Yamaha XJ650 Cafe Racer Build Cinematic Timelapse by Jish 

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DNA Filters - www.e-dnafilters.co.uk/
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Links to items i use :
Canon 80d:
50mm 1.8 Lens:
DJI Ronin S:
Gorilla Pod:
Rode Video Micro :
Zoom H1 Audio Recorder :
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Jish Hónapja
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/jish03211
Christopher Saitluanga
@Rene Huitsing and his brother
Micherald Monfort
Dude you brought it back to LIFE!!!!
EbonyPope 21 napja
Did you oil the air filters? They looked dry to me.
EbonyPope 21 napja
Dude derust the frame completely first before you start welding on things.
michael brinks
michael brinks Hónapja
How does it run with the pod filters??? I have an 85 XJ700 with basically the same carbs, I wanted to get a Dynojet kit and pod filters but was told it'll NEVER run right without the stock air box. I can properly install everything but don't wanna spend $200 only to have the bike run worse than stock.
Landyfish 01
Landyfish 01 6 órája
Nice job lad ... bravo
What a super video and bike!!!!! Great job
kumpun winn
kumpun winn 12 órája
So beautiful bike and video. Worth every minutes.
Dragon Onwall
Dragon Onwall 14 órája
Very nicely done! I had a Yamaha 650 in Hongkong before. Wow, all that work and dedication, I'm so impressed! Lovely filmed to, would have be nice to see it riding thou. Hallo from Stockholm.
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson 22 órája
Fan of the square headlights. Nice work!
JB Napja
I must say that is the sweetest 650 resto-mod cafe racer I've seen. I love all your designs and remakes and the attention to detail. Beautiful bike! Hope you will start another project soon. Have fun riding, you've earned it!
You're a talented film maker as well as a great fab man. Nice watching!
John wayne
John wayne Napja
Well done sir!
Silvio Marques
Great work man! Nice bike!
Yavuz ulusoy
Legend motorbike
The Riddler
Terrible music! Had to turn off the sound.
live2drive Napja
you are really good
shyam m
shyam m Napja
Dream build
Best body with worst headlight design... Door work though Single classic headlight would have been dope
Jek Richer
Jek Richer Napja
Все круто, но очень много музыки и она очень громкая. Иногда хочется слышать звук двигателя до и после!
Chaitu Surapaneni
Wonderful job for videographer wow
José Vinagre
José Vinagre 2 napja
Que falta de originalidad, TODOS ponen las luces de cola (Led por supuesto), exactamente en el mismo lugar, dentro del marco curvo del chasis; menos mal que al final cambió de idea haciendo algo mucho mejor.
Abdul Mateen
Abdul Mateen 2 napja
I love it man I want my bike to be cafe
Rummi 2 napja
There was no need to wax the plastic, it dosent glue the resin. Nice work.
Dave Thor
Dave Thor 2 napja
You can definately tell the amount of dedication placed within this video, the project, the editing, the takes and music. Lovely. Amazing Work! Greetings from Colombia.
Limpan 2 napja
wow all i can say is wow. the productions is amazing the bike gave me a engine orgasm and everything is great :D +1 subscriber
JCarlos MB
JCarlos MB 2 napja
dony chrisvalen
Tujan Culver
Tujan Culver 2 napja
Dave Blakeney
Dave Blakeney 2 napja
Great Vid fella, well presented and informative. Good work !
Alan Glen
Alan Glen 2 napja
Did you remove the plastic / paint from under the location of nuts and bolts and engine bolts?? It tends to squeeze out and allow fretting and vibration eventually.
Joe White Wolf
this was one of my first motorbikes and I liked it very much til a heavy accident where it got totally destroyed. nice to see what you are doing
Stuart Pearce
Stuart Pearce 2 napja
I've clicked on most of your links but can't see where you go the seat mount / release parts from, did you buy them or make them from scratch? - fantastic build btw
Cafe racers are clean af
W W 3 napja
I've never been into bikes but this is a very cool build. I'd love to do something like this👍
Jeremy M. dela Cruz
I wish do
Levan Nikogosv
butiful work
Levan Nikogosv
this is greit job dydd
Pablo Otegui
Pablo Otegui 3 napja
How great job!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I can watch this video so many times... CONGRATS!!!!!
Jaded Wanderer
Great viewing
Tomas Navratil
Selim Dursun
Selim Dursun 3 napja
That taillight, just wow!!
Don Hoover
Don Hoover 3 napja
Jish, Excellent Work Brother! I'm looking forward to your next video!! I read through all the comments and didn't see anything about the electrical system you used. I know you mentioned it, but I couldn't quite make out the name. Could you tell me what the system was, and maybe a link.....Thanks I really appreciate your work of art you built!!!
Jason Thorneycroft
Bernd L.
Bernd L. 3 napja
Frank Stocker
Frank Stocker 3 napja
Jish, what part of Brum are you in?
Jish 3 napja
Stourbridge/Dudley way mate 😁
Marina Gonzalez
trabajo inútil
RCPro Driver
RCPro Driver 4 napja
I took a 90's honda 250 nighthawk and gave it the cafe racer treatment...seat/lights/gauges/wire tuck/paint/mufflers/new rubber and such. Good fun working on a simple bike, it sounded mean and was fun to ride. If you can find a small older/air cooled bike, you can make them look new without fancy tools...just time and love. I didn't go as far with my build as most, but I started with a $300 bike, put $600 in parts and in the end, sold her for $1200 to a very happy new owner. So I got to learn working on a bike, modifying one, riding one, and made a few bucks in the end.
Dan B.
Dan B. 4 napja
Pretty nice but.......how about telling how many hours and money involved because that makes or breaks projects unless you do it just for fun. I don't.
gianmarco bovo
This is art
Saints McCastle
Hello. Watching two first minutes and inmediately new subscriber......nice job done!. Cheers!.
Tonan Moahawke
Nice work Jish , I had an XJ550 back in the day and used to rip around manfield on it with Simon Crafar , he was training on his RG 250 back then. Always loved the Yamaha look
Encyclopedia Brown
Oh Master let me your worship at your feet!
Very nice bike built. No complaints from your local powder coater on the JB Weld?
Thanks for letting me know. Keep up the good work👍
Jish 4 napja
Nope! It works a treat. They even recommend it!
MrAli171 4 napja
D. F.
D. F. 4 napja
jean-yves simart
ride.mylife 4 napja
매우 멋집니다
MK Lim
MK Lim 4 napja
The attention to detail is immaculate. Well done 👏
Dario M
Dario M 5 napja
Perfection man!!!
Lenra B.
Lenra B. 5 napja
You are an inspiration. Amazing did an amazing job man.🍻
dave g
dave g 5 napja
I just love how u guys across the pond rebuild bikes
Pokhara Customs
Love all the detailings
Don Angel
Don Angel 6 napja
Super easy workmanship!!
Edgunsuk 6 napja
spotted the torques oil lines and AN fittings there lol my m8 owns the company , nice build i had the 650 and i think the 750 at one point ide buy that .
Edgunsuk 5 napja
@Jish Na look at torques UK on ebay its like earls fastenings , he is actually a dealer for them as well now all break fuel lines etc silicone steel and nylon braded etc etc anything in any fuel or breaking system basically , think he has over 1400 listings on ebay .
Jish 5 napja
Oh really! Are you on about Advocult?
Anthony Bootle
Toboo.. The best of the verticle twins
turbohead2009 6 napja
Absolutely Epic build, Brilliant work, only thing I would love to replace is those headlights.
Ольга Нестерова
К каждой детали с ответственностью!Приятно посмотреть!
Nik du Toit
Nik du Toit 6 napja
sir what is the wiring harness hub thing you used?!?! i need that!!
malte johansson
Holy fuck this bike looks good, not exadurating when I say this is the best looking bike I have ever seen.
Tarun Dagar
Tarun Dagar 7 napja
Awesome work.❤️❤️💯
Luigi Pieroni
Luigi Pieroni 7 napja
Was the tank rust treated on the inside?
Yosaporn Cherpram 036-6
YSS made in thailand
Eduardo Testé Lino
I want it! respect for your work and design
freddie cancel
powder coat with the jb weld in it?
coppermine64 8 napja
What a great, watchable video. Thoroughly enjoyed every second. Great stuff.
White Emo
White Emo 8 napja
Kevin Glick
Kevin Glick 9 napja
I rode one of these for 20 years. Loved seeing what you did with it! Brought back some great memories...
R Chhetri
R Chhetri 9 napja
Awesome built man, ❤️ it
Peter Powers
Peter Powers 9 napja
That tail light came out amazing!
Patrick Thibaut
Patrick Thibaut 10 napja
3:00 Amateur hour's over. :-)
Tridium Master
Tridium Master 10 napja
Yamaha and Honda never cease to amazing me in how amazingly engineered they are. I have cranked over 30 year old bikes and they fire in 2 or 3 kicks it really is a testimonial to Japanese engineering and metallurgy.
cahyo uno
cahyo uno 10 napja
Nice video & nice bike !!
scripteaze 11 napja
Ive never been on a bike and now i want one
Asif Sharafat
Asif Sharafat 11 napja
Jenius minds of work.
Sonay B
Sonay B 11 napja
I’m so jealous right now. Probably I will never be owner 🏍 like this one I’m poor 😅 but if I have money i will find you and buy this 🏍 I think it’s best cafe racer 🏍
Bhargav Hangal
Bhargav Hangal 11 napja
Thanks I thoroughly enjoyed that.
Sami Sinubangan
Sami Sinubangan 11 napja
Watching here from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 I love project 😍
aldizi 11 napja
I got excited when I saw the ryobi drill. The one tool he's using I can actually afford lol
Hatashi Henzo
Hatashi Henzo 12 napja
Just perfect!! Brutal great work!! Keep the good work man!! TOP!!
Bas X
Bas X 12 napja
Wow, what a build! Super extensive, self made parts, amazing. The taillight is probably my favorite, because its so damn cool. But the exhaust, subframe, seat, paintjob, everything looks top notch! And not to forget, the video and edit itself! Great job!
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen 12 napja
Going into this, I had serious reservations. I bought a new XJ650 (known here in the States as the Seca 650) back in 1982. It is, in stock form (and in my opinion) the single best-looking bike Yamaha has ever made. The wheels are a bit goofy, but that is its only visual flaw. The shape of the tank, the proportions, the large, round headlight and the silver paint with blue and white stripes are as Alan Milyard would say “just perfect”. When I first saw the dual rectangular headlights you chose, I cringed. However, I have to say that your build is exceptional. The attention to detail and the purity of the look are first-rate. I really love the result. I would hope, however, that if you run across another XJ650, that you consider restoring it to original condition, it would make a great companion to your build and would show off your exceptional skills and preserve an under-appeciated classic.
Robert 12 napja
For sure one of the BETTER cafe racer builds I've watched on YT!!! Very nicely done!!
Craig Allan
Craig Allan 12 napja
Awesome... just awesome... you have the patience and determination of a saint... wish I could keep going on a project for over 2 years... well worth it!!!
Uzayr Official
Uzayr Official 12 napja
Music is dope! Link please .
Straight Whitemale
Freaking works for me!
Aaron Moser
Aaron Moser 13 napja
16:39 Do they look like Mini Fedoras to anybody else? 10/10 very classy
Good job Jism.
SolidTofu 14 napja
Was that a 3d printed exhaust cap?! Looks so cool
Jish 13 napja
Yes! 3D printed in stainless steel, then gold plated 👌
Matthew 14 napja
Great bike but we didn't hear it.
Fam. Somarribas Familia
Wow!!! Absolutely the best restoration I have seen for a Bike!!! You are a Genius!! Congratulations!
Matthew 14 napja
why weren't you using TIG? so much neater
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