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Zak Brown landed his dream job in 2016 when he became executive director, and later CEO, of McLaren - the team he’d supported as an F1-mad kid in California. On this week’s episode of Beyond the Grid, Brown discusses how he’s guiding McLaren back to the front of the grid, gives us the lowdown on his own racing career, including going toe-to-toe with the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya in F3 and discusses his epic F1 car collection.
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55:39 “Have you got the resources you need?” “No definitely not” 😂
ash ketchum
ash ketchum 9 napja
you have zak brown fixing a broken team and you have mattia binnoto destroying a race winning team
Markus 11 napja
I like that how Zak speaks Seidl, Sainz and Norris. And of course how high he ranks Daniel. Cant wait 2021.
Din Sum
Din Sum 12 napja
This guy, what a legend! perhaps the most petrol-head in the world! any contenders?
Tamas Szabo
Tamas Szabo 13 napja
I did not know anything about Zak Brown, despite being an F1 fan since the early eighties. He comes across as a genuine car guy and also someone who is honest and dedicated to all aspects of motorsport. Great interview!
Jaco Schutte
Jaco Schutte 14 napja
Fantastic interview. As a decades-long McLaren fan, it is supremely encouraging to see the progress being made under Zak's leadership. I wish him and the team all the best for the future. Let's go get those wins and championships.
Matias Stepaniuk
What a great Podcast!
Tyler Ensminger
Tyler Ensminger 15 napja
I thought Zak was nothing more than a businessman who ran an F1 team but he has impressed me with his leadership and putting the right people in the right positions. He even had more racing knowledge than I realized
kessu83 15 napja
Fascinated about hoW TC has been interviewing Alonso for the last 12 months....without actually having him on the show.... What an Intrigue..TC
Doug Judy
Doug Judy 4 napja
Haha true that
Catmonkey 15 napja
Superb interview, not least because of the huge skills of the interviewer and the great questions perfectly pitched. I'm confident Zak Brown can take McLaren back to a champion winning team, maybe over the next 3 years but this is the man to do it, in the same league as Horner & Wolff and that's what we need.
4dshow 15 napja
Lets go champ! My second favourite team boss behind Horner.
Antony Maussen
Antony Maussen 16 napja
What a lovely bloke!
Chanel Pillay
Chanel Pillay 18 napja
Sebastian Vettel next please ...
Xendex Motorsports
Zak is the man I think who made usa and uk reunite. . McLaren has lots of history in us like in Trans am . So I love us fans and McLaren meeting together. This team is better than some teams like Mercedes in terms of fans . Especially they have best site for corporate and racing seperate
This was an amazing podcast learning more about Zak Brown, but I can't wait for the podcast with Sebastian Vettel! I genuinely thought there was already a podcast out there starring Sebastian, but clearly not, so like I said, can't wait for that podcast😄
Konstantinos Georgopoulos
Excellent Interview. This interview actually could be included in leadership seminars and courses.
James Lesley
James Lesley 19 napja
Who was first to use FAT TIRES? The history of F1 tire.
Cody Huyan
Cody Huyan 19 napja
when that quarterback analogy came out hahahha
M 19 napja
Wonderful interview - didn't know Zak has so many stories to tell - and what a pleasant discovery of his character, history, and insights into Formula 1
Tally Ho
Tally Ho 19 napja
Thank you for the upload. A very interesting episode 🤙🏾
Daniel Pradipta
Daniel Pradipta 19 napja
looks like Kimi on the thumbnail😄
Barra Boy
Barra Boy 20 napja
What a fantastic interview. Zak sounds like a brilliant business man and the perfect person to support Dani Ric to take the next step towards winning a F1 crown. Bring on 2021, can't wait! 💯🇦🇺🏁
Shoumik Chatterjee
philipp ruest
philipp ruest 20 napja
Free TV for the fans!
Ahmed Naas
Ahmed Naas 20 napja
I think Zak should go: "To whom it may concern, F**k You!" hahahahaha He had so many doubters at the start, even from McLaren fans. He did an amazing job, starting from an under performing car / Engine and a team in turmoil. I met him a couple of times at Goodwood and F1, and he is just so casual and cool! We all need to remember that F1 is not only a sport, but it's entertainment.
ace matthew ocampo
Zak is an amazing guy/boss. I could lieten to him all day long. Spoilers When i heard seb’s voice at the end my eyes just lightened up. I’ll be waiting for that
son 20 napja
Beyond the Grid is my favorite F1 show! So much professional insight and storytelling ! Thanks to Tom Clarkson
son 20 napja
Zak Brown's respect and openness is great to see! Greetings from the USA!
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 20 napja
Yes I want to hear Vettel speak, its my fav driver on the grid.
gwn 21 napja
Really enjoyed learning more about Zak and hearing his thoughts on the sport. His work is appreciated. Can't wait to hear Seb.
bryangoh8 21 napja
Can wait for next week's episode of Beyond the Grid. The race driver who is intelligent, having great sense of humour and an individual who has the ability to work on his own.
J P 21 napja
I recall how much hate he got and how many times people said he should get fired. The usual F1 Fan fiction
Felipe Rizzo
Felipe Rizzo 21 napja
Love to listen to Zack!!!
Eikichi Onizuka
Eikichi Onizuka 21 napja
thumbnail i thought it was kimi with fat cheeks hahahah
Daniel Taboada
Daniel Taboada 21 napja
Piquet dummie Mansell all life long. I understand why so excited about Mansell dummie. It was beautiful indeed. What a vilan Piquet
Lost Boy
Lost Boy 21 napja
I live 10 minutes from mclaren 🕺
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar 21 napja
I can't wait for next Week Podcast with Sebastian Vettel 🤩😍
Shahrukh Rizvi
Shahrukh Rizvi 21 napja
I remember how much hate he got when he joined McLaren , but with the recent success of McLaren Renault ,he has brushed off all that.
RottieShep CALIBRE
Tom's commercials are a nightmare... RNNR racists need not reply
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 21 napja
Hope all you Alonso critics will humbly shut up now that you've heard from some one who managed him personally.
Mahmoud Fadl
Mahmoud Fadl 21 napja
Always love him. He is a humble and very respectful person.
Derek Watson
Derek Watson 22 napja
excellent interview and insight ...knew nothing about the man before now glad he's where he is ... come on Mclaren :D
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 22 napja
Lewis Hamilton still last Mclaren champion wow...
Davison 22 napja
That was a very quick hour. Brilliant.
Scott McLaughlin
He looks like Adam Sandlers mate.
Medamine Nismo
Medamine Nismo 22 napja
Lawrence stroll episode plse
dekx räikkönen
Shut up already, Tom; We know who Zak is, or we wouldn't be hearing this.
Connor Winter
Connor Winter 22 napja
Great episode!
tambulee 22 napja
Zak saying hopefully Lando and Daniel sees Sainz in the rear view reminds me of Max's comment from the Netflix series after Daniel left RedBull.
david orama
david orama 22 napja
I didn’t think Zak was going to do anything meaningful at McLaren. I was wrong. He comes across as being full of &*#$(‘a but in fact he’s proven that he walks the walk and is an effective manager.
Ankit Bera
Ankit Bera 22 napja
I would love to see both McLaren & Aston Martin fighting for podiums & wins in coming years. That would be something. Everyone is bored seeing either Redbull or Mercedes win. 🙏🏼
Christopher Barrios
What a great interview and genuine guy. Thank you
Kurt 22 napja
As much I admired Ron's perfection, Zak is the perfect leader for the current team. Humble yet fully informed and knowledgable of the sport and business. Love his passion in the brand/team!
Christopher Robin Garrish
2017 9th Constructors : 2020 3rd Constructors - very solid gains.
Amanda Fer
Amanda Fer 22 napja
As an American asking what Wheel of Fortune is was priceless! 👌🏻 love Zak he appeals to a whole different audience and seems like a great businessman and people / personality management
Axis Nine
Axis Nine 22 napja
Great interview. Really impressed with Zac’s professionalism and clear support for his past and present drivers.
Rob H
Rob H 22 napja
Spent the first 5 mins trying to get the thing off zaks nose!
Tim O'Kelly
Tim O'Kelly 22 napja
I have a whole new respect for Zak! I thought he was just some marketing guy. My bad!
Robert Ober
Robert Ober 22 napja
So F1 cannot afford video cameras?
Robert Ober
Robert Ober 21 napja
@J P Yep, the point being that they posted this on a video channel. Also, video is pretty easy to do these days.
J P 21 napja
Don't you know the meaning of podcast?
Kenzen Kanegusuku
This interview was too short!
Lurcher260 22 napja
Great interview with Zak! Nigel Stepney next, please?
_Chigga 22 napja
woah Mclaren at Le Mans
Alessio Pirolo
Alessio Pirolo 22 napja
Yes seb next week!!! Can't wait
GHㄖST GАM3R 22 napja
D M 22 napja
Amazing Interview.....If you like racing, McLaren, or the business of racing. This is a must listen.
Andy Williams
Andy Williams 22 napja
Start a sports car team with hulkenburg and Perez. What a lineup
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 21 napja
He owns United autosports sportscar team, Lando & Fernando have raced for him at Daytona in 2018
Cyrus The Great
Cyrus The Great 22 napja
" Who knows whats happening with Kee-Mee" 59:26
Michał Kotasiak
He's such a down-to-earth guy. Humble but firm. I wish him nothing but success.
Karol XZ7
Karol XZ7 22 napja
Zak, trust me, You are the best team leader!
Alan Yammine
Alan Yammine 22 napja
What are some platforms where I can hear this podcast on?
J P 21 napja
All of them, I use ivox but it's in Spotify, Itunes, etc.
Ronaldo Okpara
Ronaldo Okpara 22 napja
I hope Vettels podcast will be 2 hrs long 🙏
Kyle Joynes
Kyle Joynes 22 napja
very elegantly spoken gentleman definitely incredibly intelligent and focused on his vision
St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas 22 napja
Love this guy, and love the fact an american is so passionate for mclaren and f1. Awesome!
Pauline Picot
Pauline Picot 22 napja
Everytime I hear this jingle I relax.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 22 napja
GEORGE KERR 22 napja
I will now be a Zak Brown fan forever. Another Southern California boy, Long Beach GP, Riverside Raceway. I feel I really know him.
Ben Farrell
Ben Farrell 22 napja
I wish he was my boss, what a humble person he sounds like to be around, thank you Zak Brown for helping to guide McLaren back to the top again
Jack McClain
Jack McClain 22 napja
He’s definitely got the drive to push McLaren to the top!
The no GPU gamer
You can easily see how likable he is on the grid by the way Lando jumped in him after his podioum.
Doug Judy
Doug Judy 22 napja
Domenecali, Briatore and Zak Brown all said they never had any issues with Fernando. He may be a little tough to manage but If you know how to manage him he is a joy to work with atleast what these people said. But everyone claims that Nando is toxic because Ron Dennis couldn't manage both Nando and Hamilton in 2007 and british media put the whole blame on Fernando. He is a probably greatest driver of this century next to Schumacher and even that is close. But he does not have statistics to prove it. People just love to call him toxic without knowing everything. I am a Ferrari fan from years and the efforts that Alonso put in the way he drove subpar ferrari specially in 2012, I will always love him and support him.
kessu83 Napja
@Chris McLaren do you mean Hamilton disobeying Team orders already in Monaco and then again in Hungary? Or do you just want to cherry pic Facts?
Chris McLaren
@kessu83 it's a well known fact... It happened in Hungary after the drama in qualifying between alonso and hamilto
kessu83 Napja
@Chris McLaren Sure you were there and knows the details first hand.
Chris McLaren
Btw Alonso: of course he's considered a toxic person. He literally blackmailed Ron Dennis with the spy-gate in which he (alonso) was one of the main protagonist!
GloomGaiGar 10 napja
@Alex Dunbarr And you're his hater. Nothing was settled here lol
Samet Akın
Samet Akın 22 napja
Waiting for Mclaren-Mercedes thing. That thing made us happy for years. Let's do it again and even better.
Stepladder 22 napja
Hope ferrari finds someone like him
Unga Bunga
Unga Bunga 22 napja
h bethune
h bethune 22 napja
Yup, when he turned up he had everything to prove and he has done more as you say, now hopefully getting that 3rd slot. Next year with a Honda powerpack already proven with RB, let us just see????
Adithya 22 napja
I would really appreciate if anyone can timestamp the portions where he talks about Fernando Alonso? I am lazy to hear the whole podcast right now, but I wanted to hear Nando's section if were there any
James. 22 napja
@Doug Judy 39:25
James. 22 napja
39:25 for Fernado
Doug Judy
Doug Judy 22 napja
Found at 39:00 don't know if there is any bit before or not
Doug Judy
Doug Judy 22 napja
Yeah someone mention me as well when someone mentions
Varga Peter
Varga Peter 22 napja
I love Zak's english, and the whole guy is incredible. He know he don't know everything about the everything, so he hire peoples, who knows more than he, and he trust them. For example Andreas Seidl.
Rob Hitchens
Rob Hitchens 22 napja
It really was tough as a McLaren fan to see Zak come in and Ron leave with the team in serious disarray and I'll admit I was so wrong for doubting him in the early stages. Thank you Zak you have done us proud and I'm proud as a fan for all the work you've done to bring us all back together as a team 👌
Bruce Van Sittert
Zack, you love McLaren as much as I do! Hire me!
nahidrahman 22 napja
42:55 🥛 ironic given talking about Indy500
kafzal101 22 napja
SEB next time? YESSSS!! Been waiting for that for so long.
Unga Bunga
Unga Bunga 22 napja
Zak really is the reason mclaren will probably win the championship in the next few years
Catmonkey 15 napja
Agreed, it's fascinating how much impact the manager makes, in this and so many sports and fields in life.
Real 22 napja
That story about Andretti, Newey and him. That is wild. That moment is worth what he paid. As I finish this, I already loved this guy. He's the type of person as a leader every person should experience in their life. I'm all in for being a McLaren fan as long as he is there.
Jayden Knight
Jayden Knight 22 napja
Zak has really changed McLaren for the better and it’s been awesome to see his passion for racing and you can tell he has always had it and it is awesome!
Pip 22 napja
Zak is a REAL down to earth character with the MIDAS touch...... it's no wonder the McLaren team get on so well, with such a friendly atmosphere. That perfectly balanced harmony, is going to take them far, and I genuinely wish them a very successful climb to the top.
James. 22 napja
when Zak and Toto talk, I listen. What an awesome car collection, holy moly. props for saying both Perez and Hulkenburg deserve seats 😎
Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs 22 napja
Camt wait for seb
Mau Morales
Mau Morales 22 napja
Honestly, this hour flew by listening to Zak. He is such a gentleman!
AG_BOSS The Original
Otmar: I m surprised how little Zak knows about F1. He knows quite about historical racing. Zak: *Yours is a historical car let's race with them some time!*
Ben Farrell
Ben Farrell 21 napja
@AG_BOSS The Original given the way him and the team are treating Checo, I wouldnt be shocked if he is
2ESH4 21 napja
AG_BOSS The Original
@Ben Farrell Distant cousin of Horner and Marko i guess
Ben Farrell
Ben Farrell 22 napja
fantastic, funny enough Otmar is another American team principal, kind of the villain team principal of F1
AG_BOSS The Original
@Federal Bureau of Investigation Agreed!
Stonks 22 napja
A typical American guy but not like a common rude American
Peacewalker267 22 napja
"Slipstream" for a racing streaming service is genius.
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