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave."
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 21 napja
_This has to stop._
Jorge Hernández
3:15 the camera men is having a cigarrette?
Nalo Kemah
Nalo Kemah 21 napja
Pretty sure there's a hefty bonus comic their way.
mynameatspampot 21 napja
Try repeating "Well done mate! Top job!" for 7 years. Not so easy, eh?
Mori Wong
Mori Wong 21 napja
Is the guy holding a cigar in @2:11
Lam rof
Lam rof 21 napja
Where are the women? Looks like a white boy nerds party.
Retrofly 21 napja
Drink every time you hear "top job"
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 21 napja
They're still not tired of winning.
Kirpa K
Kirpa K 21 napja
Wow this is special. Shame fans couldn’t be there but maybe next year. :)
Drew Hope
Drew Hope 21 napja
The speed!!!
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 21 napja
tbh these guys deserve to be champs with the work they put in
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas 21 napja
Why do I feel like Hamilton going to Aston Martin with Vettel...
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas 20 napja
@Turro Bandolero I am just saying....if stroll goes to perform like this.....they might drop him....if not..then pressure will be on the strolls....🤷‍♂️
Turro Bandolero
Turro Bandolero 21 napja
sooo they will sack stroll's son? lol
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 21 napja
Well done DANIEL
2:47 Roscoes like “ok im out”
ams342t0 21 napja
Mercedes is truly a class on it's own. Combined with superbly talented drivers it's unimaginable others will be close to challenging them in the future.
meme GOD
meme GOD 21 napja
after so many wins... I would be like: Yeah, whatever. Lets go home. I want to sleep 😂😂
Fer M.
Fer M. 20 napja
@Marcin Kościelny there is a point where not winnig is bad but winning doesn't feel quite special, an example is with video game, when you win a lot, you quit the game
Chadley Maggott
Chadley Maggott 20 napja
Definitely not a winner
Marcin Kościelny
With this attitude you wouln't win in the first place.
BlackEasterEgg 21 napja
I dont think so.
Zafar Rakhda
Zafar Rakhda 21 napja
3:22 is that seb??🤔
Eldon Tsoi
Eldon Tsoi 21 napja
3:44 how to properly use a brake cooler
not me
not me 21 napja
You should have mentioned Roscoe in the title to get more views
Ahnaf Mabarrat
Ahnaf Mabarrat 20 napja
more like the thumbnail
Richard Pas
Richard Pas 21 napja
Congratz to the best team ever!!
KAUZEN77 21 napja
03:15 smoking like the other cars xD
々Rahul77 YT
々Rahul77 YT 21 napja
What saddens me more is that people insulting each other in comments....
Gavin St Cyr
Gavin St Cyr 21 napja
Save some champagne for Istanbul
Rosario Verano
Rosario Verano 21 napja
It would be funny if F1 received a copyright strike from Blur.
Jan van den Berg
Well done mate, top job!
shmet 21 napja
2:47 poor Roscoe
Marthinneill Apoi
POV: you are a mercedes mechanic
SimulationGamer 21 napja
The Doggo is lit
shmet 21 napja
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 21 napja
Who else noticed this guy's chest mounted go pro during the telecast?
senna ayrton
senna ayrton 21 napja
A cockroach machine lol.
Nicky Jeanty
Nicky Jeanty 21 napja
The closest you'll ever see the two Mercedes
Tall Man
Tall Man 21 napja
Now retire
Doc 21 napja
It will be 3 more years at Merc and Honda are running away after 2021.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 21 napja
Yash Mali
Yash Mali 21 napja
Remember 2005 guys
Yellow Tea pot
Yellow Tea pot 21 napja
Flavio Reno parties.... I remember. Now that was deserving of the video title "Wild"
Stephen 21 napja
2:47 Poor Roscoe yelping whilst being man handed out of the way.
James Stevenson
James Stevenson 21 napja
Edit: nevermind heard it a few more times just hard to hear over the cheers think they weren't expecting the confetti to be as loud also probably mived away so it wouldn't get covered in alcohol
suprise pikachu face
Great to see the shoey from another angle!
Sundaresan Chinnasamy
Top Job MercedesGP
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 21 napja
K K 21 napja
Well done Mercedes but here’s to a new champion next year.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 21 napja
Pink Mercedes?
TheCoBBus 21 napja
If only they could retire that car and have it in their museum with all that confetti on it!
Rizki Joda
Rizki Joda 21 napja
I hope the new budget cap rules will make F1 more competitive. FYI, Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari's budget are triple than Williams, Alpha Tauri, and Alfa Romeo's budget.
me2ontube 21 napja
@Rafiki exactly - Mercedes isn't #1 simply cuz they have a bigger budget (not to say it doesn't make a difference) but because they are smart, hard working, n work well together ... that's the real reason
Rafiki 21 napja
I don't think it's just the budgets, it's the work ethics, the people and to some extent the drivers. Give two invetsters or business men a smaller budget and the smarter of the two will still almost always do better
Chirag Rawat
Chirag Rawat 21 napja
Also Ferrari will take him home more money than Mercedes even after finishing behind McLaren, Renault and RP
me2ontube 21 napja
Yet 1 team keeps beating the others
Dylan Arnold
Dylan Arnold 21 napja
I mean that’s one of the main reasons they’re bringing in a budget cap, so...
Rini Rina Chan
Rini Rina Chan 21 napja
7th Constructor Champions for Mercedes-AMG Petronas. I am speechless.
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson 20 napja
I bet it will be 9 total.
NenadGames FTW
NenadGames FTW 20 napja
So am i, im Mercedes fan since 2011 and i never expected 7 consecutive constructor championships
Tim Labarda
Tim Labarda 21 napja
that's 7 successive soon to be double world champions!!
Euro 86
Euro 86 21 napja
One 7 down one more to go
Elite 21 napja
Confetti got stuck in a vent causing the engine to blow up the following race.... 😂
NK 21 napja
@Elite *smug smile after successful bait😏
Elite 21 napja
@NK joking
NK 21 napja
Vame Animations
Vame Animations 21 napja
3:14 whaddya smogin, man?
It ain’t a real celebration if there ain’t cigars
JoJo FilmS
JoJo FilmS 21 napja
Gives you a real sence of speed
Tejas 21 napja
*Well done mate, Top job*
Fynn Gonsalves
Fynn Gonsalves 21 napja
Is this mechanic also the admin of mercedes f1 twitter. [the mechanic that has the body cam]
2020 F1
2020 F1 21 napja
I love Lewis Hamilton and bottas and Mercedes-AMG team wow (and fan)
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 21 napja
What an incredible force Mercedes are. Winning will never get old
Amr Foozi
Amr Foozi 21 napja
Not so boring for them heh.
SlacKerZ1 zzz
SlacKerZ1 zzz 21 napja
I love how you have like a second to look at the car as it goes by. I love reactions I'm F1. Even smaller ones. Gratz to them.
Sambit Ranjan
Sambit Ranjan 21 napja
2 minutes silence for Ferrari fans & Lewis Haters🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tavares liman
Tavares liman 21 napja
mercedes against ferrari and the fia agreement . escândalous
Iacopo Fustini
Iacopo Fustini 21 napja
Congratulations... 7 years in a row... very impressive...
Shrinidhi Hegde
Shrinidhi Hegde 21 napja
Nikhil Pabelkar
Nikhil Pabelkar 21 napja
Why don't other teams have content like this ? It's not like anyone's gonna copy them since they don't win
Atharva Lele
Atharva Lele 21 napja
F1 is stuck in a time loop
anonymous anyone
All other teams will be so desperate to end the turbo hybrid era and move to more electric thing in order to stay in competition with Mercedes
anonymous anyone
@Flying Spagetti eh but the current hybrid is used very less, only for DRS/ ERS zones... They need to introduce electric in more places like high speed apex hitting corners and chicanes
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 21 napja
Hybrid is HALF electric. (MGU-H and MGU-K).
PB 21 napja
@moistandunstable erm why so they are second in the standing no😃
@PB um, not really lol
PB 21 napja
Sorry to Burst your bubble but I believe mercedes is doing well in formula E as well 😂
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