Would Bottas Have Won in Russia Anyway? | F1 TV Weekend Debrief | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Lewis Hamilton's time penalties in the 2020 Russian Grand Prix dropped him to third behind team mate Valtteri Bottas, and Max Verstappen. But starting on a different strategy, was he locked into a win-less trip to Sochi anyway? Rob Smedley and Ted Kravitz discuss...
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DarkWater4Eva 24 napja
I knew he would have said Bottas would have won anyway hahahahahaha so predictable. Other than the very first race the only time Bottas was ahead of Hamilton is when Lewis received penalties. How in the world would you say "this time he would have won?" Lewis was leading the pack before serving his penalties. Nonsense video.
Arup Deb
Arup Deb 25 napja
I certainly think yes if the 10 second penalty wasn't there, he'll be the winner 🏆
Anton Kirilenko
Anton Kirilenko 23 napja
Yeah, the team would've made him a winner, like in 2018.
Daniel Farrow
Daniel Farrow 25 napja
Answer is, Valteri, It's James. Doubt they would've let him win it if Hamilton was in P2.
Sanjay Thapar
Sanjay Thapar 25 napja
Bottas needs another 5 wins, will be tough!
stevejh69 25 napja
What a CR*P video. Bottas is a No2 driver at best. Russia is one of his best tracks and he was still bettered by Hamilton. The penalties were ridiculous, and hopefully the race director has been fired for the terrible inconsistencies his team managed throughout the race!
EA M 25 napja
He's been able to beat Mercedes twice this yr. He needs pretty extreme form to beat Mercedes again...
머핀 26 napja
i know they have to ask and pretend that the championship is up for the taking but realistically hamilton had already won at the start of the season. bottas will never amount to a championship fight
Stop5Gdotnet 26 napja
⚠️ To all international journalists & sport presenters: 🌐 it is NOT Lewish ... it is NOT Bottash ... and it is certainly NOT Max Vershtappen!
Kurt Hodgson
Kurt Hodgson 26 napja
TED "shorts and sandals" KRAVITZ on f1tv not skyf1 woot👏🏼👏🏼
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1000 Subs with no videos
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Riley Jordan
Riley Jordan 26 napja
Metronome E
Metronome E 26 napja
It played long enough for them to get their lies out! Hamilton would have won, he wouldn’t have pitted early if there was no penalty!
DarkWater4Eva 24 napja
Exactly. It was so silly to use that pitting in his "analysis."
Betoven Moza
Betoven Moza 26 napja
Betoven Moza
Betoven Moza 26 napja
Jean Todt, Masi and Salo are racists.
Alfiano Damanik
Alfiano Damanik 26 napja
If mercedes doesnt have the DAS, would they still be on top?
Lyne Castonguay
Lyne Castonguay 26 napja
Euclides Vuemba
Euclides Vuemba 26 napja
Valtery got lucky does is the truth, but his luck just run out. Watch Hamilton make no mistakes, outqualify him and win every race here on.
Andre Fernandes
Andre Fernandes 26 napja
No, just because "Valterri, its James".
Luke Ruwanika
Luke Ruwanika 26 napja
So much Nonsense
Orxan Adigozalov
HAID3N Official
HAID3N Official 26 napja
Jimbo Tini
Jimbo Tini 26 napja
I think it would have been close. Lewis wouldn't have pitted that early without his 10 second penalty- he needed to guard against the undercuts from the Renaults etc. He still would have pitted earlier than Bottas/Max, but not so much earlier, without his penalty.
Grig CNC
Grig CNC 26 napja
Bottas is slowpoke, he can win only when Ham has penalty
Alex 26 napja
Does formula 1 think that it was ok to penalise hamilton in Russia without penalising leclerc in spa for the exact same offence?
mfahmisn 26 napja
his redemption for heavy crash last year
Sergey M.
Sergey M. 26 napja
of course, HE NOT!
JohnyG29 26 napja
I just wish Bottas wouldn't swear so much over the radio. It's very common.
Mads Andersen
Mads Andersen 26 napja
Bottas is one of my favorite drivers. Only bad thing about him is that he is to nice both on and off track
JSCM34 26 napja
SASraceCAM 26 napja
if you believe hamilton they are out to get him 😭he breaks the rules and its someone else's fault 🤣
q w
q w 26 napja
anyone interested in that fantastic blueprint on the background?
Fernando Roldan
Fernando Roldan 26 napja
kramshiron 26 napja
You forget that Lewis has the ability to go faster than anyone else at any given time when needed. That’s why he’s amongst the greats.
Indochina James
Indochina James 26 napja
bottas likes russia
dalul'sgod yeet
dalul'sgod yeet 26 napja
Lewis is a different breed at when you look at pedigree. But at the end of the day not getting penalties and consistency is what make lewis what makes him better than the rest. Lewis and the team(the team does matter) didn't preform flawlessly this day.there is no woulda at the end of the day botass and every underdog deserves the results. One driver but a team sport👍
CCA 27 napja
Short answer:
App Guide Live
App Guide Live 27 napja
But why didn't Qualification penalty not just be causing someone a Pole not interfering in their GP day 😲😲😲😲
Jeff Stelling
Jeff Stelling 27 napja
Sky F1 needs more diversity. Great move to bring in Karun Chandok did a Stella job in Brundles absence. Ted Kravitz had his day and appreciate his past work but let's move away from a team full of middle ages white males and move the commentary team forward with the times as well
Stephen Crowther
Wow. Love that Rob Smedly is on here. Please put him into the live programmes
nawi 27 napja
Dodadeus 27 napja
Without the Lewis penalty?... Almost zero chance. Hes simply not as fast as Hamilton nor as consistent. But contrary to what most people think, Bottas is not a beta, hes trying everything he can to beat Lewis.
Philip Tran
Philip Tran 27 napja
Streetl3gal 27 napja
If valterri wins, it is on a dull race track
hansduiven 27 napja
Think about it for a second: Valtteri Bottas has nine F1 race wins with the best F1 car in the field, by far! The Hamilton 'left overs' are his to grab. And then we have Verstappen: He has nine wins too with a RBR F1 car in a ultra dominant Mercedes Hybrid era. What does that say about Bottas?
Hoss 7
Hoss 7 27 napja
White people are all the same. Bottas is a second rate driver and you all know it.
Ted! 🧸
Some Person
Some Person 27 napja
This look like a PR exercise from F1 to say oh the penalties wouldnt have changed anything after handing out penalties which were questionable, both in how they came about and were implemented. Especially when you look at how its come to light that leclerc did something very similar 3 races ago in Belgium and received nothing.
Bhrz 27 napja
It's not that complicated, no calculations or simulations needed. Bottas won the race just because his team mate was 10 seconds on stationary. that's it. Otherwise it was impossible for him to win, because he's not allowed to finish ahead of Hamilton!
Ronnie Ogden
Ronnie Ogden 27 napja
Sam Tim
Sam Tim 27 napja
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U 27 napja
Must be tough being Bottas and winning. Not as tough as being Albon and finishing second to Dutchboy though.
bonac8 27 napja
That was the worst analysis I’ve ever seen
google spynetwork
Current F1 is trash,,, so who cares.
Terrence Klaverweide
I’ll answer this for you: no.
Emil Pukkila
Emil Pukkila 26 napja
Yes is the answer.
Fifthelement203 27 napja
We all know the answer to that question. Valterri had 0 chance without Lewis penalty.
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 27 napja
I love how people all of a sudden try and hype a title fight right after Bottas wins a race. Next GP, Hamilton will win by about 10 seconds. 🙄
blueblack red
blueblack red 27 napja
James won't allow it
Jannis Möller
Jannis Möller 27 napja
This video was 2 minutes of zero informations we didnt know already. And the bait title dosent make it better
ang chew yong
ang chew yong 27 napja
We would never know how is it going go if 10 seconds penalty is added to his result instead of 10 seconds stationary stop
jason bell
jason bell 27 napja
Wassef Fattal
Wassef Fattal 27 napja
Ted is here?! wuhuuu
Shubham Raheja
Shubham Raheja 27 napja
"Felipe baby, stay cool!"
Platoon 27 napja
Come on it's not true! They penalised Hamilton for 10 seconds, it is obvious that shot would have come first with Lewis penalised
Lemmy M
Lemmy M 27 napja
Art Emis
Art Emis 27 napja
Bottas rarely beats Lewis in a straight fight and nothing has changed this year.
D B 27 napja
No... end of.
Abhishek Dubey
Abhishek Dubey 27 napja
Ted joined F1???
4x4 Off Road Extreme
Very fast cars, I love these while watching :)
Flo San
Flo San 27 napja
0:35 it's Kvyat not Kiwi-at
Gazmus 27 napja
Great video...but Ted and Smed (new F1 detective sitcom waiting to happen...) in suits is unsettling :) Next time I want them both in a park, wearing shorts, strolling around at random getting distracted by anything shiny please.
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann 27 napja
Ted on F1 TV?
Yeezy 747
Yeezy 747 27 napja
Answers to questions no one asked...
Barn Star
Barn Star 27 napja
Who knew that Hamilton's biggest rival would be the FIA this year! Mid season rule changes weren't enough to slow him down. Will penalties do it? What will they come up with next I wonder?
Gammer Circle
Gammer Circle 27 napja
Me too
USugo 27 napja
he surely did everything he could to let Hamilton win
Clay Dupuy
Clay Dupuy 27 napja
F1 is so boring right now, these fellas have to make stuff up to talk about. VB is not going to challenge LH. No one going to challenge Mercedes for P1 and P2, save Mercedes mistake.
Deadly Mantis
Deadly Mantis 27 napja
The answer is NO..... Simple
Paolo Sitaca
Paolo Sitaca 27 napja
A dot is a point in time. Two dots make a straight line. Three dots make a trend. Still, it doesn't take into consideration the trendline of the other variable. :)
mikewinburn 27 napja
Seems you might not be accounting for a Myrtis's that f other variables. I would leave it, "it's possible but equally improbable "
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed 27 napja
If pen wasn't there they wouldn't have pitted him that early smh
1BCamden 27 napja
Difficult discussion, and of little point, the win is the win.
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando 27 napja
Hamilton will smash him next race. Bottas the one lap man
Benjamin Wong
Benjamin Wong 27 napja
Bottas: to the critics, f*** you! Critics: do you think bottas could even win without hamilton penalty?
pxwee5 27 napja
Bottas' win is a win. Lewis is a world champion and he knows how to deal with a penalty and a loss. There's no need for us to over-analyse and discredit Bottas' win and try to change the fact that he has won that weekend.
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 27 napja
paul hayton
paul hayton 27 napja
VB did a stunning job, but it means sweet- f- all, however if he believes it, it will make for some interesting races to come.
deepforezt 27 napja
Bottas doesnt have the aggressiveness like max charles or others for that matter. Many times he has given up on the first corner where he could have easily gone front or cause problems for lewis. But he never showed that killer instincts. Why do u think lewis loves him as a partner. Put max or leclerc then you will see the real battle.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 27 napja
Utkarsh Aditya
Utkarsh Aditya 27 napja
It's funny this is still a question after 3 years.
Daniel L
Daniel L 27 napja
Hannes Engelbrecht
Valtteri is a great driver, very consistent, however Lewis is just in another class. It shows in qualifying, it shows in most races and it shows in the championship. I think they have to try and make it look like there's a chance as to not make the sport look boring. I would love to see Verstappen as well as some of the "Rookies", Le Clerk, Russel, Norris in cars capable of challenging the mercs. Red bull has a similar situation with max simply being a step above his team mates after Ricardo left.
Diego Hernández
Gordon Moat
Gordon Moat 27 napja
At least you guys treat Bottas as a teammate slightly better than you treat Alex Albon.
Rocky does it all
Fu@$ No!!
Vedant Agrawal
Vedant Agrawal 28 napja
Why was it deleted?
nes suno
nes suno 28 napja
Why is F1 and Puberty Media engaging so many "have beens" or low achievers? First Palmer now Smedley.
the goalie#1
the goalie#1 28 napja
Why u made this kind of video?? How many times bottas have had bad luck, and how many times hamilton has been lucky?? Hamilton is propably the luckiest driver in the circus
the goalie#1
the goalie#1 27 napja
Samanthaflower im not taking anything away from him,clown, but havent u noticed his luck with safety cars , break downs etc?
Samanthaflower 27 napja
the goalie#1 Lucky 95 times?🙄🤡
kleyvers 28 napja
No, Barrichello The Second would never win.
SirpaleSolu 28 napja
In my opinion this is the kind of speculation F1 doesn't need.