"You Should Look at me not the Renault V10" - Toto Wolff 

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"You Should Look at me not the Renault V10" - Toto Wolff
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2021.jan. 7.






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oreofudgeman Hónapja
Lmao typical germans 😂
Luan Rodrigues
Luan Rodrigues Hónapja
I can't see his face cz the fokkin thumbnail of next video shows up...foookkk ..I hate these fookkin things!!
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
That V10 soundtrack just sounds glorious! 😍😍😍
Jayqo Hónapja
Imagine if alonso crashed
Ollie Lynch
Ollie Lynch Hónapja
I couldnt even hear him because the car was so loid
John Davey
John Davey Hónapja
Toto knows his allegiance lies with Mercedes but we know where his heart yearns . As we all do !
Bam Bam 444
Bam Bam 444 Hónapja
Why would anyone pay attention to that monotone moron who used Ross Brawn and then threw him out once the team was competitive. I'll take a V10 pls
Robin Raphael
Robin Raphael Hónapja
F the wizard of oz dog toto the v 10 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler
Teemu Siponen
Teemu Siponen Hónapja
And here I am.. Feeling like the only person on the planet who actually likes modern F1 sounds and never liked the V10
Stevie Irvine
Stevie Irvine Hónapja
What type of solvents are you sniffing today?? Evostick, gloss paint or good old unleaded
Mohit Makhija
Mohit Makhija Hónapja
That engine sound was like first love, I still miss it.. ❤
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey Hónapja
nobody wanna see your goofy dumbass matter of fact they can barely stand you
Sardonic Poet
Sardonic Poet Hónapja
There goes my interest in F1.
Mats Buhrman
Mats Buhrman Hónapja
That sound👌👍
AMVM Hónapja
I miss that sound.
jamie ashman
jamie ashman Hónapja
almost better than making and hearing a woman get off.
Daniel B
Daniel B Hónapja
this sounds is the music of gods.
AppleLauda Hónapja
Yep.... This is the official 2021 F1 car
TRe' CooL
TRe' CooL Hónapja
demanding respect!
Chip Mcdonald
Chip Mcdonald Hónapja
The unique calling card of F1. They threw it away.
André Costa
André Costa Hónapja
Everybody misses old V10 engines sound in paddock! Everybody knows today's F1 is boring and lost fans every day!
Ali Shiraz
Ali Shiraz Hónapja
F u toto. That renault is the real beast
Trail Dogs Pilis
He is not a showman. It is not a joke. It is arrogance.
27_Sumant Patil
27_Sumant Patil Hónapja
Anyday Renault V10
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley Hónapja
Worst mistake in current F1 era was going hybrid.
Booshank23 Hónapja
@ian Budget RC HA! They're that much faster because of custom made slicks, DRS and most importantly modern aero techniques using CDF systems which F1 engineers have said would shave 2-4 seconds off V10 era cars lap times alone. Add it all together and V10 era cars in the modern day, with regulations permitting, would be faster, more nimble, louder, have a greater sense of speed due to all of the above, being smaller and less planted to the ground - in conclusion, they'd be faster and the spectacle would be so much better.
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley Hónapja
@ian Budget RC & I'd take louder engines over all those thing
ian Budget RC
ian Budget RC Hónapja
Hybrid F1: 1. No refuelling, eliminates burning petrol at the pit lane. 2. Three seconds faster each lap 3. Less noise, More efficient engine
superfast30 Hónapja
They all know that the V10 engine represents what F1 truly is about!
JoVi []_[]
JoVi []_[] Hónapja
I am so in love with that sound
Godo Fwar
Godo Fwar Hónapja
When a single V10 car sounds much louder than twenty V6 cars, it just emphasises how much the noise aspect of F1 is missed
Baron von Ricer
Baron von Ricer Hónapja
The V10 era ended 15 years ago. Imagine how amazing those cars would be now with another decade and a half of development. Modern tires, aero, electronics, and hybrid systems.
Booshank23 Hónapja
Modern aero and custom slick tyres, I agree. DRS too, but none of the heavy battery power crap. F1 engineers have said, with the modern CFD techniques used to develop aero, they could shave off 2-4 seconds a lap just from V10 era cars lap times. Add it all together - custom slicks, DRS and modern aero and we'd be looking at about 5 seconds faster than Alonso achieved, but then you also have to account for the minimal set-up work on his Renault and the fact he's been out for a while and is old now, so probably even quicker for the top teams/pilots.
Stevie Irvine
Stevie Irvine Hónapja
@Corrupt Central I certainly hope you are right....but, somehow I doubt it
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central Hónapja
I think that we will be getting a v10 back on the grid inside them cars soon. Don’t ask how I know.
Vorgaloth Hónapja
Fuck no! Modern aero, electronics and hybrid systems is what make the sport boring. I appreciate and respect the technology and innovation but it adds nothing to the actual spectacle of racing. Go watch Max's pole lap then watch Alonso in the R25 and you'll see how much more intense, lively, nimble and dangerous it looked. That's fun to watch. Modern aero prevents this including close proximity racing, which then makes overtaking harder hence the reason for DRS - a lame idea. Computers and hybrid systems also have no entertainment value. Ayrton Senna's statement on computers and technology: "The machines have taken away the character and it is the character that the sponsors and public are looking for. At the top, you have a few characters of conflicting personality; the rest, without good results, don't have any credibility. We must reduce costs so that we return to an era where the emphasis is on people not computers. I want to be challenged by my own limits and by someone who is made of the same skin and bone and where the difference is between brain and experience and adaptation to the course. I do not want to be challenged by someone else's computer. If I give 100% to my driving, which is my hobby as well as my profession, I can compete with anyone, but not computers."
Augure 25
Augure 25 Hónapja
No la tête à toto, le V10 de Viry-Chatillon is way more sexy! Like a beer/wine fight
B road blast
B road blast Hónapja
That sound has to come back! I miss it too much.
the Game, Review and Reallife Channel
But thats what we are all there for , atleast we should 🤷‍♂️
Heptagon Hónapja
Maybe Toto should look at the V10 as well, and do something to make F1 more exciting.
BoltMix Hónapja
Renault V10 is temporary Toto's handsome face is forever
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Hónapja
This is a very good title thank you.
meanmechanic9 Hónapja
Toto was mad he had to do the dumb interview and couldn't stand by the wall and watch the Renault.
Marcel M
Marcel M Hónapja
this is pure formula one raw engine and sound and make you feel car on track as spectaters
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Hónapja
Toto the name says it all , it’s a toilet brand. They’re all afraid of Fernando.
Panagiotis Adoniou
Toto none will remember you in 15 years , but everyone will remember the Renault V10 in 30 years !!!!!
Deeboss Hónapja
No sorry mate the Renault is far better looking and it's voice is far sweeter than yours Toto with ya stupid sheeple mask on!
Michael Hadlow
Michael Hadlow Hónapja
V6 era summed up perfectly
NightHawk 4
NightHawk 4 Hónapja
Bring back v10
il commendatore
il commendatore Hónapja
You and your bitchy tik tok star girlfriend eating out , she is complaining about everything about you... smoking hot waitress comes smiles at you....... SHE'S GOT A V10 PERSONALITY-SMILE-ASS!!!!
Malcolm Middleton
My guess is that people like Wolff are told to toe the party line and not acknowledge the obvious lack of sound from the new engines. F1 is no longer a sport run for sports fans and merely a tool for selling more Merc's, Ferraris, Maclaren's, Renaults etc to the mass public using F1 as a proving ground to design, test and promote new technologies like energy recovery. Wolff's apparent nonchalence towards that incredible sound is in complete contrast with the emotional responses of presenters and drivers including Lewis Hamilton who clearly lament the demise of those wonderful engines. facebook.com/RaceOptimisedQualifying
Ferdinand Hendriks
Toto thought 1: Man, those V10s sound great. Toto thought 2: Redbull & Ferrari will end our succes story, if we allow the V10 to return.
TheAndostro Hónapja
i still wish this type of engines will back c'mon i have 1.6 engine in my daily car
BMWm6e63 Hónapja
They well loud, imagine 20 at same time
Alex Derus
Alex Derus Hónapja
Stupid sexy V10
Don Lee
Don Lee Hónapja
All boys want the same thing and it's disgusting! - Listen to a V10 F1 car.
Mikhail Fong
Mikhail Fong Hónapja
No contest Toto, you are such a bore.
Mirco Isetti
Mirco Isetti Hónapja
Get fuckin back v10 engine in F1
Shine K Raj
Shine K Raj Hónapja
What a majestic v10 sound when compared to the pussy purring v6.
The Shirokuma
The Shirokuma Hónapja
The holy sound of a v10
Keven Guimarães
Wrong. One should ALWAYS focus on the V-10’s! BRING THEM BACK!!!
Just Simon
Just Simon Hónapja
Those V10 were magnets for attention. God i missed those engines.
Alvaro Garavito
Alvaro Garavito Hónapja
everybody wants them back. I don't understand why they refuse to do it.
Rubén González Fraguas
Even he was watching a few seconds early...
Malcolm Middleton
You messed up BIG time F1.... you threw away the greatest sound in sport and in doing so lost millions of fans like me. facebook.com/RaceOptimisedQualifying
Onur G.
Onur G. Hónapja
unbelievable sound
Rui Takeda
Rui Takeda Hónapja
Stop posting shit, that's gay from you
jpmformula1 Hónapja
No one cares about your stupid interview Toto. Alonso lapping that V10 around the track for just a few laps, was more exciting and interesting than the whole damn actual race.
Dont Bother
Dont Bother Hónapja
You should look at me not a World championship winning car not won by us
Tal Morris
Tal Morris Hónapja
Alfie Green
Alfie Green Hónapja
He didn't say v10 clickbait
Cristi Neagu
Cristi Neagu Hónapja
It's not an usual V10 Wolffdickhead, it's Alonso driving it
DaniBot 3000
DaniBot 3000 Hónapja
Yeah humans are fascinating but machines also so i can understand it
MTB MATT85 Hónapja
Just shows how shit F1 has become. The V10’s were insane machines, the crappy billboards they drive now sound like hoovers and are just too boring!
Rishi Ramkissoon
Jason Johannes
Jason Johannes Hónapja
Bring back the V10s
BN SH Hónapja
just an Austrian trying his best to be funny.
Choopremo Hónapja
The sound that everyone missed and wished to comeback
Nick Jobs
Nick Jobs Hónapja
I miss that beautiful sound
Maverick Jingle
Maverick Jingle Hónapja
Nowadays' cars are absolute garbage. I dgaf if they are 2 s faster. They cost a shit ton of money to produce and sound like a crappy Dyson vacuum cleaner. Bring back the V10 & V12 na and leave those stupid hybrid engines to another type of formula.
Chris Fokjohn
Chris Fokjohn Hónapja
Living proof of the failure that is the modern power unit
Lcker Hónapja
didn't he say you should TALK to me not... ?
JT Hónapja
Bring them back 😭😭😭😭😭
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt Hónapja
Listen, everyone complaining about the Turbo V6 sound, wait until they find a way to put a i4 TT in. Might as well have a mouse farting.
Michael D. Uchiha90
Why not the strongest F1 engine ever was a BMW 1.6 I4 with 1000PS and Quali 1500PS.
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt Hónapja
@Dylan Smit yea, but it may also allow for interesting designs in the future. Regardless, I'm just speculating. Perhaps one day we could have a V10 or V12 again. Or at least V8
Dylan Smit
Dylan Smit Hónapja
@Ben Kuyt Boxers are too wide and require space for their exhausts under the block. Very unlikely.
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt Hónapja
@Dylan Smit they may also use a boxer 4, tho I don't think they would since it would make the cares too unsteady. Interesting times, certainly.
Dylan Smit
Dylan Smit Hónapja
@Ben Kuyt If they ever go four cylinder it will be a V4. But there's not much point scaling down from a 1.6L V6. It won't be much cleaner or more efficient.
Ch1cken Supreme
Ch1cken Supreme Hónapja
It's typical dry austrian humor for those wo didn't get the memo
Augure 25
Augure 25 Hónapja
Germans got humour? Come on... dutch have a reputation as drivers too! The kind of bullshit you hear on HUrun
F K Hónapja
Thats the reason why I will buy a V12 one day🤣 I want a 2017 vanquish s.
TJ Hónapja
You better be quick, everybody is banning combination engines soon.
Rayan Mx
Rayan Mx Hónapja
And a 812 super fast for me thanks you
Gondez Ableh
Gondez Ableh 2 hónapja
this is some prove that V10 with high revs is more 'desirable' for most of F1 fans..... as F1 fans I do miss the screaming engine sound, as they said " music to my ears "
ARIA 2 hónapja
imagine not only renault v10 but ferrari v10 bmw v10 mclaren v10 honda v10 all together..
Augure 25
Augure 25 Hónapja
I guess you said Ilmor when you say McLaren!
Hussen J
Hussen J 2 hónapja
Toto : people should look at me while I'm talking People : haha V10 goes brrrrrrrr..
BROCKATRON 2 hónapja
a full f1 race: zzzzzzzzzzzzz 2 laps of a v10: ITS.... MARVELOUS!!!
AndresF754 Hónapja
@Daniel Ercolin nahhh. This season was good, only boring thing is the same as always, Spain, Russia, Abu Dhabi
Daniel Ercolin
Daniel Ercolin Hónapja
**A full f1 season.
tea fromatiger
tea fromatiger 2 hónapja
Hamilton - 'the car sounds so good we should bring it back' Also Hamilton - 'my dog is vegan to reduce my carbon footprint' Tosser.
wastefellow Hónapja
Putting his dog on a vegan diet? Oh, no. Somebody rescue Roscoe
Rayan Mx
Rayan Mx Hónapja
I love him , but thats the part of him i hate ... he contradicts himself a lot
VOKE 2 hónapja
I don’t care if a V6 is more efficient, I need the V10’s back in my life!
SirRobbins Hónapja
@Válrâukàr Dso those 80s V6 Turbos also had 1200 hp. even one had 1400. Those cars were nuts
Válrâukàr Dso
@Chip Mcdonald but listen to 80s v6 they were 1,5l and had an amazing sound. Or even the 919evo sounds better with a v4.
Chip Mcdonald
Chip Mcdonald Hónapja
@Jānis Ozoliņš Not exactly, it's also displacement and cylinders, the overtone series is different. The V8s live were not as deep and loud as the earlier V10s at similar rpm.
Gseric47 Hónapja
@Jānis Ozoliņš wow, so that's why the sound is so different. Never put 2 and 2 together with the rpm ranges.
Jānis Ozoliņš
problem is not the v6 or v10, the v6 would sound almost as good as this but modern engines have exhaust energy recovery systems and they dont go higher than 12k rpms i believe while some of v10 went to 21k.
low key
low key 2 hónapja
While Ferraris engine is out of place 😂😂
The Tigeroza
The Tigeroza 2 hónapja
This guy is funny.
SCD-BOY1986 2 hónapja
Look at the fuss this v10 has kicked up, multiple videos of people who just can't resist. That v10 is formula 1. U killed the soul of something when u got rid of it! Bring it back!!!
Howard Alien
Howard Alien Hónapja
@Ragul Param what use should it have? A sport is supposed to bring entertainment and the old "useless" v10s definitely did that.
Ragul Param
Ragul Param Hónapja
you’re a plastic fan
SCD-BOY1986 Hónapja
@Ragul Param What a plonker!
Ragul Param
Ragul Param Hónapja
why dont you buy a v10 car. It has almost no use other than motor racing . Research that they do is only for f1 and can't be utilised elsewhere.thats why we have hybrid tech now.formula e and formula 1 has helped a long way in electric hybrid tech for road cars. They have some actual use unlike v10. I would give up the sound for more financially sustainable racing
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold 2 hónapja
Like that's a sound that can be ignored and as we all saw, in another video, it even got Lewis to stop talking about himself.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 2 hónapja
No Toto. We will look wherever we want. You are a nobody, with 0 racing credentials, who simply lucked into Hamilton and Cowell with a team that has an astronomical budget. Toto Wolff is useless and entitled.
FB Glitch
FB Glitch 2 hónapja
Bring back unrestricted engine regs! v6TT, v8, v10 and 12. All glorious sounds in one GP.. It would add a dynamic that hasn't been in f1 in decades and people obviously are longing for it. From fans, to drivers and principals, alike..
Niklas Stenhall
Niklas Stenhall Hónapja
@FB Glitch Well, the best thing you'll get if they decide to go back (which they never will) is V8. And the reason it won't happen is because theres simply not enough money to warrant engine manufacturers to develop intricate V8 or V10 designs which will have no use what-so-ever in real life. My bet is that they want to take it even further but that they developed the hybrid V6 and it cost them so much they don't wanna spend the money to develop something new.
FB Glitch
FB Glitch Hónapja
@Niklas Stenhall well it seems that a majority want it, and that's what truly matters. You have your opinion and that's fine. But most of us want it the other way around.
Niklas Stenhall
Niklas Stenhall Hónapja
No thanks. I rather keep them as history because there's no reason we should go opposite way of the entire world.
mdark14 2 hónapja
How did presenters ever get any interviews done back in the v10 era?
Matthew Voyce
Matthew Voyce 2 hónapja
By shouting and magic if I remember right.
EC_Reviews 2 hónapja
Hamilton: it sounds so good they should bring it back Toto: look at meeee
John La Monte
John La Monte 2 hónapja
Cheating nazi bastard criminal!
Uncle BOB
Uncle BOB 2 hónapja
That Renault sounds Like a ANGEL, going pass.
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 2 hónapja
Bring back the V10
Pék Backer
Pék Backer 2 hónapja
new F1 safety car?!
Pék Backer
Pék Backer 2 hónapja
and the tyre heating problems are gone...
محمد الساعدي
I love that guy he is soooo handsome.
Paul Hope
Paul Hope 2 hónapja
Jackisaboss1208 2 hónapja
Says something about how special those V10 cars were when the whole F1 paddock fanboys over them
Booshank23 Hónapja
@Nomad Jedi The car had minimal set-up work, didn't have a slicks compound custom made for those cars, didn't have DRS and had a pilot who's been out of the game for a bit and is getting on in age. There's 2 seconds minimum from the 4.6 gap. F1 Engineers have said, if you had V10 era spec cars now with the advancements in aero tech and the CFD systems they use to develop, they could make them 2-4 seconds faster. Add it all together and the V10 cars would be more than competitive today.
Nomad Jedi
Nomad Jedi Hónapja
@Caleb Evans how come? They can’t use different engine modes in quali and race anymore.
Caleb Evans
Caleb Evans Hónapja
@Nomad Jedi Alonso wasnt in qually trim. Max was.
Jackisaboss1208 Hónapja
@Mitch It’s faster than the current cars? Source?
Mitch Hónapja
@Nomad Jedi thanks for details, I will edit post
Muhamad Zalika
Muhamad Zalika 2 hónapja
We can't really resist it
TheColinChapman 2 hónapja
If some supporting act draws more attention than the main event, something has gone wrong.
Eric S
Eric S Hónapja
@Mišo ElEven nope, better get back atleast to v8, even a low rpm v8 sound would better than high rpm v6
VoidSixx Hónapja
@gweger uy jhtr These cars have also had years worth of modern research and development into engines, aero, running gear, tyres etc. that the old cars don't. These cars also have the advantage that V6s have always had significantly more research put into them because they're much more common. If V8s, V10s, or V12s had the same amount of research put in, they would be faster. When using the modern tyres, Alonso's V10 was only around 2 seconds slower than the modern cars despite being 10-15 years behind in engine, suspension, and aero research. Turbos have nothing to do with this, check out a turbo drag car. They produce up to 4x the power of an F1 car, and are also significantly louder. Efficiency is given as a percentage. Even if you have an engine that is 99% efficient, the more power it makes, the louder it is going to be.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Exactly. Almost everyone wants the V10 soundtrack back.
Bam Bam 444
Bam Bam 444 Hónapja
@gweger uy jhtr no they do not only now are the cars as quick as the ones front 2005ish but that is due to regs, they are faster on straights but slower in corners. All tubing cars sound like shit compared to n/a only cars but turbos are efficient
Bam Bam 444
Bam Bam 444 Hónapja
@Mišo ElEven , you cannot do that unless it becomes a n/a engine with no turbos.